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File: 316 KB, 960x960, 1561https:--www.google.com-recaptcha-api2-payload?p=06AOLTBLRBPqusCBEBglrgSFOI2Ir5w8Ro7NE6aQg5SXxQFRbjAox90Kzj4vL6dQJUjfg39BIA3GoOeqQAS2-N2hCVvDkQ6ptPhw3jAb2BIva2XjJCDO6sALtAYPe2-LZ5no2R5XeAmVr_TNMKE0UeO61ymFkYaq-JKlhFHP3RKEz9hQ-DyKqml5A&k=6Ldp2bsSAAA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>not christmas cuckold edition

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we didn't get a new render for that one, but perhaps I can make A new years edition?

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Anyone have any comparison shots of iray Vs octane I can't fine much online

>> No.713116

I don't have a comparaison, but I think the free octane plugin only uses one of your gpu's

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I've got a nvmeme 2080 ti, is there any reason not to keep my old 1080 ti in the same system for renders? Any benefit or problems?

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Is makehuman good yet?

>> No.713180

> """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""free""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" Daz Studio plugin

>> No.713188

I tried it and it works.

But... I wonder what all the telemetry is for.

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Well I only got one GPU so jokes on them

>> No.713192

I don't get it

>> No.713193

A fucking plugin that needs a live connection to work

>> No.713194

Well, everything is moving towards software being a service instead of something you buy and own.

>> No.713195

>Free octane edition
>Free octane

>> No.713200

why octanerender same scene comes out much blurrier than iray? is just shit renderer or what?

>> No.713205

What are you LMAO'ing about?

>> No.713209

I'm also getting much worse results
Did octane put out a readme or something for usage in Daz cos I had pretty high expectations of octane, I thought it was one of the top teir renderers.
I feel like I'm missing something obvious.

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make sure you guys are using the "path tracer" kernel, though i wouldn't even bother rendering via octanerender as otoy has been dragging their feet on implementing nvidia's material design language (which has been open-source for a while now by the way) so as it stands now you gotta reshade everything via their "more intuitive" (read: slower to use if you actually know what you're doing) node-based shader ui

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I'll wait for some loser like thinderhorn to make a basic bitch tutorial for it then

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>People are already so used to always online DRM software already that they don't even see anything wrong with it

>> No.713229

>People are already so used to always online DRM software that they don't even see anything wrong with it

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If Octane has a setting for the pixel filtering radius, reduce it.

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>MFW I was about to complain about no renders being posted but then remembered the garbage people usually post.

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>That'll be nine dollars
>plus tip!

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why is ik so retarded in daz, i move a hand and the whole body goes sideways

>> No.713311

You need to pin joints, it's dumb.

>> No.713312

Lots of things in Daz are much smoother once you set up some hotkeys. Especially pinning.
Pin where you don't want, drag into place, unpin then pin other side, drag into place. It becomes quite intuitive once you get into the rythem of that

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what is the best way to get shit from daz3d into blender? I've tried DazToBlender8 and it doesn't export textures right, and Diffeomorphic Daz Importer gave a error and wouldn't import anything.

>> No.713321

what site is that? i almost bought everything g3 and up off daz and rendo (based cyber monday sales) and need a new place to buy from soon

>> No.713327

seclect opbject
defulp seffings
szcale 1%

imporf blendder

>> No.713330

I tried that, doesn't export textures.

>> No.713332


> complains about people posting garbage
> posts absolute garbage render

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nice meme

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At least it's not gurofag

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Don't put me in a hole for pigeons

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I've many questions.

Why is "she" posing with a gun on a beach is one of them.

>> No.713507

>Guns are illigegal in beach
What third world shithole do you belong from?

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How do I create an independent morph from others?
I did "Freeze" thing, but result slider still requires EVERY morph I used to be present to work, even though they don't get dialed.

>> No.713516

Export in fbx, set up materials by yourself.

>> No.713676

that's way to tedious, I got the obj to export with textures by clicking one of the boxes, and I got Diffeomorphic Daz Importer to work by trying a different version so I'm ok now, except eye textures don't export right but that isn't too much trouble to fix.

>> No.713697

or buy a similar plugin
Though you will have to fix some materials still

>> No.713704

Actually, I can't even see "ERC Freeze" option anywhere.
Did they remove it in 4.12?

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>free octane renderer for daz:
I can't find any news or links on the octane site

>> No.713728

nevermind i found it:

>> No.713739

what the fuck is an octane? Can I eat it?

>> No.713743

>Can I eat it?
No, it's not like your poo.

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Ching and Chang?

>> No.713826

Fukmi & Fukyu

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Is this a render effect, or photoshop post processing?

>> No.713962

he lists Cinema 4D, Photoshop and DAZ Studio as software used, so I think it's a ps filter and touch up. he may have used Cinema 4D to get defrint render passes, like shadows, AO etc to help with the filters. Can daz do render passes if it can then it was probably a render effect c4d? looks good.

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someone explain this to me pls
Why do all daz renders I see look like uncanny wax-dolls, is that something intrinsic to daz or is it the creators?

>> No.713967

It's the creators, they don't know much beyond posing preset characters and hitting render.

>> No.713996

this, lighting and material setup makes a huge difference

>> No.714005

list assets pls

>> No.714016

Badly lit Daz renders have a really recognizable look to them. There's plenty of renders that look great that you can't really be sure which renderer they were done in.
Go look at some of the top 3dx stuff on skushe for example. Plenty of the best stuff is done in Daz, a lot of it is taken to other renderers also.
Daz iray is powerful if you know how to use it right.

>> No.714017

Any recommended resources for avoiding bad lighting? Searching “Daz3d lighting” nets a million results, all talking about how to make good lighting for their niche render.. any generically applicable advice?

>> No.714018

Three point lighting is a good start. You won't find a catch all fix all product as every scene and character is unique in their placement.
Else, you could just throw HDRIs at everything.

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>> No.714020

Photography and cinematography lighting resources are your best bet.

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here's more of this guy's work

>> No.714039

It's not just dazlighting, it's nothing how to light a rendered scene in general. Look up any good fundementals and it will take you in the right direction.

For Daz I mostly use a mix of hdris and emmissive surfaces on planes

One thing that will really help you to understand this is an iray emmissive Surfaces pack for Daz. I can't remember he exact name, but it has heaps of preset colours at different intensities and just playing with those you can drastically see the changes it makes in your renders.

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can you post some decent looking ones.

>> No.714065

When I export a shirt from marvelous designer into daz (after fitting it properly to the same model/pose) and apply the right morph in daz, the shirt doesn't go to the right place (it's floating under her).

I dont understand what's wrong, I've used this same method to apply this shirt to other poses and it worked normally.

>> No.714070

so it's streaming all their CP renders to who knows where?

>> No.714071

Are you trying to pass that photo as a Daz render, or is it just unrelated?

>> No.714073 telemetry.otoy.com orc.otoy.com

>> No.714078

It's mama bellucci it's always related anon.

>> No.714090

Well, i guess it will stop working then
Do all Octane versions have this always online or just the DAZ version ?

>> No.714098

Thanks for the feedback

Is there any meaningful difference between GF3 and GF8? I know they put more options in the morph packs for GF8... but other than /eyelashes/ and making my life difficult with wonky arms on GF3 poses, I don’t see a lot of selling points

>> No.714099

Theres some face posing stuff but its not a huge difference. I just got some 3>4 transfer options for morphs/clothes and moved on.

>> No.714100

Do those morph / pose transfer utilities work? I just assumed it would be jank to the highest degree

>> No.714103

There was a free script for it but Daz shut it down. Now there are paid addons to do the same thing.

>> No.714104

I add, that was for morphs. Poses work fine, just need to adjust arms/legs. The pose corrector tool works well.

>> No.714109

It still works after filtering those, but I don't know if that does away with the telemetry. Probably not.

I haven't found any information by OTOY on which sorts of data they retrieve, which is a bit suspicious.

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Nope, it definitely doesn't work when I block DAZ exe in the firewall.
The connection is mandatory

>> No.714146

Yea that's correct. I was talking about filtering only two domains, the telemetry and the OctaneRender Cloud one.

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>> No.714185

Octane has an activation/drm in the paid version. They probably just left that in rather than spend more time engineering.

Additionally, there is the live/online materials database.

The whole thing is rather innocuous. I had the paid version for the last year and haven't had the feds bust down my door yet. You guys can probably take off the tinfoil hats.

>> No.714186

Why does it matter?
Octane doesn't give a shit what Daz assets you pirate

>> No.714188

They're probably rendering little girls.

>> No.714193

Nah, I simply have a strong dislike of this telemetry trend, and also I don't trust OTOY.

But yeah, the other anon probably is rendering little girls.

>> No.714202

I don't think octane would even know though?
I mean, if they were sending screenshots of your viewport it would be very obvious in your uploads.
Everyone can make childlike looking characters with default Daz no add-ons so

I don't really see how it would matter anyway. I doubt octane uploads your renders thats something that they would have been outted for already.

>> No.714215

are there any actually good facial expressions packs?

all the popular ones are incredibly overexaddurated and look rediculous

>> No.714271

Don't use the full value. Most of those packs are designed for specific characters and will look quite different on others.

>> No.714283

>rendering little girls.
how would a judge even determine the age of a rendered or drawn characters ? How old are polygons ? Are these always the same polygons or are they recreated every time ? A few minutes old ?
Just bullshitting. In my country it's the 'apparent' age of a character but how do you decide wheter she's 17 or 18 ?

>> No.714284

cut them in half and count the rings?

>> No.714289


>> No.714345

Daz3d is mostly used by people who are bad at 3D or just artists for quick mock ups.

Now that Octane is free more or less nobody has an excuse for bad looking characters.

>> No.714351

>nobody has an excuse for bad looking characters
Iray wasn't an excuse, either. There is also 3delight, right? So yeah, having Octane won't change anything.

>> No.714360

I'm dumb but aren't all raytracers fundamentally identical? Usually I dont notice any diffrence other than color tone.

>> No.714365

I never do. But even so. I have several face emotions packs and 99% of the time I settle on doing subtle mouth + eye + brow tweaks myself instead.

>> No.714367

Iray wasn't an excuse either you spastic.
3delight is objectively sub par, but not iray.

>> No.714390

Isnt the version of 3delight on daz super old for some reason

>> No.714401



>> No.714402

I don't know never used it I just know it's shit

>> No.714457

Yes, it's super old. Many versions behind. The new 3Delight is actually quite good.

>> No.714470

Does daz need to pay in order to update their version?

>> No.714529

daz Does need to pay in order to update their version

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So I HAVE to sign up to download this?

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their """""""""anime"""""""" starter bundle is currently free on their site... for whoever might still care, kek

>> No.714745

Is there a way to bolt on the vag inside Daz to make a single mesh for export?

Or do i have to go weld verts in max?

>> No.714747


>> No.714748

You cannot do that in Daz. You gotta do it in whatever software you move it too.
The diffeomorphic plugin has a one click solution for this inside blender, so you could go Daz > blender >max

>> No.714753

Select everything in Geometry tool and merge.

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not him but if you click on keep vert order at the bottom left, when importing to blender it merges it. I still have the problem of it exporting two vag topologys for some reason, so I still need to delete the one not attached, do either of you know why it does that, I worry it will fuck up any blend shapes I make.

>> No.714801

Thank you anons. God speed on your own deviant endeavours.

>> No.714810

In 4.12 morphs no longer preserve after merging fitted geografts.
Doubt they will ever bother to fix it.
Where I can find installers of 4.11 ot 4.10?

>> No.714819

Why merge geographs inside Daz? I honestly don't get it. You don't gain any functionality and there should be no seams if it's a good geograft.

>> No.714943

I lol at idiots who have no clue what they're doing.

>> No.714961

Haha gottem!

>> No.714998

Any good places I can find car models? Of like, everyday cars? All the websites I’m looking on only have Italian sports cars, vintage, or police cars. Am I just looking in the wrong places?

>> No.715002

TurboSquid or CGTrader

>> No.715005

Xnalara/XPS and other game ripped model communities.

>> No.715006

Thanks, I knew there had to be something. Can’t fill a quaint college town with Lotus’ and Mustangs- although, after hearing about all those bribes going on; that’s probably the case in reality LOL

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File: 1.53 MB, 1920x1080, DogsNGoblin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where can I find some Dog gens?
Closest I've found was Woman’s Best Friend: Playtime from DubTH but it looks quite awful when I anchor it to it's hips.

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