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Archviz Edition

previous: >>684104

This thread is for any help you need with your work, regarding technique and/or software. All simple and/or stupid questions should go in here too.

Also, please do head over to the previous thread and help to answer any unanswered questions!

I don't know why everytime i save an image png format, some items/props are missing.
I just rendered this one (raw) and those bags are missing.
I need to save it in jpg, so i can layer it down png image.

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how do i get a girlfriend

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you're saving your image with alpha anon..

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When it comes to handpainted textures, I sorta get the gist of create model>unwrap>paint texture but I sorta confused how the texture is actually applied to the model. In blender theres a way to paint directly on the model but what if I want to use something like PS or Painttool Sai?

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You would save a uvw template and paint on that as a guide.

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Any good tutorials on how to model humans? I asked this last thread and it was largely ignored.
Took a look in the sticky and most stuff is 404 or not really relevant.

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People stopped modelling characters in 2005. Get straight to sculpting in zbrush.

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Im going to start with blender because im from an underdeveloped country, should i begin with environment or characters?
Ive been watching vg porn vids and one from warhammer because most of them look better than the ones in hooktube, whats the trick?

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Fuck that. I know how to model, I don't know how to sculpt. I'm not about to start back from 0 and learn sculpting, just so I have to model it all over again when I retopo.

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>motivation goes down
>creativity goes down
>quality goes down
>feels like I'm learning nothing as a result
>motivation goes down even further
How do you even grind 3d?

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I found a guy on artstation that gives me this reaction. I now have to be better than him.

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This maya tutorial is talking about cutting a character mesh into pieces, then animating this proxy mesh before applying animations back to the original mesh.

My understanding is that this is done for performance reasons.
Is this necessary for animating game characters?

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>How do you even grind 3d?
You don't? I've just done larger and larger scale personal projects. It's forced me to learn new things to accomplish the goals or get a specific look out of something. It's not the same as grinding, but at least I don't get bored or burnt out with it.
You're gonna get burnt out grinding anything, really.

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Does anyone know of any xsi to 3ds/obj converters? I have some models from Dark Reign 2 I want to convert.

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When you can't make the things you want to because you suck you pretty much have to grind though.

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Pretty much this >>688241, whenever I need motivation I sit down and browse what people who next level whatever I'm into is up to. Aim for the stars and you'll reach heights even if you fall short of your aspirations.

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Then you just do a smaller project that you'd want to do.
Want to make an environment, but you don't know how to model for shit? Start basic and do little stuff in the scene. Get a handle on things, then work your way up to more detailed shit. All of a sudden, you've got a fully fleshed out scene, and you've got the skills to make another in a fraction of the time.

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Any of you fine tr/3/pots happen to know a link to a repository of cubemaps?

Keep using the same few I have on hand for all my testing purposes and would like to expand the collection.

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Why cubemaps? Do people even still use those? I thought everyone pretty much switched to hdri.
There's plenty of places for those.

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wtf bros why does it look like this

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You need to rotate the uv or the texture.

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the orientation is fine I mean why is the texture on the model all blurry even in rendered view

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I found the solution. I had to set the interpolation to closest in the texture tab, the model looks the same but the render is fixed.

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well, it's something. So how do I render this with jaggies added?

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you mean some low resolution aliasing? or are you talking about unstable polys that are truncated to the nearest whole number(PSX)?

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yeah the aliasing, like this guy's work:
I read into it and aliasing isn't possible on cycles render for some reason so I have to do it on blender renderer, unless there's a way to do it with cycles?. I might also look into the psx thing you mentioned.

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Not the best method, but you could always render small, then scale up with nearest neighbor.
Like I said though, it's not the best method.

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blender renderer is not the best? Then how do I recreate aliasing on cycles?

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Why is there a brown splotch on my model when I bring it into substance painter. I tried polypainting it all one color in zbrush and nothing changed.

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No I mean my suggestion isn't the best.

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Vertex colors maybe.

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It's a shadow. Change your environment and you'll see.

But what the heck is that unwrapping? Cut it along the inner ridge.

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My student license for Maya 2015 just expired. It's what I've learned on, is the UI and layout I'm used to. Does anyone know any work arounds or have cracks) keygens? I signed up for another student account but nothing before 2016 is available for download on the education portion of the Autodesk site.

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Why not use a modern Maya version?

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The program I'm enrolled in; AnimationMentor; recommends 2015 for it's rigs and file management/pipeline tool/client.

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Sorry, meant for >>688443

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$2500 for animation basics? This seems to be a little silly, no?

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Maybe but it's $2,500 for each class across the board; six classes; studio grade rigs, a teacher (mentor) who has worked in the industry and plenty of provided reference material, lectures and tutorials.

Maybe I'm naive?

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Not him but if I were focused on animation I would probably get a mentorship. It's not that much money for a whole year, considering how difficult it is to come up with reliable animation feedback as an isolated learner.

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I want my model to have no shadows whatsoever but I also need to use light mhat do?

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Sorry maybe that question was asked weirdly but I've seen this person's work https://twitter.com/Circlesoldat/status/1121448178966863872?s=09 and I noticed that his models lack shadows (the shading is drawn in the texture) but whatever I try my lamp still seems to create unwanted shadows. What I want to know is how to make my models highly visible in the render but not also have shadows.

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This will sound stupid since I have zero knowledge of 3D stuff, so forgive me if I use the wrong terms.

I wanna be really really good at 3D modelling and sculpting. I'm not interested in animation or any of that stuff, but I really wanna create models such as pic related (edgy example, sorry). I know it'll take me a decade to be as good as pic related, and I'm willing to put that much effort, however, I only wanna ask: Is experience and skill in 2D art required to make something as good as this? It seems that every 3D artist is also a great 2D artist.

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Just use an emissive material instead of a diffuse one. Don't even need lights in your scene.

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2d skill and artistic concepts carry over into 3d yeah, the inverse is true as well. You can be decent at 3d and be shit at 2d, but a good artist is a good artist. You could know the program inside and out, but if you're a shit artist everything will come out looking like 3dguy's stuff.
Not to mention, you'll never really reach your pic's level. You say you're willing to put in that much effort, but really you're not. You're gonna get burnt out just like you did when you told yourself you'll learn an instrument or anything else that takes effort or skill.

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You forgot to turn off the projector, dude.

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How exactly can I know if a model is low poly? How many corners do I have to cut in order to keep it that way?

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What is the best film size for indoor shots?

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Most would say 35mm is okay, but I favor large format with cameras capable of tilt-and-shift.

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I practice with the pictures you'd find in those architecture books you see in Barnes & Noble and try to recreate them. You can study them and see what works and doesn't. Maybe change it up a bit here and there as you go along.

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wtf is up with my Fusion 360?
when i start to get into a bit more hardware wise demanding models my selection suddenly stop working, gif related, trying to loft this shit but my cursor clicks aren't registering, what's going on?

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How would I bake a diffuse map with transparency in blender? I made a hair material with transparent strands at the end using nodes and I want to bake the result into an image, but it always ends up opaque.

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Should i upgrade from 2.79 to 2.8 blender? or wait for stable version?

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If you are using Blender that means you're not on a production pipeline or doing any kind of paid work, so you can freely upgrade without any fear of jeopardizing your job. Go for it.

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whats the difference between substance painter and substance designer

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>whats the difference between googling and not googling something

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I'm pretty sure he's just asking if 2.8 is stable enough to switch to.

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Bullshit and you know it. Anyone with lofty goals like that is going to get burnt out, or get bored before they get there.
If he had said, something more reasonable, then yeah it'd be doable. This is 4chan though, and more specifically /3/. No one is capable of anything here, and no one actually does work.

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One paints, one designs.

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How can I show an FPS counter on Blender's viewport directly, not using the playback workaround? Can this be done with Blender or with a third program, like Fraps?

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Yes to be more specific I was asking if 2.8 was any better or worth using over 2.79

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Get a load of this faggot.

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Is there any way to make it so a procedural texture varies in size on specific parts of a single model while retaining it's seamlessness?

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I've been doing architecture/game assets on Blender for more than an year now, but for my next project I want to pose a realistic human model in it.

What is the easiest way to model it with clothing and such to be ready for rigging?

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haven\t done this personally but I would go with a daz model, clothes in MD then rig in blender

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what's the right workflow to create a 3d character: max/maya modeling - zbrush sculpting - max/maya uv mapping or skipping the first modeling part and start with sculpting right away?

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Anyone ever get go-z to work with Maya LT. It finds the app but wont work.

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Substance painter/Designer

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Retard here. I'm looking to get into 3d modelling to make my dream video game.
Should I get a mouse with a trackball or a 6 button mouse? I have a drawing tablet too, if that's relevant.

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it doesn't matter. Start working on your shit now and stop worrying about it because that will only help you marginally

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Is there a Discord community for /3/ fags?

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Low poly is 30k at most. You don't cut corners?

You continually remove vertices while keeping the overall shape intact until you're at the desired poly count.

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Don't Daz models have a shit load of polys though? I think the guy wants to use it for games.

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I needed a new mouse anyway and had 30 minutes to decide because of reasons, I bought a G403 already.
See you around, anon.

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>frame 70-100: Reverse handy animation

Is there an easier way to sort out my animations than writing this all down?
Using 3ds max.

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I'm especially new at 3D modelling and the last time I attempted to model a human I tried to do it in one piece and the arms were bizarrely jagged like they were made out of ice even when I tried to fix the part where the arm begins. Though using the smoothing tool made the arm look fine if a little simple, it's poor form and I'd love to try and fix this for future attempts.
I did this on 3DS Max on an older computer and I just DL'd Blender. Is there a method to the madness or do I just have to keep at it until I get the feel for it myself?

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Try sculpting.
If you don't want to do it all from scratch, model as much as you can, then use the sculpt tools to bring it to completion.

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I'm getting started using Marvelous Designer and I have a question before I begin.
I've made a model with blendshapes for different things like a bigger bust and bigger thighs, but I'm wondering if MD supports that sort of thing.
Like could I import the model, and be able to simulate and export clothes with the different blendshapes in program, or will I just have to export the model with the blendshapes applied? It's not too big a deal either way, but I'm just curious. I haven't really dived into MD, so I'm hoping at least I can make the clothing patterns and import the different models as needed for the sim.

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Neat what is it?

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I want to tie a materials attributes to the length of a spline, such that as the spline is longer the materials opacity decreases.

How do I tie material attributes to a spline length?

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why does my normal map have so many artifacts? I just baked it in substance and the AO map came out similar too.

t. retard

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Can anyone here tell me the IOR number of keratin?

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I haven't used MD in a while, but IIRC you have to rely on animating from neutral to blendshape -- there's no built-in support for them. Have a look at this: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Z4QDZ

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Try making your ray distances shorter. Also, have you smoothed your normals both in the low and high poly meshes?

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Take pic related and this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cauchy%27s_equation

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I wasn't expecting such a great answer thank you anon

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Periodic reminder that IOR in render engines is almost 100% artistic interpretation and you should just use a value that looks good. IOR in render engines is meaningful for things like water and glass IF your scale is 100% perfect, however for reflections or if you have even the slightest inaccuracy in some other part of the shader the approximation errors in BRDFs become overwhelming and trying to match real-world IOR values is cute but pointless.

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Im in substance and I cannot find this button or settings for this feature. Im just trying to access the shader settings so I can adjust emissive intensity slider. Did the UI get rid of this at some point? Whats the way around it. Trying to add glow to a texture.Thanks in advance!

>> No.688888

But IOR is also used to compute reflectance with the Fresnel equations, isn't it important to set correct values in that case? I don't mean scientifically accurate values, just accurate enough (say within +/-0.01 or so).

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Prob answered my own question. Im using 2017

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Anyone know why I'm getting weird locked CV guides?

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forgot to include picture

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Thank you. I think I can use this and just pause the sim and export at different sizes. I mean I still have to go and learn MD, but from what I've seen it's pretty straightforward, and intuitive.
Just gotta find a nice place for clothing patterns. Preferably free.

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Open up your low poly in 3ds max/program of choice and average your normals and set smoothing groups to 1. Also make your ray distances in substance painter smaller.

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very dumb question for you blokes but how do I into textures? I have literally no idea where to start, i obtained a copy of substance painted and have no clue what to do, all textures are showing up black with big ugly

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Start by UV unwrapping. You can do an automatic unwrap, but it also helps to do it properly.
As for SP, make sure no UVs are overlapping or crossing outside of the boundaries.
You can have entire UV islands outside of the boundaries, but you can't have one cross over.
After that just start applying materials, masks, painting and all that shit.

It can also help to watch Substance Painter's official tutorials to get familiar with the program.

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I'm fairly new to SP, watched a lot of tutorials, but whatever I do, the normal map is not as 'crisp' like in marmoset for example. I'm not sure if missed an important setting here, or such
Left pic is SP, right is marmoset

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Is the difference between mouse and tablet REALLY big enough for sculpting to justify going out and buying a tablet?

I've tried to pick up zbrush a bunch of times but with a mouse I can't get shit done at all. I do all my character modeling with edge loops and shit because of this.

Is an Intuos enough to git gud?

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It's inverted. You have to pick open gl or direct x whichever one you don't have in marmoset.

>> No.688988


I have the basic bitch intuos and it's perfect. You can to pressure levels with a mouse so sculpting will be impossible.

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thanks for the tip, I appreciate it!
open gl looks way better
is there a way to get it even smoother? Like, the marmoset level of smoothness? it still has this weird hard edge on the left side of the nose

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File: 42 KB, 640x868, jack-in-the-box-horror-clown-costume--mw-111689-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How should I approach modeling costumes like this? Use cloth modifier on blender?

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Even the Bamboo or cheapskate Logitech brands will do.
ANYTHING but a mouse, anon.

>> No.689015

you can get a huion h420 for like $30 as a cheap start for drawing tablets

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Marvelous designer.
Though there's a few ways to do it in Blender too. None of which is really all that great.

You could model the costume like a normal mesh, then apply the cloth modifier.

Another option is to do it similar to how MD approaches clothing, and use actual clothing/sewing patterns. Basically you'd model out different sections of the pattern, and arrange them in roughly the right position (left side of pic related).
Make all of it one mesh, then connect the areas you need to sew together with edges (not faces). Start up a cloth sim, turn the gravity influence kind of low to start off, and make the sewing strength nonzero. When you sim, the edges that you placed will draw together. Once everything is "sewn", turn up the gravity during the sim, and let the cloth fall down. Have collision enabled on the model you want the clothes to be on (preferably a lower poly version to speed everything up).
Should everything go right (it won't) and you've got your settings and stuff good, you'll have a piece of clothing. If not, and chances are nothing will work right, be prepared to spend hours fucking around with it until you get things right, have it fall exactly how it needs, fix all clipping problems, and whatever else Blender decides to fuck up during the sim.
Then you'll realize that Blender's sims are fucking ancient, and that MD was built exactly for this, and just buy it or "acquire it". You'll then live happlily ever after when your clothes work first try without any fucking around.

There's Blender addons you can buy that do what I said above but makes things easier, but you're still fucking around with Blender's shitty sims, and that's the real linchpin of the problem that there's no getting away from and why they can't compete with MD. MD was built exclusively for cloth sim, Blender wasn't. There's no getting around it.

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What do you do when you don't know what to model ?

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Is there a way to mesh dense rain particles in Houdini without bogging the scene down? Something like alembic or frost where you can morph between less geometry files than frames for optimization.

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When you baked did you use the mikkt normal map format. This is what you need for substance painter.

>> No.689047

How do i navigate to this guys other tutorials? I can only see his other sculpts.

>> No.689052

I don't know if he has posted anything else. Maybe not?

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zbrush question, probably a super simple one.

how do i use symmetry with the new 3d gizmo for transposing? just got the new version of zbrush and i have always just used the transpose tool, but the new 3d gizmo's ability to work on an entire group of subtools or to use folders to group subtools for easy manipulation is pretty handy, so handy its almost like something every other 3d software has had for 20 years already.

anyways, cant figure out how to turn on symmetry when moving the pieces such that, for example, when i move a pair of arms or legs, each moves in a mirror direction to the other (how it functions in the transpose tool with symmetry (x) turned on), but as it is the 3d gizmo just drags both parts off to one side or the other, and i dont see a way to enable symmetry for it. did they just not add in that functionality from the transpose tool? would seem like a pretty big oversight if thats the case.

probably just something simple i overlooked, but my google fu didnt yeild anything helpful

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I think you can be cheap and get away with digital sculpting. Ive been using zbrush with a mouse no problem. Most of the things like scratches, dents or other details can be solved with an alpha and normal maps. Im not saying having a tablet a bad idea but when people spend upwards of $1400 its like you could put that money to a lot better things.

>> No.689086

Alright so whats the discord channel for /3/?

>> No.689090

Thanks a ton, this fixed it for me! never heard of mikkT till today haha

>> No.689091


Alt click on the object to center the gizmo to it. Then rotate the arm. It's best if it's a separate subtool.

>> No.689099

found the solution to do it. if i use the transpose tool with symmetry on and draw out the line, then turn on the gizmo, the gizmo seems to respect the symmetry and origin point of the transpose line and i can then use it to transpose an entire folder or selection of multiple subtools with symmetry. for some reason you just cant activate symmetry if the gizmo is already active. seems like a weird hoop to have to jump through, but i've been using zbrush since about '13, its always been weird.

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Does anyone have any pictures or guides on low poly shoulder topology and deformation?

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I have 2 straight legs. how to make right and left leg?

>> No.689223

2 right legs*

>> No.689240

Best tutorials for zbrush for a guy with literally no sculpting experience?

I want to mostly do human characters as opposed to much hard surface shit or wacky monsters

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Lads, I don't understand how to model planes. The block-outs I do in 30 minutes with primitives end up looking better than a section of fuselage I spend an hour on. I find the basic shapes somewhat easy to understand, but find the finer details (How to canopy bubbles out, how the metal on the fuselage bends around the intakes, for instance) to be very difficult to understand, even with reference pictures and blueprint drawings. The result is a mess of topology that becomes impossible to work with. Even after dozens of attempts, I'm just not getting it. Are there any tutorials you guys can recommend to me (free or paid) to help me out? Blender tutorials are preferable, but if there are software-neutral tutorials, I'd be happy to check those out too. I just want to make cool models of cool planes like in pic related, but for months, I haven't even gotten close to something like this.

>> No.689259

I'd really hate to do this kind of work in a subdivision poly modeler. I use Rhinoceros for everything with complex compound curves, like automotive and vehicular design.

>> No.689261




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you just do it breh, that's it. also keep in mind that without textures or normals or highpolys for bake your aircraft will look like shit period.
t. working on a mi-24 for a long ass time

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File: 1.38 MB, 2100x1500, 1519280025828.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like it works more like a CAD program. I don't have a lot of time to invest in learning a totally new way of modelling, but it's something I'll at least look into. They've got a free trial, so I guess there's really nothing to lose.

>you just do it breh
Believe me, I've tried.

t. taken stabs at F-5, Su-33, F-15, MiG-21, EF-2000, F-4 multiple times each.

>> No.689286

what did he mean by this?
Im a newfag and i want to learn

>> No.689291

you drop that shit too early. i'm about 400+ hours into my mi24 (including rigging) and it's just began to take shape. did fuckton of mistakes in process, redone same pieces multiple times. aircraft modeling is completely different level compared to baby first AK or Abrams. you have to keep grinding until you learn your aircraft and adjust to modeling workflow for aircrafts. choose one and work on it until it's good. time spent doesn't matter. you'll learn in process and next one will be times easier.

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I'm trying to export an FBX of an idle animation from Blender for Sketchfab and i'm having trouble with the leg IKs. It seems like the animation isn't baking properly because the feet slide back slightly in the FBX, but in the .BLEND the feet are perfectly still.

Is there any way to correct this?

>> No.689317
File: 2.28 MB, 1920x1080, EF2000_3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>400+ hours for one aircraft
Save me, lord.

I was able to do pic related in about 10. It's not great, I know, but the problem is the topology goes to Hell in a hand basket pretty quick, especially when I add the wings. I guess I just don't know how to manage the topology on such a complex model. If major components like the wings and fuselage were separate objects, that would help, but that in and of itself creates new problems.

>> No.689324

Forget topology. 99.9% of hardsurface models will never deform in any way and if your renderer doesn't totally suck it won't trip over a few tris or ngons.

>> No.689341

lmao, way too accurate

>> No.689385

How do I turn my selected faces into a perfect square?

>> No.689390

just keep going breh
and consider splitting everything into manageable parts. especially if it's different parts IRL
pretty much all aicrafts are patchwork as fuck. learn your reference and find those seams

>> No.689406

Okay, I'm going to step away from aircraft for a few days, and come back to it fresh. Maybe in the mean time I'll do a Udemy course to sharpen my skills in general. Thanks anon(s?).

>> No.689460

Is it just as hard for older planes that have blockier designs? I was planning on making an SB2C Helldiver and TBF Avenger so I have something to use the bomb and torpedo I'm working on.

>> No.689461

Do you guys have a book thread like we do on /ic/? I need some free books.

>> No.689471
File: 70 KB, 709x709, Corinthian capital.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have any good information on modelling intricate details like acanthus leaves on Corinthian capitals or other shit? Or just filigree in general?
Obviously it has a lot to do with repetition and patterning, so it's mainly made of a few pieces, but this shit is so full of detail sometimes I can't wrap my head around where to start.
Program doesn't matter, but I am using Blender.
I guess it's totally possible to just use texture planes and shit, but I'd also like to know how to make them in general.

>> No.689475

i find old choppers/crafts more easy because they care less about aerodynamics and other shit and also have less equipment and maintenance ports. so it's easier in general because shapes are more simple and there's just less to model in general
t. mi24 guy

>> No.689477
File: 170 KB, 3113x1080, 592365926-257926381.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know shit about topology. When I make a model, I decide how many edges I want the torso and limbs to have, I place them, and I try to connect them without using trigons.
What is the proper workflow to model low poly humans and creatures? Are non-planar faces an issue? Also what is the proper shoulder and ass topology for this level of complexity?

>> No.689480


Modelling books are mostly shit. What do you want anyway.

>> No.689485

I tried googling but only found the opposite of what I want. What is the easiest way to convert a sprite to a (flat) 3D model?

>> No.689491

>What is the easiest way to convert a sprite to a (flat) 3D model?
Load it as a texture on a plane?

>> No.689506


>> No.689534

Yeah obviously, but I'd still have to retopo it. Which runs into the same problem of having to model it anyway. Not to mention it's easy to make shit look super doughey and inprecise.
>inb4 they sculpted it irl

>> No.689562
File: 125 KB, 1920x1080, AN-MK 33 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How the hell do you git gud at normal maps? Sometimes my normal maps bake spectacularly and get everything I wanted them to have while others are horrible and don't seem to be fixed by anything, sometimes both happen to different parts of the model. Trying to bake left to middle, and right is the result. Trying it in xnormal, averaged normals on low poly, everything scaled up as recommended, high poly encasing low poly which has given me very good results before in spite of the opposite being standard I think.

>> No.689570
File: 328 KB, 1024x1024, trims.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why would you even need to on that model? There's nothing in it that normals would even make a difference for.
Regular smoothing would just make it look like the left anyway. Even on a cylinder with like 8-10 faces.

The only thing that would actually use the normals is that little ring under the fins, and even that isn't a total waste of faces.
If you really wanted to use a normal map for that part you could just make a strip with those bevels, bake it into a normal map, then just unwrap the thing and move the uv up to it. Trimsheets basically.

>> No.689573
File: 121 KB, 1920x1080, AN-MK 33 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The default smooth shading is really fucked, I wanted to give it a normal map so it'd know what to do. Here it is with just smooth shading and no normal map. Are you supposed to be doing this sort of thing some other way?

>> No.689575
File: 112 KB, 1920x1080, AN-MK 33 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nevermind, I'm a dumbass, I forgot to use an edge split modifier to bring all the marked sharp edges into effect. It's baking as I've been wanting it to now and it's just a matter of tweaking it.

>> No.689577
File: 10 KB, 667x106, autosmooth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know what you're using, but I'm assuming blender (since you're talking about modifiers), just turn on autosmooth.
You don't need edgesplit or anything like that.

>> No.689581

Yeah, Blender. Isn't a normal map preferable if you have the computing budget for it, since it makes more natural rounded edges? It'd probably never be noticeable for what I might use the bomb for, but learning how to make normal maps work is a good skill in and of itself.

>> No.689586

If you're not bringing it into a game, then you shouldn't really need to worry about it.
If you're trying to get rounded edges, just use the bevel modifier and set it to "weight" then just assign weights to the edges you want to bevel.
Hell if you're using cycles, there's even a straight up material node that does bevels automatically when rendering.

Learning to make normal maps is a good skill to have, but this isn't the thing to learn it on. Not with the amount of detail you're working with now (which is next to none).

>> No.689588
File: 774 KB, 1920x1080, torpnrm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was learning on a Mark 13 torpedo which has a lot more surface detail, the AP bomb is mainly a side project while I figure out how to fix some baking errors in that, and I need it so I can arm the dive bomber I'm going to make.

>> No.689595

Just rough it out and use the sculpt as a normal map. No need to overcomplicate

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