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I am looking for cool, stylized but quick to make 3d styling.
I'm thinking PS1 graphics or low-poly kind of thing.
Which indie-styled 3d modelling do you like the most?

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I like the original katamari models, they are very simple and very memorable.

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This trend is already dead if you're looking to make money from it

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explain how slay the spire was the top rated game on steam in 2019

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He's talking about the trend now, not on 2019.
A lot of indie devs made "ps1 styled" games to the point that it, for me and it seem that also for a lot of people, got really played out.
Is like the trend in digital sculpting where you see everyone doing "stylized" characters but they all look the same.

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Pixel art textures + ultra lowpoly 3d models, like in the game pictured. Sadly there's only a handful of indie games that have done it well.

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Better idea.

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>explain how slay the spire was the top rated game on steam in 2019
Cause it was out since 2017. They finally got out of early access in 2019 and it was the worst year for vidya, at least on PC.
Graphics are objectively the weakest point of the game.
What was your point again?

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My point is a great game is a great game and even if graphics are the worst part of the game it can still succeed

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Yes but OP seems to be getting those kind of visuals as a selling point of his project. Which again, would be a huge turn-off.

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>2019 and it was the worst year for vidya, at least on PC
2019 was the best year for gaming in at least 5 years, maybe 10.
DMC5, Sekiro, RE2 all 9/10 games at least.

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