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So i did a few 3D likeness in zbrush before, and everything went fine as fuck. So a new project arrived, and now its Kerrigan time. Easy right? Google images, pint, artstation, youtube, etc. I can see her face well, i can see all the planes, i can see side view, left/right profile view, front view, get ref's from Blizzards cinematics, GG nice...

Well... this monstrosity woman is making everything hard. Im doing everything and still no sign for a good likeness of her. 5 days working straight and not a single good face of her is showing up. Im walking in circles and dont know why.

Im photoshoping my refs, saturating the colors, flipping horizontal, drawing to see new stuff that im not catching at first, but not even these techniquies is helping me out.

Im beginning to think, maybe my refs are all dirty, with perspectives that i cant emulate/do the same inside zbrush?? Maybe what i see in cinematics is not exacly what i see?

Tips to model likeness of a video game character, cuz im doing everything and nothing seens to be working.

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original 3d models count as reference, and there are plenty kerrigan models out there. id recommend the one from the actual starcraft game if you can find them, they had pretty HQ ones for the cinematics/unit portraits.

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Typical begginer shit, we all have been through it once, focus on getting the anatomy of it first.

Never start with the small shapes, focus on getting the silhouette, with simple topology.

Also getting lots of references is good but getting the right ones is better, don't seek 200 million images of spores in her arm pits.

Practice patience, these things take time.

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I support this, also if zbrush comes with some female basemeshes, why not help yourself using one of them?

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>Easy right?
Easy? What the fuck are you smoking? Kerrigan is a character from the golden age of blizzard where they hired the top artists in the world to work for them. There's a million subtleties everywhere in that picture. There's no fucking way anyone without 5-10 years of experience depending of talent could make something even close to that.

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This is a character from another blizzard game: Sonya from Heroes of the Storm.
So much for consistency.

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are you retarded?

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Nigger you'll never be able to make anything look even half as good as that picture

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I miss old blizzard. Every new StarCraft artwork (mainly the Co-Op commanders) looks like shit. Super clunky animations, really bad hair, very basic lighting...
And the 2D portraits look nothing like the 3D models and have forced postures.

Bring back 2010-2015 blizzard, please.

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>old blizzard
what planet are you on?

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I'm a time traveler from 2084. Overwatch 7 sucks and WoW just released another expansion.

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the OP pic is from Heart of the Swarm

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From hot to woke

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she turned into david bowie

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The Zerg units did look more organic and like actual animals, not like plastic models.

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