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Guys I did a funny with blender and posted it to Twitter

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I love it

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Bottoms up, homie.

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can you make a tutorial please

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lmao gamer girl water with noise

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Why do blendlets think this is acceptable? Do you even understand the renderer of your beloved tool? Why do I always see noisy shit whenever a blender thread pops up?

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Forgive them blendlets Anon, for they don't know what they are doing.

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Oh god, can you please post the graphic for the label? I would love to play with this too!

Are these models to exact dimensions?

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> noise
Because I wanted it to be more of an shitpost with noise and 128 samples

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kek, this

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This guy's face infuriates me. It's those fucked up eyes.
I don't know why Blender tutorial people insist that we need to see their fucking face to get information. Nobody is there to see them.

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Is this the smartest woman alive.

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Share the texture, faggot.

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Literally everything she does is organized by her 4chan "agent"

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go to sdub

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>Sorry, this page doesn't exist
What happened and how do I get it now?

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wait is this a render for real?
it look passable as a twitter bait

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Wait till you learn that Delphine is actually a last-gen photorealistic 3D model.

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>tfw you didn't contract her herpes

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i think 9 containers is excessive. i think three containers would be better and a messy room in the background would really be good.

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Gotta get that gamer girl bath water in your system, am I right?

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enjoy your herpes

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