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I don,t know if it's the right place to post this but i'm making the round in hopes of finding someone who knows what they are doing more than me.

I want to mod Hilda into Pokemon ORAS

I ripped the games, decrypted it, got the proper BCH file. Ran it through Ohana3ds, exported each object into OBJ, check their Vert and Polys limit.

Replaced each of them by assets ripped from Pokemon Master, smooth and reduce as needed in Maya to get under the Vert/polys limits.

Then I took the unmodified BCH, ran it through Spica, export as a DAE, Import it in 3DS Max (I prefer Maya but 3DS max can export in SMD which is what spica can import).

In 3DS max I imported every OBJ previously made, remove the original part, Skin the OBJ to the bones, then export as SMD.

Open spica without any file, merge the SMD and texture save as dec_20.BCH, Compress with Garctool. Rebuilt the .3ds file and open it in Citra

I worked for a couple of objects so far but the biggest piece don't work (main pony tail part and the cap)

I know that they are under the Vert and Polys limit of the original mode and they are both under the Vert and poly of each of the original meshes but they keep crashing the game when they are loaded.

But then I saw other mods for ORAS that disregard the Vert and Polys limit and i'm lost as to what to do?

If anyone has any experience i'd be happy to receive some guidance.

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Cool concept and excellent taste in pokegirl. I might just play ORAS if you pull it off. What gave you the idea?

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ask those 3ds hacking/modding forums
I think gbatemp is where all of the modfags go; they pretty much have anything 3ds-related when it comes to those things.

next time use the generals- most hobby boards will have their own stupid questions thread
good luck dummy

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I'm dumb, I had quads stuck in there and they were making the game crash when loaded, all is fixed now and I finished the base battle model! next up UV and Bone rigging! once that's done I'll do the Overworld one
I tried SwSh and was kinda lukewarm about it so I wanted to try some hard hack or previous pkmn game I never finished, launched Star Saphire with busty may mod but I didn't like how her chest looked so I gave myself a challenge, mod best girl in the game instead! learned a lot!

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