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How do I get gud at 3d modeling

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you won't ever, wannabe BLendlet
just give it up and get back to Burger King

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practice makes perfect, try to spend more time doing it each week, watch tuts, watch 3dcgi movies, study refs. You will eventually get good at it. Theres no creativity required if your using a front and side ref. Characters and creatures are a lot harder, but anyone should be able to make props, vehicles, armor, weapons, with a basic understanding of how to SubD and how to boolean.

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Same way you get good at everything. Practice

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install blender and follow blender tutorials

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>learn how to draw anime lolis
>Buy Zbrush for a mirion dorar
>sculpt the shit out of your loli until she came her brains out
>export to 3dsmax and rig it
>animate lovely tender romantic sex porn with cuddling

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Just watch anime and play video games all day long.

That will do the trick just right!

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1. learn first how to use the software that you wil be using. (Look for the best introduction tutorial you could find, don't settle with mediocrity)
2. Now you need to find a tutorial of some good artist that teach some specific stuff you want to make
3. Take notes and practice the tutorial until you got every point right.
4. Now you model something that you want
5. Finish it and look at the errors you make and look for ways to improve your workflow and to not make the sames mistakes again
6. Repeat step 4 and 5 a lot of times
7. Now that you have more knowledge go back to step 2

You also need a reference folder, reality is your best friend.

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you're the prime example of someone who puts a lot of time and money into something and still makes garbage.

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you were never funny from day one.

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At least he tries.
He's slightly less insufferable than Starfield or whatever his name is.

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yes this, tihs is what I do am professional guarantee

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