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>Conference about Computer Graphics
>Theme is Diversity


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These people need to be shot

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Just tell them diversity does not only mean "jobs for Asians", but includes "more blacks".
Half of Asia will wreck the conference for you.

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Do soiboys exist in Asia?

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650 - 1600 USD to attend those talks and presentations, most of which are indie-tier at best.

Stick it up your industry-standardized bunghole, fuckers.

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It's not just research presentations by random PhD students. There are industry events, demo booths, and other talks. The most valuable part is the networking opportunities, not speculative CG research.

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>The most valuable part is the networking opportunities
so its a scam

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> He thinks in-person socializing is a scam

Never gonna make it

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What are you gonna do, mate?
Go there, bring your high quality business card, chat up a few important looking dudes, do a bit of small-talk and jokes, show them your portfolio on your tablet?
...like all the other fuckwits, who pester everybody with a business colored nametag?

Good luck with your socializing, you'll totally get a job or gig that way. Like every fucking body else.

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>It's not just research presentations by random PhD students.
Can non-PHD/University people present papers at Siggraph?

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I dont get it. What has this to do with /3/? Is this an undercover /pol/ thread?

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>Discussion about Computer Graphics conference
>What has this got to do with 3D CG

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>The most valuable part is the networking opportunities, not speculative CG research.
the cg research is the valuable part
trade show wankers are dime a dozen

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What's a good CG/Animation/VFX conference worth attending?

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>Is this an undercover /pol/ thread
of course it is. white shut ins screeching about 'diversity' while their jobs are outsourced to india.

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Most Asian countries do not care about nonsense like diversity

>> No.713381

They do.

When the ones doing it are their Western employers.

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No they don't. The Chinese I work with don't care about political correctness. Same goes for the Vietnamese. Japanese are generally less vocally and confronting about this, but even they have primary concerns about Japanese things, not some arbitrary nonsense that western Liberals spew in the media.

PS Russian anon

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That's why ACM Siggraph comes in from the US to spread their propaganda.

>> No.713402

Because South Korea.

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>650 - 1600 USD to attend
nice 'diversity' of income necessary to participate I guess

>> No.713413

ACM membership fees is literally defined by your race/ethnicity/country. Someone might pay $100, someone else $10

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that's even worse man

>> No.713485

Let me guess: wHitE mAn BaD.

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i made my blender defauld cube material black not racism

>> No.713510

stunning and brave

>> No.713747

what's the solution to this forced agenda being shoved down people's throats?

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go somewhere else.

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it's all so tiresome

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>muh /pol/ boogeyman

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/pol/ is to all other boards, as Jews are to /pol/

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Clearly they couldn't afford any industry professionals.

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Only a matter of time until they come for Blender.
They already invaded everywhere else.

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said the /qa/ jew

>> No.713820

is that a quote from Shlomo Goldstein?

>> No.713850

lol, you proved the post right.

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how can I use my mixed race status to get in on the action?

I want to make 250k a year

>> No.713855

No I didn't

>> No.713859

>I want to make 250k a year

judging by the market you will get at least 40-60 K a year. at best. and that during best years..

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What would happen if we write to them asking them to keep politics away from a professional conference. Would you get banned or is there a chance they even taken that feedback seriously?

>> No.713979

most often the least talented (most SJW) people end up as 'community manager'.
You can try and post results.

inb4: you are getting ignored or get a "diversity is our strength" copypasta.

>> No.713982

Your name would get plastered everywhere as "known white supremacist, transmysogynist incel glumpf supporter"

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>tfw you will never trigger a sociopathic suit with your subtle off-white colored, tastefully thick, watermarked card

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What happened in Siggraph 2009?

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>better work on my portfolio for a couple more years
>s-somebody will n-notice me, any day now...

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