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Welcome to the world in general.

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The last paragraph got me. That's some clever shit, lol.

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That can only last so long.

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Not surprising. Most people cheat their way through their careers.

Most Art/Creative Directors are incompetent but because they are smooth talkers, nobody digs deeper.

I know a CD who outsources his job, all his ideas and pitches are by some poor schmuck in a 3rd world country.

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I hate these reddit shitposts. If you go to fiverr you won't find anybody making any art for 5 bucks, all semi-good stuff costs 100+ dollars at this point and those guys take several days to finish their work. This guy is lying about spending thousands every week hiring people to make him art and tossing it every time the higher ups ask him to redo it.

His post is fake.

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>Not surprising. Most people cheat their way through their careers.
if the goal of a career was to do anything but make money then you might be correct, there is no wrong way to make money within the confines of the law, if people want to pay you then that's their choice.

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God I love reddit for stuff like this. It's so epic and random!! Somebody give this man gold

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I just did! XD

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wow this is so epic i love it
edit: wow thanks for all the upvotes!!!

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>How to get a job
pro tip. you can't

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>How to get a job
be a female of color

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And I thought all the larpers are on /x

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Pure capitalism baby

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please go back

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By then he'll be promoted to management.

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spend 3-10 years doing it for free.

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use stock footage
add copy

make 120k a year

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