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So there's been a fair bit of ACES shilling on my twitter feed recently. The comparisons b/w using using an ACEScg rendering space vs using an SRGB rendering space are pretty compelling, and ACES as a whole seems like a much more sensible, future-proof idea.

Has anyone made the move to rendering in ACES? I'm on Maya + Arnold so the switch, on paper, seems pretty painless, but I'm assuming Arnold will just handle moving non-ACES images into ACES when creating tx files - am I right about this or will I have to manually move things over to ACES via something like Nuke / Fusion?

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srgb is shit, even a moderate amount of light blows things out

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Here's an ACES rendering space vs srgb rendering space example.

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to lazy to look it up, so plz explain: How does ACES compare to HDR RGB rendering + post processed gamma/color correction.

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If Arnold has a function to follow OCIO configurations (I bet it does, I recall seeing them in Maya), then it will work with ACES out of the box. And you better switch to scene-referred data instead of continuing to render to display-referred sRGB, or else.

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Well ACES by definition is HDR. But I can assure you one thing, nobody talking about ACES and OCIO in here or in twitter really knows what they’re talking about. I mean obviously on twitter some people do but I’m talking about the average user. When you’ve seen pros with years of film experience struggle with it you know it’s not easy to work with it properly. And a proper ACES workflow is pretty much impossible because nobody has ACES space albedo textures. Even megascans is srgb. Not saying it can’t help, but it’s a very tricky topic.
Personally before spending days trying to wrap my head around something that may increase the quality of my renders by less than 5% id rather do other things

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ACES gives you a common ground across different capture/reproduction devices, so it's great for complex pipelines and for media archival.

Regarding a final image, technically you can work in Linear and not lose any data, without using ACES, especially if you don't bring data in from the world (like photos or video). You just have to apply your own tone-mapping on post, taking care to never bake it on master media. However, due to the color primaries used by ACES, renderers can arguably represent more natural color interactions, creating more pleasing/photorealistic images. Since this is related to the primaries and not ACES itself, if you want to avoid it I suggest rendering in Rec. 2020 primaries, which behaves even better than ACES. More info: https://www.colour-science.org/anders-langlands/

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I've wanted to but I genuinely can't wrack my brain around how any of this works or how to implement it.

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Don't care and can go blow an egg until my boss forces it onto me.

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Don't care and can go suck an egg until my boss forces it onto me.

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the MtoA instructions seem straightforwards enough:

The implication is that maya/arnold will handle IDT duties for transformations into ACEScg space and then just apply the ACES SRGB transform in renderview . I haven't had the time this weekend to test out if this works in practice, but I'll see if I get time this week to see if it as streamlined and straightforwards as it sounds.


This might help. Written by a guy who worked at Animal Logic for awhile and worked in ACES for Lego: Batman.

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With Redshift and several other render engines you have to manually convert your albedo textures to ACES before rendering. That's a no-go for me. ACES sounds nice I'm not committing to convert my whole asset library yet.

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just popping back into say that maya/arnold is in fact doing the IDT stuff when it creates tx files on first render. maya native image nodes and aiImage nodes both behave as expected.

by default it:
>presumes every image is already in ACES. guessing I'd have to set up extension conversion rules.

>the colour space dropdown list is bloated. there are two entries for everything. 'Utility - sRGB - Texture' will convert to ACES properly while 'srgb - texture' will do nothing

>if you've set the wrong colour space by accident, the tx file won't update until you 'refresh full scene'

now to spend some time playing around with light exposure values and testing HDRI behaviour.

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People saying they don't wanna use ACES just haven't tried it. Once you do it once you can't go back. You're hooked on those colors.

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is pic related correct?

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I thought data textures like normal maps should be set to Utility - Raw?

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Correct. Those transforms are relevant only for visual data.

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not sure about the identity colour transform guide since i haven't tested it.

there's a section 'asset conversion' in the link here: >>713070
that talks about that scenario, and seems to suggest it's more complicated than a transform. i'm hoping you're right and he's wrong though.

if you run some tests and confirm, that would be nice.

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actually, nvm, that section's about asset conversion for linear -srgb material.

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Is there any difference between converting your textures in nuke or whatever and reading them as aces files, and importing your srgb textures and reading them as utility srgb? I assume the DCC package is doing the work I would’ve done in nuke automatically but maybe there’s a difference

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Yeah it's the same, assuming you pre-converted them from the same space (srgb_texture). You'll do either depending on your needs. A full switch to ACES would require pre-converting everything into acescg/aces. But currently a mixed workflow is more common. Not all software is capable of converting between ACES spaces -- Redshift for example forces you to pre-convert.

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