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I fucking hate 3D. I've been doing this shit for almost 8 years and it never ever gets less time-consuming. I'm working on a game on my own, I'm not doing this as a passion but as a necessity (I refuse to use pre-made assets aside from the photoscanned nature stuff).

The worst things are the small props. These should take little to no time to make but they are often the most time consuming assets to create. Let's say I need some assets for a pantry, or a storage room. That would mean that I (obviously) have to model them one by one (games require tons of them nowdays to make scenes look believable), bake them, create textures from scratch and also do some freaking graphic design in illustrator for each and every brand (if I'm modeling soda cans, food cans, cleaner bottles and whatnot).

That means it takes weeks and months just to model that kind of stuff, and the sad thing is that players won't even notice them. They'll enter the room, will search it for 5 seconds and will leave.

I'm so fucking TIRED holy shit. I can understand why many indie devs are going back to older/simpler aesthetics. Games aren't art displays and in the end it doesn't matter all that much.

Thank you for listening.

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>I can understand why many indie devs are going back to older/simpler aesthetics.
Seems like this could be solution to your problem? You're trying to bite much more than you can chew, I'm afraid.

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It's too late for that. I'm too far into the game and I can't just start over from scratch.

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You can always just quit while you're ahead and work with what you got instead of keeping on making new little knick knacks. Just retexture what you have now.

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Why are you trying to make what other games have already done?
Why are you making a game to suit everyone elses expectations?
Add whatever detail you deem necessary where you deem it necessary. Come up with creative solutions to your problems.
Try to think outside the box.

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>Why are you trying to make what other games have already done?

I'm not. The game I'm working on is pretty innovative as far as horror games go. But my game requires realistic graphics and I have no choice but to spend entire days modeling shit, getting little done in long periods of time.

I'm not trying to find a solution because there is none. I just needed to get this off my chest.

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>there is none
Maybe looking for funding and distributing your workload among other people?

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>I have no choice but to spend entire days modeling shit, getting little done in long periods of time.
Sounds to me like you're getting things done.
Why would you even start this if it's not a passion project?
I also find myself in a similar position as you but much earlier in the process and the hours and hours spent working would be torture if I didn't love doing it.

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the solution to this is to make a topdown game.

they are aesthetically pleasing and you could stuff more game mechanics and features on the expense of graphics

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Tell us about your game. Someone may be interested in helping you (for portfolio filling purposes)

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good luck and i hope it pays off, i am also working on a game and making 3d assets is so tiresome that i am learning hlsl instead of making assets lel

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>topdown game
>aesthetically pleasing
Thanks. I needed a laugh today.

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>(You)r post
Thanks. I needed the cringe today.

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If it takes you days to make a fucking cupboard, and you're complaining about it, literally git gud.
At most it should take you an hour from start to finish to have a small asset like that useable. Even if you need it "realistic".

>Reuse textures
Heavily use tileable textures, and procedurals, use decals for shit like grunge that you can place instead of making new textures for the whole object. At most all you need to do is slap a texture on there after UV unwrapping and have it work for the asset. Use other techniques like trimsheets as well. Using the trimsheet itself and building an asset straight from it saves a lot of time (compared to making an asset and editing the UVs to match the trimsheet).

>Make object archetypes instead of individual objects.
Think of it like primitives. Most objects are just a variation on a cube or cylinder. So if you keep a library of starting points for different objects, it'll speed up your workflow. Not to mention you can use assets you've already made for different things. Have a big dinner table? Shrink it down a bit, lower it into the floor and you've got a coffee table. Shrink it a bit on one axis and you've got a bench. Stretch out a small sofa to make a big one, if you're using tilables the right way, the textures won't stretch.

Same goes for textures too, just make a smart object in a photoshop file for things like soda cans (with the rest of the label all the same), and just swap out the smart object to change the main logo. You'd only need to change the diffuse material since the roughness, metallic and normals would all be the same. You could even do that in Substance Painter super simple if you want with fills. This would work for bottles, cans, boxes, and anything else with labels. Put an alpha on the labels themselves, and use a procedural to change the background color randomly, and you've got a fuck ton more "unique" assets.

Work smarter not harder.

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you've been doing it for 8 years? my 8 year mark was when i started taking 3d seriously and getting gud. what have u made in the past 8 years?

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Thanks for the thoughtful answer. I'm already aware of the texturing process for small, medium and big assets, including trim sheets. These are not a problem.

Cupboards, chairs, stuff like that is simple and fast to do. My problem is with the small assets. It takes more time to make those than bigger assets, and I need tons of them. And I need those absolutely everywhere. I still have a full house to model withall assets made from scratch, including clothing pieces, human sculptures, complex patterns, so on so forth.

See, that's just my issue. I'll spend so much time of my life modeling all of this. And yet, it seems useless because players won't pay much attention to these assets, won't care about the quality unless they're really ugly, and this is IF people even play my game.

On top of that I left my job to work full time on this game, and I'm not even sure that all the hours I'm putting into this game will be worth anything.


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Split up your tasks then instead of doing one asset after another.
Either spend a day or a week or something, and model everything you think you might need for small stuff. Keep things simple, and try and make as many reusable assets as possible.

Another day, take some time in Illustrator or something, and make as many brand logos as possible. Keep them generic and non-specific. Don't feel like you have to make a ton of different logos for different classes of objects. Again, reuse them. Use the logo on a cereal box, soda, or even a washing machine. It's not something that people will notice, but having the logo there will help pull things together. Don't even feel like you have to reinvent the wheel either, look at popular logos, and just make your own version based off of them. Or buy/acquire a logo book, they've got a lot of basic and geometric designs that are super easy to adapt into your own use.

Then just take another day to make basic textures for those objects.

If you manage your time right and break things up, you could finish a good amount of assets pretty quickly. Especially with really simple objects that only take a few minutes to model.

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the only people who would give a shit about you taking it that serious are other 3D fags (and they will shit on it no matter what out of jealousy or they will find mistakes because they are better than you), your regular player doesn't know shit.
Style is more important to your average player than detail and technical perfection.
Stop trying to make a masterpiece use assets be more sloppy. Good enough is what you need to achieve.
look at the pic looks good enough (the plebs love it and think it's amazing) if you got an eye for perspective, proportions and anatomy you will see it's sloppy. (how can her right earing be visible, why is her left arm so gimpy etc.)
Lower your standards and make a game for non 3D fags.

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>Going for photorealistic graphics in an indie game
>Not wanting to use assets

So you are trying to do the job of 40 people and then complain it's too much work?

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>Not wanting to use assets
others' assets*

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