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Always wondered what it would have been like to have a Metroid game released for Nintendo 64. I've been working on some models and scenes with that reto-poly look in mind.

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Here is a back view too. Its 440 verts currently witch is less than Mario in Mario64.

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I'm no expert but my understanding is that N64 cartridges had some ultra-minimal room for texture data, so I'd ditch what textures you have there and use solid colors instead with black-colored edges on some polygons to make the black lines.

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This model's texture is 200 x 200 which is on par with Zelda 64 models. There were even characters that had 500 x 500 sized textures in there believe it or not. Not sure if you're referring to something else. I wanted It to look detailed like Super Metroid, but still limited.

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That's cool, I honestly did think that it looks too good for an N64 game, maybe there are other limitations you're not taking into account? or maybe my memory's foggy.

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A lot of game models back then weren't really all one solid piece. That might be what's a bit off.
I could be wrong, but for the most part they were lumpy shapes put together to make the forms pretty much. Pic related, Mario is mainly made of intersecting spheroids. Not much in the way of connecting geometry and edge flow. The hat is its own thing though.

Looking at OP's though, I think it's made the same way, but it's throwing me off a bit. I think it's the textures obscuring it though.

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Still amazes me that this is the most soulfull Mario.

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Look at some later games like say Perfect Dark. N64 had weighted skins with polycount and texture resolution in the ballpark of Op's take on Samus.

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I'd hardly call OP's work lumpy shapes connected together, I can't see any basic shapes except the head and shoulders.

That's cool, I'm a fan of retro-3D graphics. what are some things you can do to emulate the limitations more authentically?

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If you wanna be realistic about it you'd have to look at what the hardware could realistically deliver realtime.
The N64 is capable of a lot of things you could not use in a full blown game and expect it to render well at enjoyable or even playable framerates.

Take Mario 64 as an example, the ingame graphics are very simple self-lit and diffuse only Gouraud shaded polys.
The skins are pieces of geometry not weighted but simply linked together to form a skeleton of static pieces of geometry.

But at the title screen where we can play with Marios face we see the console demoing full dynamic lights from 2 simultaneous light sources
we also get to see the 'NdotH' type specular of the well known Blinn-Phong lighting model being carried out as we can see by the dynamic highlights on Marios face and hat.


While pulling the face we can clearly see that the game is capable of weighted skins and also demos some basic spring/damper physics as you release them.


What is technically possible on the N64 is therefore very circumstantial and far beyond what you'd commonly see while playing a game.

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>2nd link was supposed to be this one

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The Samus model is entirely separate parts for each segment of the body. I think the biggest difference is that the tech was new at the time and they hadn't used it to its full capacity yet. The DS Is a pretty good example of what we could do with low poly now that we understand it better. Although I'm sure it had slightly better capabilities than the N64 a lot of the models and textures seem close to N64 limitations. If you look at games like Conker's Bad Fur Day on N64 you see high detailed textures with full color range and unsegmented solid character meshes. Even Conker's face is animated with eye movement and all. I do understand everyone's point though. It looks almost overworked in comparison to actual N64, but I think it works for what I want it for. Not necessarily trying to emulate the look perfectly, but close enough. I do enjoy the discussion however.

You guys should check out The Model Resource website if you don't know about it. They have access to all sorts of models.

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Huh, never really thought about it at the time, but that mario face stretching titlescreen was pretty creepyass now that I look at it...

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Nice work mate! If only.

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>Always wondered what it would have been like to have a Metroid game released for Nintendo 64.
I've never wondered this but now that I think about it, I've never wanted something more in my life.

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Really would love to see this in action. Have you worked on anything else other than Samus? bosses etc?

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Thirded, but with the added condition they copy the goofy movement from the sprites.

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uhh, super smash bros on the n64 had samus? it's not exactly made by nintendo but pretty much the official model for the platform

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Yea she was in Smash, but those models were much lower quality to compensate for all the characters moving on screen.

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Are you actually going to make a game with this stuff?

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u wot m8
I find that very hard to believe, as I've been working on SM64 mods before, and Mario himself is only allowed to use up to two 32x32p texture maps.

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RE2 had higher res textures than the ps1 and it was even took up less space than 2 cd's however they did it.

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It absolutely did not.
The N64 had way too little RAM so ALL the textures had to be remade for the N64 version.

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pic related

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that's some good crack you are smoking

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In regards to that Ps1-N64 comparison, It's still nearly the same amount of texture going on just split into separate smaller images. It just made it easier to manage by mashing them into one page since my software isn't limited in that way. Also in Zelda 64 some of the character textures I've looked at are actually larger than my Samus model. Perhaps someone combined all of the character's textures into one to make it easier to work with on the Model Resource, But either way it's essentially the same.

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My next Model Is Ridley. I wanted to mash up the Super Metroid Box art design and the original Nes Metroid design. 490 verts and 400x400 tex.

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Here's a profile view. Sort of looks like the Ridley from SSBB. Took a few small creative liberties though.

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Honestly looks more psx than n64. Maybe simplify the textures?

Amazing work, nonetheless.

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that's frickin' great, but >>686410 yeah, it really does look more detailed than the N64 did. Maybe because the screenshots are at a higher resolution than the console displays? or maybe the textures themselves need to be compressed more? Do the texture file sizes match N64 typicals?

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Neat textures.
It's like you took the sprites and somehow wrapped it around the model. Looks pretty neat.
Do Kraid next.

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Thanks! I was trying to blend the styles a bit. Mother Brain is up next. Probably will get around to Kraid after though.

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Damn, really sick work so far. Would you mind posting more of your samus + wires? looks amazing

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