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Are the new Surface Pros good? (the X or the 7)

I'm going to start a 3d course of modelling and animation, and i need to get a new laptop for it. Instead of getting a big ass "gaming" computer for 1700-2000€ + a wacom pro tablet for 600€, would it be ok to just get a surface pro?

I feel like im gonna be mocked if i show up in a class with a surface pro

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the X is running windows for ARM with a compatibility layer for x86 32 bit applications. 64bit x86 applications are unsupported. so unless you want to run 10 year old programs, the X is completely off the table.

the pro 7 runs the U series 15w processor and even though you're now getting 4 (or up to 6 in the xps13 range) physical cores, you're still very thermally limited. rendering of any kind is off the table. modelling with large poly counts will become cumbersome and even zbrush will feel bad to use on more detailed models.

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yeah i just saw that ARM issue, and took the X out of the equation.

In terms of rendering, i would probably render things ate school, the laptop would serve more as a "work at home" machine, then rendering things on the uni's render machines

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if you're only doing very small scene, relatively low-poly work, it might be passable, but t b h, it's hard to recommend ultrabook processors for this type of work. H/HQ series processors with a dedicated GPU is a much more sensible choice.

the gamur machines unfortunately, have decent thermals for the most part, but if you really don't want to go down that road, there's plenty of business 15 inch laptops with H/HQ chips + nvidia gpus that don't have gamur aesthetics.

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I get what you're saying, but the main objective is to be able to sculpt. And i'm so used to using my wacom i can't return to using a mouse. Thats why i thought about this laptop, since it has a touchscreen that can work as a tablet.

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Why not get a Wacom mobile studio.

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It definitely isn't ideal, but there are some workable screen tablets for $200-$300. Not ideal, but that's an option if you go for a non-touchscreen laptop

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