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>estimate 20+ hours for a 2d to 3d fully rigged character
>client says yes and pays 50% upfront
>work concept and deliver for review
>client takes his time
>2 weeks go by with 2 other review instances
>reach rigging stage
>take thanks giving break to eat pie
>gets email from paypal
>client pulls a claim stating that i didnt deliver after i said that the model would be ready in 20+ hours from initial payment
>client also states that im not even answering emails
>i literally have a chain of 30+ emails with revisions and timeline showing progress and no intent.
>paypal sides with client.

how the fuck do you deal with this shit?

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Link paypal to prepaid gift card, then move the money to another account before they jew you.

That and sue the shit out of em if you ever see that model anywhere

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If this is porn it's your own fault. People blow their load and move on to the next thing.

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sounds like typical retarded freelance gig you should avoided to begin with
to go the office, freelance 3d is pathetic, i say that from my own experience

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>how the fuck do you deal with this shit?
You make sure that all other creators are aware of who this guy is and the shit he tries to pull.

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What kind of money are we talking here? 100$? 1000$?
Do you have any idea how to sue him? e.g. real name + address?

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I haven't used PayPal in a while, but don't they have a non-refundable payment option so shit like this doesn't happen in the first place?

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>before they jew you.
to late, they took it already, didnt even gave me a chance, client pulled claim, then paypal just holds my money.
no porn, some D&D shit
>freelance 3d is pathetic
shit, how am i supposed to survive if im not employed at a big studio?
>who this guy is and the shit he tries to pull.
yeah, i guess i could expose his ass.man this is so fucking tiring.
>100$? 1000$?
800, and yes i have the adress attached to his paypal account.
>non-refundable payment option
i have no idea, this never happened to me before,sure i had some shitty clients but not ones that just out pull the fucking payment and paypal siding with them.

i didnt provide any models to the client, only screenshots of every milestone and reviewed modifications, if im correct i stil retain all rights to any tool or model done in this fucking waste of time of a job, so i might as well sell it somewhere.

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What is the intent of these people? I don't get it.
>Yeah I'm just going to waste this guy and my own time to play him for a few weeks and get a half finished model

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From what I can remember, when someone is making a payment, there's payment methods you have to check, as in: non-refundable, gift, donation, etc. Keep in mind that even if the payment was non-refundable, the client can still dispute it down the line and then PayPal has to solve the case. Usually that puts the money on hold, but doesn't take it away from you till the case is solved? Are you sure that you lost the money or is it still on hold? If it's the latter, you should talk to PayPal and provide proof. I would be surprised if PayPal sided with the client's claim when there's proof presented stating otherwise.

Loads of people make a good living doing freelancing gigs. Look at something like archviz, do you really think a big studio is behind every image?

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PayPal always sides with the client.

I thought this one vendor tried to pull a fast one on me with extending the delivery time past the 30 days interval PayPal requires. I made a dispute. Paypal gave me my money back. I still got the product from the vendor in the end.

It was something worth 60$.

I struggle with freelance myself but know this: the only thing that matters in remote work is the honor system. International contracts don't mean shit when it's between two people.

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>i didnt provide any models to the client

I would've sided with the client too.

Porn is probably a safer route because both of you will get banned so...

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paypal account will get negative balance and they will legally fuck u in the ass if you live in the US

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>What is the intent of these people? I don't get it.
It's the "hey, it's 80% there and I can get it for free"
Take a decent model without paying, then send it to another freelancer to do it better. Take his 80% and don't pay him as well. Presto. Nearly perfect model for free.

You need to pester paypal, mate.
Their first reaction is always "side with customer not shop", but when you pester them they ACTUALLY look into the matter and might side with you.
You need to try to reach a living human, which can be tricky on its own.

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More than likely Paypal will think you are up to something shady like Wire Fraud and will ban you forever.

>> No.713110

That sucks
You do have a duty to expose faggots like this though.

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Lawyer up dude.
People try to pull this shit all the time, and think the artist won't do shit because they can't be bothered to pay a lawyer or something.
Sue them, and make them pay the legal fees as well.

You can sue them even if they're out of state, and if they don't show, you can go through the proceedings without them there.
Things get a bit squirrely when dealing with other countries though. When working with people internationally, it's best to have a contract that says which country legal shit will be dealt with in the case of not delivering or not being paid.

Don't let this slide man. Otherwise it'll keep happening.

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this is the reason why artists should unionise

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Get a cheap lawyer and tell him what to do. It's about filing proper forms and shit (which you can do yourself if you have time to waste). Other than that lawyers are useless. They have no strategy and most of them are incompetent.

The one willing to fight back is usually the one who wins. Big firms, like fucking Google, have the worst lawyers out there. Nobody ever sues Google because people assume you need another 1000$/h lawyers to fight 1000$/h lawyer. So they have exactly zero experience with lawsuits. Don't forget that the EU sued Google and Facebook and these companies have had to pay BILLIONS of dollars in fines.

Same goes with PayPal. They assume vendors don't have time to deal with disputes which is why they always side with the client. If you make it clear you're going the legal route PayPal will side with you because they don't want the trouble.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

You can also circumnavigate PayPal by asking the client to pay through direct bank wire transfers. This way if he wants his money back the client himself has to go through all the process of hiring a lawyer, filing in all the forms, making his case, etc. Banks deal with actual money, PayPal deals in digits on a computer screen.

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Nigga what the fuck are you talking about?
Sue the client, not Paypal. Paypal is just a middleman. You don't sue a bank because someone didn't pay you.
It's small claims. OP is 100% in his right to sue.
He doesn't really need a lawyer, but getting legal advice at the least from people outside of a mongolian finger painting board would help. Some lawyers offer an initial visit and advice for free.
Just go to court, show the emails and correspondence, client entered a written agreement when he agreed to pay (and paid half), then breached that agreement. It's a clear cut case and OP would win.

Also, for future reference, you can completely ignore chargebacks from Paypal if you have the client send the cash to you as a gift. Also has the added benefit of removing any fees that Paypal takes out, so you get 100% of the money.

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Don't use paypal. It's not secure, and you'll get fucked by customers and other businesses.

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paypal always sides with the client.

No matterif you have proves if a client pulls the money its gone

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There's pretty much no real alternative still. Most customers only use this.

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>shit, how am i supposed to survive if im not employed at a big studio?

There is always be gold at the end of the rainbow.

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In a perfect world, people like this would undergo spontaneous self-combustion. Ah well...

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Daddy what do you do? Well son I make animals have sex for money.

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man i dont want to do furry porn

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>implying he'll be a dad

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Do you have any other fringe fetishs? Even big boobed weeb shit VR games get ten thousands per month.

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ive been thinking about to be honest, but im not that into porn, im into cam girls, could do solo videos tho.

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it's easy money my dude.

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Sex business is very hones, a lot of fun and based. Also its recession save. You will laugh at the cunt of a client when his business is gone. Next recession is already around the corner. Personally doing VR porn games was my best decision.

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looks like the page of someone who thinks furries are degenerates and likes easy money.

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