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How does someone make money from this stuff?
Not maya, im thinking Blender instead. Also photoshop skills and after effects.

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>hurf turf I come here to make money thread #923482984
Seriously, 3D art seems to be the absolute go to for desperate people right now

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try asking in the questions thread

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what's your skill level

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ZERO. I understand it will take a while.

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Patreon with porn. Just get game characters and make them have sex.

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Yea, skip learning, steal some rigged models (google those 2 words), steal props, slap together a scene, animate, get money. Will only work out if you're a third worlder tho, I wouldn't expect more than $300 a month without really going at it.
Well at least they know they're too stupid to learn to code. Math was hard at school...

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source for that image? it looks like a painting, I need to see it in full resolution.

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If you have to ask this question, ask again after you have 3-5 years experience.

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>you need to learn math in order to code
On what planet?

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3D monkeys; nope you don't need it
TDs; yeah definitely

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depends how old you are?

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Seriously, what do you need math for? I majored in mathematics but I have yet to use any of it for coding (and I'd love to desu)

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Hint: you make more money by making tools than you ever will from the artwork itself

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hint: thats not true.
Doing commision work, making 3d art for clients will always be more profitable.

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Hint: Passive income > freelance wagecucking

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hint: bit of work, that no one can copy, guaranteed payout > anyone can pirate your 'addons'

Any maya, zbrush, blender, max, addons that I see out there are ALL free, or can be pirated, excluding major addons that have a big team behind them.

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Better hint
passive income + freelance wagecucking

Steady income from sales, boosts in income from commissions, plenty of free time to add to the library of work for passive income. If you ever get tired of freelance, you could try to find an actual wagecuck job and still have money rolling in.

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not so easy to pirate stuff like that without getting viruses and keyloggers on your system, so unless you are just doing that for hobby work its pointless, pirating all of those add ons will just compromise your personal information if you are using any of that for sales of your 3d projects.

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>not so easy to pirate stuff like that without getting viruses and keyloggers on your system,
you have the same amount of risk download pirated media of any torrenting website.

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I am making 6k clean a month by doing daylies tier shit with c4d and octane. Maybe stopping doing 3d porn, lame videogame assets and ponies like everyone else in this board? That would be a start.

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I just got started. Havent done shit yet. What are you doing to bring in 6k?

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yeah you do but i figure most people arent doing that on a computer they use their credit card and shit on- whats the point of having all of those tools if you cant make money off of any of it because its all on a compromised computer?

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Okay dude, we get it, you're hyper spooked and paranoid about getting viruses like it's 2005 or some shit. Do you really have to mention it in every thread? How hard is it to not browse the internet like you're a 14 year old girl desperately looking for rips of the latest Taylor Swift album on shady as fuck sites?

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I pretty much go to behance and see whats the flavor of the month. Then try to do stuff that would fit the aesthetic without plagiarizing shit. Usually the difficulty level is low, and I actually animate the stuff, which makes me highly employable since they use it for mobile phone promotion shit all the time and a lot of 3d people does not do it. No pixar shit, no rigging characters, just simple animation and the occasional dynamics simulation. I am legit bad at c4d you see, I just use relatively basic parts of the software, probably what helped me the most is having interest in graphic design and knowing a little bit of after effects so I can serve usable files without needing any middlemen. Having a render engine that lets you see what the fuck are you doing in real time is a huge plus to productivity, too.

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find someone with a dream, who needs your skill set to make it a reality. work together, play together, fight together, cry together. find your purpose in them and let them open them-self completely to you. be open to new ideas. work to understand and grow your own reasons for working with them past financial success, into a realm of collaboration compassion and co-creation, making their dream your dream, and dreaming together.

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Mostly enterprise clients, I guess?

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Op here. Im 35.

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I am employed in a medium sized company. I did freelancing some years before, there was plenty of work, but very little in terms of money so I don't do that anymore. Not saying freelancing is bad or anything, but it did not work well for me.

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Do you understand that "awhile" is 10 years minimum?

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Top fucking kek

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Either porn or asset making/rigging are the best ways to go about it.

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Is this based on your personal experience?

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gay as fuck lmao

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kek i will try this

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how does this works experienced anons?
i got the condition of being in shitty 3rd world shithole and being a poor desperatefag

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Not op but i've seen this before, i think it's made in arnold by


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The problem is old viruses just made a windows install a pain in the ass to use, so reformat, there were the odd brick the firmware ones, but most just stopped windows from working.

modern ones encrypt your files for ransom and unless you go full paranoid and work inside 2 vm's because a fun thing about the modern viruses, sophisticated ones know its in a vm and don't trigger, or are able to escape the vm, so far none have escaped 2 vms, but still.

then if you have a bounty program you could efficiently sue people who use it pirated, granted this is corporate level and any cooperation in a modern country pirating is asking to get fucked.

but lets be honest, a 20-200$ plugin that does something useful and does it well will net you WELL the fuck over commission prices.

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It works out good for you.

If you can post shit you have done, and show you can do what they are asking, then you are good to go for commissions. charge minimum wage up front for time investment, and charge the remainder at the end. depending on whos commissioning and how much they have to spend and you own skill, you could get 2-3 months of money in one go or a stead income on smaller faster things.

if you are willing to go really degenerate you you can get people who will spend anything to have their... tastes fulfilled.

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I guess you're never too old to start working in the industry. Goodluck I guess.

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godspeed fellow retard. I'm 22 so I guess i have the age advantage but I hope we see each other on the other side. Or maybe we'll never get to the other side.

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How long until I can make a decent looking milf to shit out a game in renpy and milk patreons for years with minimal updates?

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Long enough for you to download Honey Select.

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game engines, data

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>how would I make money from this hobby?
to make money, you need to stop treating it as a hobby

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What's the best place to look for commissions?

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you want fucking weird fetish work? show that you can create and possibly deliver

you want more normal shit, I honestly forget the places where they post cg work, I know some of the jobs posted could get you a few thousand and it was borderline .bat work.

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Its not really possible.
Nobody makes money in this hobby.

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Couldn't tell you what he does, but my friend is currently taking his 3rd online dif eq class because he needs to understand it better for the program he's making. Not sure what he's doing, but I know it involves training bots.

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You don't for most things. You'll only need maths for things like physics engines.

Even for data science there's lots of pre built functions so you barely need maths there unless you're on the front line designing those functions. Most data scientists are more like engineers rather than scientists.

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