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So I work in programming and my current job offered a free pluralsight account. I put in my two week notice today to leave for a new job and my boss revoked my pluralsight account immediately. I was planning on going through some stuff I had bookmarked because I falsely assumed I'd have the account until my last day.

Is there any good places to watch pluralsight videos for free? I'd start a trial account but I know I'd surpass the 200 minute barrier

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Yea OP check out this place >>688052 it's helped me plenty of times and it should help you as well

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cgpeers look for the title you want there. Most of them are there.

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Good call. I haven't been on there in a while so my account got disabled. Do they still do sign-ups the 1st and 15th every month?

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Yup, they do.

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I thought you could sign up just like with lynda for free?
Doesn't that work anymore?

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signups open in like 2 days

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