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After watching a bunch of blender tutorials and downloading it, I spent the day learning how to use it and sculpted this. Feedback appreciated.

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Stop promoting your fucking shitty open source projects!

We need some fucking janitors to ban these Blender, Godot and other threads.

KYS shill!

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Okay. Was just asking for feedback on my sculpt. The program doesn't matter, but whatever. Have a nice day.

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Based anti Blender poster

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holy fucking based

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not bad at all. very clean

but i would stylize the nose differently

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Thanks. Literally was just a general feedback request. Didn't expect a hate flood for the program.

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I feel like /3/ has no mods or janitors at all.

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grow up you baby

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post a profile and frontal shot.

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Did a bit of tweaking on it, but not much.

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Ah, now I see the problem.
you just have to install Zbrush

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mouth corners need to go into the face not end on the surface.
even with such bulging eyes you need to make proper eyelids. the upper eyelid follows the shape of the eyeball more (it looks like it would retract into the forehead right now). the columella is to thick. The face is very big compared to the skull.
When you make any face self similarity of forms is important to make it look believable. (that is what the purple lines are for)

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the profile makes him look like he has fine features, but the front introduces rough characteristics. with how that profile looks you would expect his head to be oval or triangle shapes from the front

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I'll find a way to balance it out. Thanks for the feedack.

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Don't be afraid to push the skull out a little bit. A common novice mistake (that I also tend to do) is paying too much attention to defining landmarks like the nose, eye and mouth shapes while sacrificing in other areas like the skull shape, and so you end up with features that are way larger than they should be.

And also, ignore the licensecucks. >>712571

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I did expand the skull a tad between first and second pic, but it definitely needs more work. I'm grateful for any advice. Obviously I want a stylized look, but like >>712593 said, believability is important. I know I want him to have more square features so I might box up the nose a bit and bring the eyes back. I intend on adding a beard and hair as well.

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I agree. I too can't believe these assholes >>712571 can just spew their garbage non-related opinions freely without consequences. This needs to stop.

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ikr? this whole fiasco left me shaking and hyperventilating...this is not who we are as a board

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Use the WIP thread next time.
It exists so that everyone's shit is in one place rather than spread across lots of threads.
It's also one of the few on topic threads and relatively free of "muh software vs your software" bullshit

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Thanks. I'll remember that.

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yeahhh but i post on the WIP thread and nobody talks about what i say

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Regarding the hater:
Ignore that schizo.
He's just one guy, who seems to have bought Houdini and now hates on everybody, who does not want to buy the same software. It's like those multi level marketing assholes, who fell for some scam and then start to insult you, if you don't buy their magic lotion.
Just ask him to show his portfolio and he'll fuck off.

Regarding your work:
Looks too much like a lazy caricature i.e. "every aspect of the face is extremely exaggerated" (see pic)
It's in the strange uncanny valley between "too weird for realism" and "too ordinary for stylized"

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forgot to add pic.

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Do you really want attention so badly?

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>Every hater in the board is just one person
or maybe and just maybe multiple people think that something looks like garbage

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Did you just imply that buying Houdini is akin to falling for some scam? Lmao, you must be the nutjob shitting on every non-Blender thread and accusing everybody of being paid shills by megacorps.

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>and sculpted this
1) What version of blender did you use? 2.80 or 2.81
2) Literally how? Post a video of you doing it.

While I advocate blender a lot the pre 2.81 sculpting is literal shit, no seriously not only did I realize this the fucken developers of blender themselves say that sculpting pre 2.81 is shit because it messes itself up in this talk the developers literally admit it:

Blender without the voxel remasher of 2.81 is basically useless for sculpting.

Did you trace for this? Because I doubt anyone can sculpt this in blender especially pre 2.81. And if you have bought (ehm stolen payed tutorials for sculpting in blender) tutorials you realize how strange you need to work with blender especially pre 2.81 voxel remasher .

> Feedback appreciated.
looks really nice. I'm going to call bullshit that you did it in blender especially pre 2.81.

PS: watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaVEJTLDD3Y it will literally save you money (time to pirate it) and is better then the scam tastic sculpting tutorials for blender that demand money and are worse.

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>After watching a bunch of blender tutorials
Link to tutorials plz.

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I used 2.81. I started with a UV sphere,masked it out sort of like a pacman to stretch out the jaw, and then masked the areas for the nose, ears, and neck. I used dynamic topology, mostly relying on on the grab tool to adjust positions, as well as the crease tool, clay strips, and draw with subtraction for things like nostrils. the eyes are just separate UV spheres with a subdivision surface modifier and a smooth shader. I want to try and make some better ones that I can keep as a separate file. I also use the blob tool and reduce the strength to 0 for when I want to add more polygons without altering the shape if I want to add minute details. I didn't trace, and just kind of stretched and pulled until I got a shape I was somewhat satisfied with. I spent all day though, but yeah, it was not pre 2.8. You're right about that.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IG1IEpU5VAw&t=269s this is the tutorial video I started with, but I honestly just typed blender tutorial beginner in youtube and just started watching videos.

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also, at the suggestion of others, I moved over to the /wip/ thread and posted the updated version of my sculpt yesterday


I may start over from scratch, because I'm really not happy with the ears, and have been studying up on their anatomy to try and get a better understanding.

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>I also use the blob tool and reduce the strength to 0
Interesting technique.
Did you ever try or use the voxel remasher in 2.81?

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I haven't. I'm a beginner so I don't know a lot of blender's more advanced features, but I figure the more I practice and study, the better and more efficiently I'll be able to use the tools for making better models. my goal is to learn to fully sculpt, retopologize, seam split, texture, and rig 3D models for animation for the purposes of independent game development.

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No, it's just you, samefagging as in the top posts.

On a slow board like /3/, could it be that three posts, sent in quick succession, supporting each other, attack other people and have no substance... Three posts, twice...
Totally not a samefag...

Stop pestering /3/ and go to tumbler. They love to cater to autists like yourself.

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>oh fuck I'm being mocked
>it can't be more than one person, IT CAN'T BE
Ok, nutbrain.

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samefag detected

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Fucking blendlets, when will they learn?

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just stop samefagging it's a bad habit.

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lmao dumbass

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Totally slipped my mind, but I also love the scrape tool. Using that with shift click too smooth really cleans things up quickly.

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I'd thicken up the eyelids and shorten the distance between nose and mouth

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Kill yourself, /3/ has turned into a gigantic shitpile where nothing happens but software and eceleb shitflinging. People getting into the hobby and posting their stuff should be encouraged

It looks really good for a beginner, keep it up based op

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pointless post desuu

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stfu autist, he's right.

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>I've got your nose
Yeah, very convincing. You can trick all the kids and retards with this...

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I know you think you are being clever but that doesn't work with 4chanX. Even though you added the (You) it didn't add the appropriate markings. Nice try though! Would probably fool some newfag redditor such as yourself.

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>appropriate markings
are you desperate or retarded?
you can change every part of the rendered page via inspector, so what is even your point?

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>So lit, senpai, yolo. Let's eat tide pods.

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So how long until we find out that OP actually made this in Z-Brush, and trolled everyone?

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I dunno what to tell you. Blender 2.81's sculpt feature is really intuitive. I don't have the money to buy a program like Z-Brush.

Did some reworking on the sculpt and completely redid the ears. Was working on another sculpt but accidentally turned off x mirror modifier and ended up with a completely wonky sculpt, so I went back to tweaking this one. Thinking about making a body for him when I've got his head the way I like.

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new ears are cool.

>Thinking about making a body for him
If you wanna add this to your portfolio, you should work on the material and textures first.
Try to add a few blendshapes, so you can change the expression to give it more character.
Then render it with good settings.

I really like the work already, try to complete what you have before you add more things like the body.

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I'll look up some tutorials. Only way I could think to give him expression would be to retopologize for a more usable mesh, and do some rigging. I also want to give him some hair and a beard, so I'll probably make some last minute tweaks tomorrow and start on that. He'll definitely need a texture paint.

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he's just shit posting, if you don't get it just ignore it, in a week you will find it funny.

Good work by the way, consider remeshing, texturing and animating it.

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I'm late but this one was bait right?

>No one could sculpt a head in blender pre 2.8

Meanwhile there's been a consistent shitting out of blender speedsculpts on YT since 2.8 beta

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That's my plan. I definitely reworked this sculpt a lot though from my original post.

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>retopologize for a more usable mesh, and do some rigging
just use blendshapes. You can create several super basic expressions so you can interpolate to get a complex expression or animation.

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Its not that you can not do it. It was extremely hard same way like you can paint anything you want in MS Paint only its extra hard compared to Photoshop (no layers etc).

2.80 is garbage of sculpting 2.81 is where the money is.
>one was bait right
The literal blender developers themselves literally tell you that 2.80 sculpting sucks ass because it has the potential to fuck itself up if you don't work in a extra autistic way.

The voxel remasher can fix that, seriously watch the video you raging fuck they literally say how shit 2.80 sculpting is and how great the remesher is they use.

There is literally no debating here you are literally disagreeing with the developers of blender itself.


>blender speedsculpts
Yep found the problem.

Did you sculpt in blender 2.80? No? What a surprise, if yes post a video of you sculpting in it. What did you actually do in blender?

You realize its basically extremely talented and experienced people (with years in the industry in real tools) showing how bitching great they are?

Was it next to the MS Paint speed paintings? WOW MS Paint must be the best 2D painting program out there watch all thees MS Paint speed paints!

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TL; To retarded
Important moments in the video
>Hey look at this brush that lets me do everything so fast
>Ha Ha Before this it was so shit
>I rarely use dynamic typology nowadays.
>Remasher is so much faster HA HA
>Check out how bitching great the remash is! BAM! HA HA
>This used to be super hard

>[remesh in action] He He He
>I wish I did have this before
>Immediately remeshes
>Way faster then in dynamic topology

>remash, BAM, done.
>With dynamic topology it was important to smooth constantly
>Now with remash I don't need to fight these artifacts.
~The mother fucking blender developer himself!

Explanation what the Voxel remasher is doing:

How the mesh can fuck itself up in blender 2.80
And how Remasher fixes all of this.

Ignore this Mexican linux fagot using his gimmicky home made compilation that fuckes itself over.
>Its quads all over the place

Different explanation of what the remasher is doing.

>The Blender foundation
>The Blender developers
>And the Blender convention are antiblender shills!
This has to be some next level fagotry I never imagine someone will shill 2.80 and ignore 2.81.
Get professional help, and this is coming from a blender zealot like myself.

In other news how do the standards fags feel about the remasher?
See videos above.

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jesus christ are blendlets even human

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Amazingly useful. I love Remesh now. Thank you.

>> No.713255

What's so special about the remesher? It doesn't very seem different from ZBrush's DynaMesh. Maybe the fact that it's volume based makes it more robust (re: holes, open surfaces, etc.)?

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Dynamesh is volume based as well

>> No.714089

>makes it more robust
Yep you got it.
>holes, open surfaces,
For that you have to use the 3D print tools it literally has a "fix non manifold" button there this fixes most holes. Remember to enable 3D print tools in the plugin options (its a build in plugin).

>What's so special about the remesher
it explains everything, fixes meshes who mess themselves up. Better for joining boolled together objects.

> It doesn't very seem different from ZBrush's DynaMesh
>My god blender getting things that Zbrush has ! Why are people who use blender excited about that?! If Zbrush has things like this?
You think about that one big boy.

>Amazingly useful. I love Remesh now. Thank you.
No problem the materials/films are useful on their own the one who shilled 2.80 over 2.81 must be a maya shill who wants to mislead people, for sculpting get 2.81.

What did you mean by this?

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It's no different from Dynamesh. Now Blender has a copy of the functionality.

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no OP but I made this, pls rate.

>> No.714170

top tier satire, fucking retarded autists can't even tell

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I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.
Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called “Linux”, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project. There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use.
Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine’s resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called “Linux” distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.

>> No.714306

This stupid copypasta might actually be relevant and worth a minute to read now, since I'll bet a bunch of former Windows 7 users (i.e myself) will be making the jump to Linux next month.

>> No.714327

Stop sucking Stallman's cock for a second and educate yourself:
It's called Apache/Linux/TeX/Perl/Python/FreeCiv/X11

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if you are on 4chanX there is literally a (You) checkbox you can click, you fucking retard

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we know it's you the one guy that got raped by Ton Roosendaal.
Stop samefaging

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