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Lately, I have been a bit obsessed with low poly art. :P So I decided to make a tutorial in blender for you guys.
Get it for free at https://3dschool.teachable.com/p/lowpoly-hamburger

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Why would anyone need a tutorial for this? The picture clearly shows the poly layout. The picture is all the tutorial you need.

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>triangles and quads in same mesh

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That's not lowpoly. Also,

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I am not forcing you to do it xD.
I shared this on Reddit and more than 40 people actually started to learn it. so I thought why not share it with more people on 4chan. but ye it seems a bit more negative crowd here xD hahahahah

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>I shared this on Reddit and more than 40 people actually started to learn it.
Please link, I need the cringe.

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Even though it doesn't really look all that "low poly" I'll give you that it seems like a decent way to teach those tools to beginners.

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>a decent way to teach
It's never right to teach wrong.

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>give it hard edges
>call it lowpoly
Why the fuck is this a thing?

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A thread died for this

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>Why the fuck is this a thing?

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>Low poly
>Models every single sesame seed one by one

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>well over 1000 tris for a food item
>low poly

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Lubba dub dub

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>look mom i turned on flat shading on a bad model!
>now it's "lowpoly", just like those video games that i never played because they came out 15 years before i was born!

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>but m-muh lowpoly
What the fuck would a lowpoly burger be then, a box with a texture?

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>What the fuck would a lowpoly burger be then, a box with a texture?
basically yes. an actual lowpoly burger would have the triangle count of one of these sesame seeds. why would you call your shit lowpoly if you don't actually want it to have a low polycount?

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Hello, this is your instructor Fagface McHipster. Today we'll be learning how to find the "flat shading" button. Here it is. That's it for the course, you're all artists now.

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That's not even lowpoly. It's very high poly, but with flat shaded faces. Which ironically results in even more duplicate vertices.

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ex deeeeee

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Here's ur low poly buger senpai,also included a donut and a plate,4 faces and 16 verts.
git gud

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>The picture is all the tutorial you need.
I didn't watch the tutorial but if you've NEVER done low poly, it's helpful to watch someone else's workflow so you can get into the mindset of thinking with triangles.

If you just want to literally recreate the thing someone else made with no interest in how to get their on your own then yeah, just trace over the paint by numbers image

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>4 faces
What do you need the 4th face for? The background?

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The plate might be 2 faces

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I don't believe you. Show topology.

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now that is some serious optimization right there. i wish industry professionals would realize there's no point in making detailed donuts and whatnot when you can just use one face with a photorealistic texture instead.

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reminds me of Smash Bros food items

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3 faces for the plate, 1 for the food

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why would you do that when you only need one face for both the plate and the food

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The plate is sitting on a plane,that's where the fourth face come from

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