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Never interact with a woman unless it's in vr.

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Seems pretty damning if what's being claimed is true, guy basically threatened to destroy her career after she rejected his advances. Not cool.

>he lured Evans to his hotel room, propositioned her for sex and stated “I want to fuck you. I want to throw you down on the bed and fuck you”.
>Evans rebuffed this and avoided him for the remainder of the night and in the morning Evans states that Riccitiello took her to the side in Unity’s offices in Paris and said:
>“It would be good for your career if you keep your mouth shut about last night”.
>Riccitiello is also said to have pulled her to the side two times following that trip, warning her not to discuss the events of the trip.

Fucking douche get what he deserve if that's true, couldn't even do the right thing and offer her a bribe instead of threats.

>I am embarrass, my peen made me do, plox accept this promotion as a token of regret, and remember expression talking is silver, silence is gold!

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>It would be good for your career if you keep your mouth shut about last night”.

Maybe that was meant as a bribe but it just came out the wrong way, lol.

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It's almost like it's her word against his.

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>things that never happened

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A million time this >>685622 I know because I can use my incel penis as a occult radio transmitter to tune into the truth of matters.
Just like my ejaculate whitewash my underwear according to my whore mother I can whitewash this middle age boomer CEO from all suspicion.
I know a lot of powerful guys in France and from this I can assure it's just outside the behavioral envelope of this phenotype to ever conduct acts of unimaginable classic french decadence.

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>rich guy does rich guy stuff to try and get laid
>woman realizes that she can take advantage of the whole metoo thing and with just allegations and get filthy rich

We just have to see how it plays out.

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It almost gives the impression we developers are all sex fiends.
Whelp, going to use Unreal instead now.

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> Calling a filthy suit developer.

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>do a shit job
>get fired
>claim rape

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where's the evidence?

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she is a women

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According to what's been presented it was a ongoing theme and there are witnesses to events leading up to the night in particular
as well as the way she was later threatened and treated during the aftermath.

As the story reads the crime isn't here so much the clumsy flirting/'harassment' which she seem to have dealt with just brushing the guy off.
That's just the background, the meaty stuff is that her ultimate refusal to comply with the guys request for sex once he pressed the matter resulted in threats and retaliation.

We'll know what's what soon enough depending on how all of this plays out.

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>hire slut to fuck
>fire her when she refuses
based if true

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She’s a cutie. I would have tried to fuck her too

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>>VP of recruitment

of course she it

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NEVER hire women

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>Not cool.

spoken like a true white knight faggot

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Yeah because whenever you're expressing sympathy with a woman you must be both whiteknight and faggot, right?

Spoken like a real redpilled internet badass who's all about scoring points with his silly tryhard bretheren.
Don't be such a weak fucking sister you divide humanity into camps, try to think for yourself, it's valuable.

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the lady doth protest too much methinks

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look at this asshurt redditor lmfao

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