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What's the graphical limit of godot + blender + GIMP + Krita?

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Ur imagination.

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Blender is much better than 3d godot graphics which barely run at all. Tears of steel is IMO the most impressive short theyve ever done graphically. Open source 3d game engines are and likely will be terrible for a long time. Theres a real disadvantage not having a houdini like program or a substance like program. I think blender could easily replace a lot of zbrush right now or within the next two years.
>next gen
The newer blender institute stuff is pretty low effort but I imagine if you had enough animators you could make something on the level of gantz:0 or kingsglaive realistic 3d.

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How willing you are to use it and take it is pretty much the limit.
A skilled artist could draw something with cheap colored pencils, but there comes a point where you're brushing up against the limits of what your using is capable of. You can definitely overcome those obstacles with extra effort, but the question is whether or not it's worth it for you in the end. What's the point in spending an extra 8 hours trying to blend shitty colored pencils to look good, when some other dude with actual colored pencils meant for artists can achieve the same look in an hour? They both look the same, but your extra effort means basically nothing. You're not overcoming adversity because some cheap ass colored pencils can't blend, you're just not using the right tools for the job.

The same thing is applicable with the programs you listed, but not as extreme as my example. They're perfectly capable, you just might have to do some roundabout bullshit to get things done that other programs would do in a few clicks. Just know your tools and where they excel and where they falter, this goes for paid programs too, not just open source free programs. Just because they're paid doesn't mean they're all powerful in every facet. The only one that actually tries to pull that off ironically enough is Blender. Though its efforts are half assed compared to dedicated platforms. You can get the job done in it though, and depending on what you're trying to do it may end up being better/faster in Blender than something else.

At the end of the day, it's important to work smart, not hard.

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Godot I suppose lack of documentation but the engine looks fine for a open source project, Krita is fine, blender can't compete with Maya/3dsMax+Zbrush+Substance painter+Marvelous Designer and Gimp is abandonware

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50k polys in edit mode.

Not much because there's no occlusion culling. The performance is also terrible, occlusion culling or not.

Unusable piece of crap, for $45 you can get a permanent license for Affinity which is Photoshop's best alternative.

Once again, terrible performance for high definition canvases.

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>The performance is also terrible
they are porting all to Vulkan because that and working on occlusion culling too. they say that all that will be done this year, lots of Chinks are moving to this because gambling license in unity is expensive af and are the people paying for this

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If you're going to use blender and want open source game engine look into armory.

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Whats a good substance replacement/closest equivalent?

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there is none

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This, but unironically.

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>50k polys in edit mode
are you kidding me? I have a pretty modest machine and I can run well over that with little to no slow down.

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ArmorPaint is getting better, but it's no match for SP yet.

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The one with the sheep and the laundromat was the most graphically impressive imo

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It's someone parroting the same old disinfo, that's just what happens on /3/ when it comes to blender

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Gimp is abandonware? What? Source?
It's still actively developed man.

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Lack of native UDIM support (unfixable displacement seams) seems to be the first hurdle to Blender's graphical limit. I'm just a hobbyist but I can't correctly render basic zbrush sculpts that use only 3 udims.

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Sure you can, by simply making 3 materials out of them. But if you have a robot which has 37 UDIMs like i have, then it becomes a nightmare.

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You're talking out of your ass here.

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For fuck's sake anon. At least sage if you're gonna scroll down this far.

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i'm trying out armory instead of godot, don't wanna learn a whole new program, and armory integrates really well with blender

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No mods to speak of on /3/ but god forbid someone tells someone to not bump a thread. What a backwards world.

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How do you export a Blender object or animation and then import it into Godot in such a way that it keeps its materials/textures unaltered and also comes with its own collision shape?
pic unrelated

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