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>when you finally get the surface right in Substance Designer

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Holy shit are you fucking serious right now

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crazy to think moot is almost 40 y/o now

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>Trying to sync my licence the server is down until Monday.

Should have just kept pirating it.

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>when you finally get the surface right but it causes the render to slow to a crawl.

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This thread adds nothing of value

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"Board culture" shitposts are more valuable than some schmuck coming from reddit or elsewhere to ask one question and fucking off before the answer is given.
Lump in a "thread died for this", and then some idiot bumping the thread 20 days later from page 9 with nothing relevant, and yeah, this shitpost is slightly more valuable.
Not by much though.

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I guess this is better than what we normally get. Thanks for seeing the positive's anon

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At the very least we get some board friendos having fun. You're more likely to have "gems" like wallpaper paste, or duks with shitposts like these, than you are with "thread killers".
>Thanks for seeing the positive's anon
I guess that's one way of seeing it.

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