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This looks damn realistic. Even better than some CGI done today.

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Star Wars was miniature models and matte painting and fireworks, no cgi at all. The first Star Wars movie with some cgi was Empire Strikes back.

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What made it look so good was the Dykstraflex camera system.

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because are miniatures, not CGI, dumb nigger.

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Didn't the Lucas remakes use cgi.

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George lucas hire team A space odyssey.

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Hurr durr

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this was made recently by this Youtuber you retard.Read the comments.

They also used to make cartoon graphics back then that were supposed to look like CGI though, eg for TRON

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here you go fucking retard.

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How young are you jesus fucking christ

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Why are sgi machines so aesthetic? I miss the concept of bespoke hardware and the closest we will get these days is fpgas and shit like this

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there is a fucking reason for the only 'real' cgi in this movie being wireframe/vector graphics because there was absolutely nothing in 79 that could have made filled let alone textured polygon graphics within reasonable time

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A hilarious amount of it, people always make fun of the special editions for that very reason.

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