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So I made a model in zbrush, its for a videogame

> I need to rig it, so Im using Maya.
>Now Im going to need Blendshapes, or layers, or just morphs for making the model smile, close eyes and such.
>Im going to use Zbrush again for that, (some morphs only appear after using the skeleton and posing the character)

Here is the problem. If I import the FBX with the skeleton back to zbrush, my skeleton disappears. Its gone.
Which is the correct workflow for this? I dont have any idea.

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Gather all you need on zbrush and then export
Basically have both model and blendshapes in zbrush and then export everything and work on the rig in Maya
Just don't jump between software

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I see, so I wont have the chance to make blendshapes when the character is posed and rigged, only in A-pose inside zbrush.. bad news

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yes so you need to think ahead on how you will be rigging it
or just, like, you know, decapitate your character and work on head separately

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make a facial rig like a fucking MAN

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For my next character Im going to model the head separately, Im always worried about the seams and I end up making everything one single mesh instead, but not being able to morph after rig, makes things worse.

Another thing I dont know how to manage is baking all the high poly detail of the morphs (wrinkles, smile) in the model. So many questions all the time

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Your workflow is messy but theres no reason you can't jump between software. All zbrush needs is the vertex data for you to sculpt expressions on it, the skeleton is pointless. I would just rig it, put it in an A pose, export that as an OBJ, create a new layer in my zbrush file, import the obj, then create new layers for the expressions. Export each model with an expression as an OBJ and merge them into the maya file as blend shapes. Don't know the exact menus to do this in maya, but i know its possible.

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