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So I’m trying to make 3D porn of a Xenoblade character (T-elos) giving a blowjob to a dude but I don’t know where to find a high quality stylized man with a penis rig and don’t wanna search for it

Do any anons know where I can acquire this.

>> No.712692

Ehh.... do it by yourself??

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Fine whatever

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You'd have better luck posting this on another site. Some anon asked yesterday if someone could make something for him for free. Another anon actually picked up his request and despite being a very /3/ related discussion, the thread was deleted. Not moved to /wsr/, but outright deleted. No fucking clue why.

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because begging for stuff here is frowned upon. Well at the least we know that some mods check /3/ from time to time.

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He wasn't begging. It was a straightforward request and someone took it up.

>> No.712853

what was the request for?

>> No.712856

It was a man and a woman wrapping their arms around each other.

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>Global rule 16: All request threads for adult content belong on /r/, and all request threads for work-safe content belong on /wsr/, unless otherwise noted.

>> No.712890

>hugging is now considered adult content
Okay Japan.
>all request threads belong on /wsr/
I get it, but I still think that is a gray area in this specific request at the very least that could have been allowed on this board. Hell, a request general might even be useful here. But anyway, that was yesterday, and this is off topic from the thread.

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>>712829 here
i do agree kind off to >>712890
We need a request thread that doesn't get deleted. Its tiring looking at software wars every single day

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Use Daz, pirate a dick, they all come with lots of morphs and bones then export that to whatever you want. If your not doi something too complex and you mainly just want a dick that moves which is attached to a dudes body, that'll do.

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