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any info on when this guy will be finally part of the permanent team?

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>lol what is perspective

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Retarded question from a beginner. Should I be doing my models in a specific size? I know you can just resize everything but what about the textures and shit? I don't think it would be good to have gigantic files for it.

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Whats the best way to light a scene? Are hdri's better than lamps?

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usually it's recommended to build them to real world scale, eg the size cars, humans or houses are in the real world. Obviously this is not possible with extremely small (virus) or extremely large (like galaxies) objects.

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File: 2.48 MB, 640x360, I ported the dirty vertex colors operator from vertex paint to sculpt mode. It was written in Python and now it is written in C as a mask filter. It i.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the last thing that he did was to fix the cavity mask operator now all the previews of the sculpt branch are for his parteons first and after a couple of days for everybody, he also upload builds there, wich is reasonable because you can pick that from graphicall too
"I ported the dirty vertex colors operator from vertex paint to sculpt mode. It was written in Python and now it is written in C as a mask filter. It is up to 90 times faster. You can use it to generate cavity masks and then apply colors or deformation with other filters"

he did a livestream a month ago with other Spaniards too, he is the first guy


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the last thing that he did was to fix the cavity mask operator now all the previews of the sculpt branch are for his parteons first and after a couple of days for everybody, he also upload builds there, wich is reasonable because you can pick that from graphicall too
"I ported the dirty vertex colors operator from vertex paint to sculpt mode. It was written in Python and now it is written in C as a mask filter. It is up to 90 times faster. You can use it to generate cavity masks and then apply colors or deformation with other filters"

he did a livestream a month ago with other Spaniards too, he is the first guy sculpting


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File: 2.48 MB, 640x360, I ported the dirty vertex colors operator from vertex paint to sculpt mode. It was written in Python and now it is written in C as a mask filter. It i.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the last thing that he did was to fix the cavity mask operator now all the previews of the sculpt branch are for his parteons first and after a couple of days for everybody, he also upload builds there, wich is reasonable because you can pick that from graphicall too
"I ported the dirty vertex colors operator from vertex paint to sculpt mode. It was written in Python and now it is written in C as a mask filter. It is up to 90 times faster. You can use it to generate cavity masks and then apply colors or deformation with other filters"

he did a livestream a month ago with other Spaniards too, he is the first guy sculpting


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a combination of both works well honestly

lights are great to design your shot and tell a story through your lighting, instead of relying on plug-and-play results... but I still use HDRIs for look-dev and as fill lights in my scenes

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>>685392 this
most renderers produce the most accurate and efficient results at real-world scale

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Technically speaking, lights are better than HDRIs as they are easier for the engines to resolve. But artistically, that's the same as asking what lighting works best for a set, a portrait, a still-life, etc.; you have to realize an artistic goal, and it's your job as the artist to come up with the right means for it. If you have absolutely no clue as to where to start, try reading some books about lighting in photography.

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>Technically speaking, lights are better than HDRIs as they are easier for the engines to resolve.
I depends on your render engine. Most pathtracing engines vastly prefer HDRIs to lights. Pathtracing works best - converges faster, is more accurate - with lot of big lights completely illuminating the scene, and many HDRIs are 360° lights. You can be an order of magnitude faster by using HDRIs instead of lightings in many occasions.

Lights, especially point-like lights, are a nightmare for pathtracing. Especially when the point-like light is in a recess or the scene isn't properly alight.

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I got so used to looking up, hearing and getting excited about new features that it kinda feels strange when there are longer stretches without a happening...

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Anyone know a good way to get this crossbar thing to connect to the body without making an entire loop for it?
I feel like a lot of my hard surface stuff ends up using a lot of extraneous loop cuts and makes shit super messy. I feel like I should be using the knife tool in certain places to isolate areas so the mesh isn't a mess of loops, but I've got no clue how I should be using it. If there's any good vids on that sort of thing it'd probably help.

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how do you export if a video has audio? if it doesn't im ok with the default (png) and then ffmpeg but what if there's audio?

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what's the 2.8 equivalent of mask as used in this tutorial?

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How do I made quad junctions in blender?

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In the encoding options there's a section about audio. Just pick a video file type, then pick a codec and bitrate.
For obvious reasons, you cant export image sequences with audio. Since they're individual images.

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Hello, blendlets. I have a question about rigging in Blender.
I'd like to make a rig similar to this video.


However, I'm not sure what this technique is called.

Does anyone have more information about this style of rigging? What is the technique called? Is there a term for it?

I apologize in advance for being a newb at Blender. I have the general basics of sculpting down, but I'd love to delve further into rigging specifically.

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it uses the skin wrap modifier and I suppose Transformation Constraint, it's on the https://cloud.blender.org/p/blender-fundamentals/


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just in case you couldn't understand this >>685512 you have to apply Transformation Constraint to the object and control it with the bone rotation, in that example he uses the object to control the bone

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TexTools got ported to 2.8. Time to party. https://blenderartists.org/t/textools-for-blender/700811/393

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I'm a completely new to Blender and I just wanted a quick 3d box with a png texture for my Unity game and I have watched 3 tutorials and sill don't know how to do it, my results are always different than on the video
why is something so simple as adding a texture so complicated

pls help

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Thanks anon! I'll check this out. Really appreciate it.

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nevermind, I have figured it out

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For 2,3 extrude, scale down, grid fill

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B a s e d

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hey so heres a blender waifubait thingy i made

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Nice start, now finish it.

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This. And don't cum on it this time.

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I am currently looking for a blender artist to help clean up and port models to the Unity engine for an H-Game. I am willing to setup payment, and offer other stuff: code, changes to the game you want, etc. As of now a huge chunk of the code is done and ready to go.

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This sounds like bullshit but I'm too retarded to know if it's true or not.

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It's real man.
Having everything modeled on real dimensions makes sure that everything is proportionally consistent.
It's not a hard-and-fast rule, but if you do use the proper scale and stuff, everything ties together nicely.
It also helps if you've got multiple assets in different files and shit. Say you modeled a car earlier using the proper scale, and you bring it into an environment that you've also modeled at a proper scale. The car will just work with the scene as soon as it's put in without any fucking around with scaling the car to look right.

To quote a true visionary...
"It just works."

You don't have to be super duper accurate and anal about every little measurement (often times just having a human model to compare against for scale works), but it's a good practice overall.

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>classic /3/

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How or where can I change the shortcut for the "Change Pivot Point" option? I can't find it in the Input preferences.
I'm using the pie menu addon btw.

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I just set it to the quick menu (Q). Specifically "Origin to 3d Cursor". It's been way quicker than a shortcut.
I think you can just right-click the menu item and set the shortcut there though if you want.

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I'm not sure how to phrase this, but how do i prevent selections on vertices/edges that are facing away from the view?

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fucking kek

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3dsmax dude here.
Reescaling actor characters is a fucking PAIN IN THE ASS: because how morph targets works, the reescaling make the morphs either extreme or inexistent, so you also have to reescale the morph target models and re-apply all morphs and re-make all controllers.
What is the best scale for a model/actor? Well, ask the FUCKING SOFTWARES YOU´RE WORKING WITH - Zbrush handles very large models completely wrong, even the largest brush scale appears tiny in those cases, and the normal scale (using Zbrush standard t-pose male model as a base) results in a biped with the size around 8 or 10 in 3dsmax (when standard scale is 100). Now, suppose you´ve exported from zbrush to 3dsmax and rigged the bastard. Now export it to Unity, to the standard starting scene (that one with the workbench): where the fuck is the model? Oh, it´s in the viewport alright... in a MICROSCOPIC SCALE.
Enlarge it 1000% to make it BARELY VISIBLE, and another 456% to fit in the scene.

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So I take it you have a ZBrush cowboy in your team?

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Why would you import a fucking rig inside zbrush.

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Why does blender still use legacy rendering techniques like the laughably outdated mist pass which doesn't even work with a glass shader because it's added in post, like unless you are designing ironic hipster vaporware graphics that are made to look like 90's 3d why the fuck would you even use this garbage?

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There aren't any better free options.

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Well, there's the volume scattering shader too that you can asign to a domain. I've just started playing with it but it seems to give much more realistic results.

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Zbrush mesh scale determines brush strength, dynamesh and zremesher too. You have to hit a sweet spot every fucking time to have a good zbrush experience.

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There's this button.

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I imported Travis Touchdown's Collada model to blender but for some reason when I zoom in shit disappears, like clipping into the model, is it something with Collada models or what?

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Check your object's scale and camera clipping settings in the "N" panel.

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Plenty of free options on CGPeers.

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>model gets worse the more work you put in it

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I'm not going to commit a felony just to make 3D in my spare time. Plus fuck Autodesk.

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Just because you're to retarded to actually see if there's other options doesn't mean that there isn't.
There's Z-buffers and other options as well.

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2019, I am forgotten

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>moralfagging usmutt goy


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why do this and waste time trying to clean up, when you could just extrude and resize then mirror all done.

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mist pass? no. that's not the only way to make mist im 80% certain.

you can do it with volumetric effects, its an old feature actually.

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Also where do i see the data of a single object? Because on the lower right I can only see the data of the whole collection.

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>unable to understand examples giving some hint of what you could do with a tool
That's why you won't get anywhere.

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Im usually a sad and unmotivated stoner but im almost done with my Donut and its kinda fun, i struggle sometimes cause i dont know how to control the camera and shortcuts like i want but its ok

Thanks /3/ ill show you my donut soon

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thhats fucking secksy

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This is a blue board.

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Hey, if that turns you on, it's entirely on you, mate.

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The expression is cool, but that elbow is broken.

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Uh yeah, that was the point of my whole post. Why do people still use it?

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Burn in hell degenerate

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because its faster. shader effects are really heavy

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Should've made the bulge look like Suzanne.

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So I imported a .fbx game model with the armature but the armature seems to be at the top , containing the mesh which is strange since it should be the opposite. Anyone know why, cause I can't even toggle xray.

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Thanks for pointing it out, i'm going to fix it.
Tbh i don't like furries but i like money.

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>Tbh i don't like furries but i like money.
Well and it shows.
For some reason every furry artwork made by artists who solely do it for the money make them with expressions that kinda tell it right away. Can't point it out exactly but yeah, technically ok, lighting is kinda shit and no soul in it whatsoever.

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Anyone know how to set up a collar bone rig like the one shown in the second gif here: https://blender dot stackexchange.com/questions/41539/shoulder-deformations

I can do it in a really simple fahion with copy rotation constraints, but I was looking for the gradual increase in motion as the upper arm is raised.

Unfortunately the model that's linked in the comments doesn't help. Any other sample rigs for this out there?

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How2blue circle things?

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simple constraints, different types of constraints, those are just rotation constraints, and they need to be in their respected hierarchy if they are to follow the movements of objects higher in the hierarch.

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>every furry artwork made by artists who solely do it for the money make them with expressions that kinda tell it right away

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Faster to render, quicker to set up to get a result instead of fiddling around with camera settings and shit, don't have to worry about scene scale and volumetric shit.
I'll use mist pass just use as a quick depth render to use in post for atmosphere. Just to get things looking right, then when I'm happy I'll use volumetrics and other effects.
It's about giving people options to use whatever they need to solve whatever problem they have. There's other uses for mist passes than just mist.

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Yeah, Tbh i think that i need to improve the lighting too.

I feel that i was ambiguous in my last affirmation, i don't dislike Furries (The people), its just not my thing.

As for the soul, i'll call a spiritualist to see what we can do about it.

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Finally some good fucking yiff model.

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That`s really good anon, could you please show me the weight paint on these bones?

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I forgot the picture

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>i don't dislike Furries (The people)
It's okay to dislike most the community.
They have a lot of awesome artists but oh boy you better stay the fuck away from the community. There are tons of people who're literally in only for the art/porn.

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>There are tons of people who're literally in only for the art/porn.
How is that bad?

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So I looked up the base artwork for OP, and, I must say, I'm quite disappointed in the way it was translated to 3D. It got all blobby and with inaccurate proportions. Yet the comment section on FartStation is full of jerking off from Blender users.

I don't think we deserve this. We ought to be more critical with what we create. Otherwise, no one will ever take Blender seriously, and we need that of we are to some day take the place of Autodesk.

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artstation sucks in general, blender is a good tool with 2.8 since its actually intuitive now (3dsmax fag here, no more license fees thanks to this update), blenderfags who dont just use the tool within an actual development pipeline will always jerk it over corn syrup shit made with it

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I wish I could model better. I'm sick of posing pre-made stuff.

Can anyone recommend a good free tutorial for making photorealistic human characters? I know there's a lot out there, and that's part of the problem. I don't need a million different ones, just one good one.

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This Udemy tutorial was posted here some time ago. I think it nails what you're looking for.

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>this kills the man

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how do I make this scene better ?
the thing should be a robt with head blown off.
Im too tired to set up texturepainting or any textures with normals, or more than 1 texture at all

>> No.686008

That terrain's got that stock Windows 95 pattern wallpaper vibe going on my dude.

>> No.686009

Overlay a scaled up terrain texture onto your terrain material.

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Ground and textures are flatter than the lies us gov peddled during Vietnam war

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All "normal" art communities highly encourage asslicking and criticizing is frowned upon, especially since that particular place became kinda the modern business card to show around for artists. In some communities even really good constructive critique gets replies like "oh so you have to be THAT guy..." or "there goes the good mood" by the group of fans flocking around the account.
So far I only get good replies when I explicitly fucking ask for them. /3/ used to be good in that regard since replies were usually harsh but often actually fair and to the point and they actually helped. Couple years back it was like a 1/3 shitposts, now it's like 3/4 and more with those brain amputated software faggotry thrown in so I don't know what even the use of /3/ is at this point despite all those ledditfags coming here, saying the place is to shitpost or for those who got banned over there.

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this question is corelated with Unity

is it possible to create a random animation? not just a "recorded" animation that was randomized that is the same every time
but one that is different always
say I have a tree and I want the leaves or whatever to move slightly but the movement to be random
I know I can use c# scripts in Unity to randomize transformation/scaling but this is too basic
say the tree is more complex and I wanna add bones into it, now I can't do this in Unity
so it would have to be an animation that I do in Blender and then export to Unity
is this even possible?

>> No.686055

Just load a couple of shapekeys and mix them

>> No.686056


Cant believe these fuckers are millionaries.

>> No.686058

They do make good money, but not like it may seem from the number of enrolled students.
Almost all of these tutors give away 100% discounts to other teachers on their FB group so they can give feedback to each other, and those codes get leaked on forums where thousands of people sign up for free.
And that's not counting when they do actually release promo codes themselves.
I wouldn't be surprised if more than 75% of the students of the average course got in for free.
Then consider all the discount codes that get passed around (most of which last much longer than the free codes), and all the promotions that Udemy does where courses get as much as 85% or even 95% discounts (if you want Udemy to promote your course you have to agree to this, because if you don't your video will be much harder to find).
So of even the students who paid (already a mall amount), almost all of them didn't pay the full price.
Then take Udemy's cut (which IIRC is 0% on discounted purchases) and taxes out of the equation, and you're left with much less than what it looks like from the outside.

t. guy who used to add these courses for fun a few years ago (my account has more than 10k courses, most of which non-free, and I never paid anything except time), so my info might be a bit outdated, but I don't think it's changed much.

>> No.686123

I've got a shitty laptop and as soon as I open the Materials tab with Eevee, Blender crashes.
Did anyone have the same problem and managed to solve it?

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I'm trying to make a ring split into 4 interlocking quadrants to later 3d print and assemble. I cant figure out how make dovetail like sections that will print correctly.

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>mfw one fucking hour of my life wasted trying to fix all the common problems as to why blender 2.8 refuses to automate the weights to my model and it still won't work

>> No.686164


The only problem ive ever ran into was when my model was not one connected piece. Tried that?

either way, i'd really suggest just manually painting that shit. sure its slower but youre wrestling with the software less. also its relaxing lol

>> No.686168

>one fucking hour of my life wasted
Oh that's cute.
If you aim to further go the graphics design route, be prepared to waste a fuckton.
For example my whole team wasted almost a whole week on some shit our boss thought would be THE IDEA despite us telling him it won't fucking work. In the end, oh surprise, it was total shit, didn't have the impact he thought it would have and we were back to zero while he didn't (of course) admit he was wrong from the start.

>> No.686172

Still got paid though (I hope).

>> No.686174

Yeah, but the pay isn't as good as it used to be and is actually quite shit now

>> No.686176

This is very realistic. Looks like those victims of third degree burns.

>> No.686185

...only thing is, the victims are the enrolled.

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File: 1.86 MB, 1200x900, Picture7772.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Yeah, its finished.

>> No.686221

Fantastic work anon. Are you gonna do more lewds of her?

>> No.686223

Thanks! Yuep i will.

>> No.686225

>It's a cow
>Her tits are medium sized
Come on now

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Not sure about the cheek, though. Looks sucked in.

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File: 3 KB, 372x42, sucked.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still rigging her face. For now i'm using shape keys

>> No.686235

donuts and anvils
my sides

>> No.686242

That kind of autism is only needed in Maya, autocuck.
In Blender you jsut make a bone and give it a "custom shape".

>> No.686259

Alright, I'm dumb and new to this, help pls
I've modeled a little brick and put two arrays on it, each with its own empty so i can multiply the brick upwards and then around a cylinder (as to make a brick tower thingy)

Question is: how can I animate the array modifier? More specifically the count property, I wanted to have a video of the bricks appearing around the tower

>> No.686268

Just like animate it?
Hover over the count number and press I?

>> No.686271

Anon can I ask how you learned to sculpt in Blender?

>> No.686272

Sometimes I wonder how the fuck my body manages to breathe without help
Literally a button

>> No.686273

I learned by trial and error, studying anatomy and by learning what blender sculpting tools do.

Watch videos of other people sculpting in blender, Keep attention to their style and techniques, basically their approach.

>> No.686275

Can I ask what vids you watched? Links appreciated.

>> No.686276

Somehow responded to the wrong post. Yeah, what vids? Can we get links. I'm looking to learn sculpting.

>> No.686280

YanSculpts is a really nice channel to learn the essential stuff. He uses blender for everything.


I learned a lot with these too

>> No.686281

Not him, but a book that has helped me a lot is Classic Human Anatomy: The Artist's Guide to Form, Function and Movement. Also like >>686280 said, YanSculpts is nice.

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I don't know what to google. So how exactly do you make a background with multiple colors and lights like pic related?

>> No.686318

Blender brainrot

>> No.686320

Talk dirty to me daddy

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>> No.686343

God I'm such a fucking dumbass. Thanks a lot m8!

>> No.686351

2.8 Release Candidate coming in three weeks:
>We will aim for a 2.80 release candidate around July 11, 3 weeks from now. After the release candidate only important bug fixes would go in, with every commit carefully checked. This will also give us the opportunity to test making the release build with all platform maintainers.
>No new features now that we are getting close to the release. About 90 bugs were fixed last week.


>> No.686353

Am I the only one who keeps getting crashes when opening the material tab on Eevee?
If I try sculpting something and render it without touching the materials, it works perfectly, but for some reason merely opening that tab makes it crash.

Everyone who had this problem on the forum got told "this has been fixed in the latest version" and responded "oh yeah, the latest one fixed it thanks", but I'm still getting it.

>> No.686370

whats your rig lad

>> No.686371

This one: >>683162
I know it's very shitty, but I've checked (hardware, drivers, and OpenGL) and should be compatible.
It even works well, as long as I don't touch the materials, so I thought it's probably not a compatibility issue.
Cycles and Workbench work perfectly as well, with no issue whatsoever.

>> No.686381

Please link me, you are great

>> No.686386

Thanks! twitter handle in the pic

>> No.686391

Well i'm quite sure u are having ram related problems.
Your video card has 1gb and you only have 4gb of ram.
You should get more memory and use the intel graphics card to render.

>> No.686393

But it works fine with Cycles, and also renders fine with Eevee.
Is the materials tab alone too much for my ram?

>> No.686427

Followed you, can't wait to see what's next man!

>> No.686456
File: 2.27 MB, 640x360, Im working on one of the most requested features for sculpt mode the mask extract operator b3d.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sculpt Branch:
He is working on one of the most requested features for sculpt mode: the mask extract operator

>> No.686459

>figuring out how to do armpits and pelvis

>> No.686460

FUCK, that guy is a madman

>> No.686461

Is there a topology move brush yet?

>> No.686462
File: 310 KB, 1758x451, tf2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How would one do the closest recreation to TF2/Source general shaders as possible in node editor? There was a blend file on polycount a while back but the dropbox link is dead. In addition how do you do just a half-lambert?

>> No.686464

yes, he did one, it's on the previous threads

>> No.686493
File: 8 KB, 636x773, bc3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blender bad Maya good

>> No.686499
File: 513 KB, 1040x555, donut.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I'm doing the donut tutorial, how do I fix this clipping with the particles? I'm fiddling around with things but I don't find a solution.

>> No.686506

By the heavens, my dick is so hard

>> No.686507

Do any of you fags use a tablet? Is changing the mouse buttons in user preferences the only thing needed to configure it?

>> No.686517

I'm sorry, but Blender is not "special" software anymore.

>> No.686528

is it possible to link multiple instances of the same character rig (collection?) from the same file in 2.8?

>> No.686529

FROM the same file or TO the same file?
If you are linking the same rig to different files, yes, that's not a problem.

If you want to link multiple instances of a rig to the SAME file, it gets a bit tricky:

Linking the same rig in the same scene, no, that is what the new proxy system will be for coming in a later release.

Linking the same rig in a different scene, maybe. It is supposed to work but wasn't a while back. It may have been fixed by now.

>> No.686536

from the same file to the same scene in another file, yeah
i'll just use a different file for each character like in 2.7

>> No.686581
File: 211 KB, 956x1280, 1509824542997.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>let's not include any of the massive improvements from Pablo's sculpting branch
>let's not allow Ludo to add in the texturing features from ArmorPaint
2.8 was such a disappointment. The viewport improvements are great, but literally everything else is just worse, clunkier and slower.
Hell, why do we still have to flag animation data for it not to be automatically deleted (even if the file is saved)? Why hasn't outline offset been added as a basic part of the tools yet (need addon for it, which has been availabel online for free since 2.6)? Why do constrained objects still not update automatically if you abort a transform action? Why have so many hotkeys been removed, with no new alternative? Why does Ctrl+Z suddenly delete ALL animation adjustments you've done since last keyframe insert???
Beyond Eevee and general viewport features, I don't see any reason to use 2.8 over 2.7. Especially since most addons aren't even supported yet (and many never will be).

>> No.686590

>BlEnDeR iS sTiLL ShIT
Good try, Autocuck.

>> No.686591

>>let's not include any of the massive improvements from Pablo's sculpting branch
Do you have any idea about how a software release cycle works?

>>let's not allow Ludo to add in the texturing features from ArmorPaint
There's probably a good reason for this, like keeping a high quality codebase instead of merging everything and anything as soon as it's available to the point where the code becomes such a mess making any progress becomes impossible.

>> No.686594

What's good resources for sculpting in blender 2.8 ?

I've been searching but i can't find a lot

>> No.686596
File: 2.44 MB, 1920x1080, Render White Light.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone tried to make photogrammetry models from YouTube videos? Pic related was the result I got from meshroom. This is lit using white (FFFFFF) lighting. Looks reasonably good, but would be awful close up. Even from a distance, the video compression is semi visible. However, I think something like this could be useful for distant scenery, if you were to "unlight" the diffuse texture, as you can clearly see the sunlight from where it was taken from.

>> No.686597
File: 2.60 MB, 1920x1080, Render With HDRI.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With the right HDRI image and sun lamp color, however, it looks reasonably good, even if the lighting isn't totally accurate. If you could make the jagged edges at the end straight (I tried cutting them with a boolean, which worked well), and mirror two on their X-axis, you could link up as many as you want, and use a spline (or bones) to bend and scale them to create visual variety. I didn't do that in pic related, but they still look pretty good when used in creative ways. Once the camera starts to move, though, you can see the seams, hence why I said what I did above about linking them together.

>> No.686599

I'm actually a Blenderfag who absolutely detests Maya. Although I'm annoyed that the focus for the 2.8 development has been pretty dumb, Blender is far, far better than the zombie wreck that Maya is.
The damned thing is so slow and clunky that it should be illegal to demand money for it at all, especially when it crashes all the time and even corrupts saved files.

My point is that they should have focused on sculpting tools and texturing - stuff people actually want to see improved in Blender. Instead of raping the UI and removing hotkey functionality, forcing a new and objectively slower control scheme, etc.

>> No.686601

That's pretty good. I think the ideal would be to use footage filmed during an overcast day. What kind of video did you use? Drone footage?

>stuff people actually want to see improved in Blender
A lot of people have a lot of different needs. I personally don't care at all about sculpting, for example. Also you can use the 2.7x shortcuts preset if you want. Not to mention how easy it is to assign custom shortcuts now. I agree that the new scheme is less than ideal but the benefits of the new UI outweigh the negatives in my opinion.

>> No.686603

>Why have so many hotkeys been removed, with no new alternative?

It's because they wanted to free up hotkeys for addon developers. Which is retarded because then addon developers will just create conflicts with eachother's addons.

>> No.686604

>A lot of people have a lot of different needs
Yes, and literally no needs were catered to for 2.8 apart from the need for a better live viewport.

>Also you can use the 2.7x shortcuts preset if you want.
That's guaranteed to just be a temporary thing, and it doesn't fix a lot of retarded changes. A lot fo hotkeys are simply gone (try Ctrl+T to add a constraint, for example), and some have been swapped for retarded circle menues (try Shift+S) which just makes everything slower.

>the benefits of the new UI
What are those? I've literally only seen changes which have made the UI worse.

Then why have they taken typical addon hotkeys, such as Q?

>> No.686605

>Then why have they taken typical addon hotkeys, such as Q?

In this case q is the logical choice for the new quick favorites menu. I'm sure they've freed up more hotkeys than they've added. I know I keep running into missing hotkeys and that aggravates the shit out of me.

>> No.686609
File: 1.94 MB, 215x214, 1559816171836.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do you actually use background images? i just ended up covering the whole with my mesh.

>> No.686611

>2.8 was such a disappointment.
They have completely rewritten tons of stuff and it is not even officially out yet.
2.80 first has to come back to the feature amount and stability of 2.79 and THEN you can expect more and more features to pour in. To be honest, it's actually impressive how much new shit 2.80 has already.

Also, calm your fucking tits. 2.81 will come out like 3 to 4 months later and there are many features that almost made it into 2.80 which means a lot of new stuff in October/November.

>> No.686612

>That's pretty good. I think the ideal would be to use footage filmed during an overcast day.
Thanks! And I agree. Overcast, midday footage would take out (most of) the shadows, and give a result with lighting closer to FFFFFF white. I've found a few videos with such shots, so I'll give those a try next.

>What kind of video did you use? Drone footage?
Yes. I've found that the portion of the model with the most detail tends to be the place where the drone is closest to at the start of the footage. The unfortunate thing is that horizontal surfaces can have heavily distorted textures and geometry due to perspective, as the drone rarely just points the camera straight down towards the ground, which is why I chose to delete everything except the vertical surfaces. Using a vertex group and a shrink wrap modifier, however, it is possible to "patch" terrain onto the top of the cliff, although I've found it difficult to make the textures applied to that not look totally out of place with the rockface (the lighting doesn't help). It's all a very interesting process. These two channels tend to have good drone footage in very high resolutions:



One of them watermarks the lower left-hand side of the video, so you'll have to crop out the bottom 15% of your screenshots. The iridium plug-in firefox plugin for YouTube makes taking the screenshots ultra fast. If you open all your screenshots in GIMP (File open as layers), you can crop the images to a selection, export them as .ora, and then extract them with 7zip, or another archiving tool. I've found this to be the fastest way to export dozens of .pngs at once from GIMP.

>> No.686613

>They have completely rewritten tons of stuff and it is not even officially out yet
I'm not disappointed in the work that's been put into it nor how the development is progressing according to the stated goals.
I'm disappointed that their goals are retarded and useless. 90% of it is just UI bulshittery pandering to Mayafags, making the experience slower for everyone.

>> No.686615
File: 13 KB, 309x351, 14437859348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>90% of it is just UI bulshittery pandering to Mayafags

The thing is, Blender has always been "too hard" for most and that meme was so persistent that at some point they got sick of it and started making things easier for beginners to join.
>making the experience slower for everyone.
Complete bullshit because they put lots of effort in keeping the tradition of Blender being hotkey-heavy for users who want to keep working that way. Fuck, you can even hide most of the new spoonfeeding icons and shit and make it really fucking neckbeardy if you desire. Literally a couple clicks and saving your settings.
If you don't know this you might be not as much of a Blenderfag as you claim you are.

>> No.686617

Are you implying the new standard control scheme isn't very much slower than the 2.7 standard?
Because then you're either very inexperienced or just plain stupid. Even if you revert to the 2.7 control mode in 2.8, a lot of shit has been fucked over and made slower.

>> No.686618

>a lot of shit has been fucked over and made slower.
Oh yeah, then tell me.
Tell me what has been fucked over that can't be set to your needs in like one fucking minute.

>> No.686619

>Oh yeah, then tell me.
I already gave you examples. Also, if you haven't noticed anything on your own I don't see any point in discussing with you, since you clearly don't use the program much.

>Tell me what has been fucked over that can't be set to your needs in like one fucking minute.
The fucking forced radial menu, for example?
Undo undoing ALL steps done in pose mode?
Having to double-tap A to deselect everything?
There are huge amounts of small annoyances added in 2.8 that are unfixable unless you reprogram them yourself.
And none of the old bugs have been fixed.

>> No.686622
File: 190 KB, 500x494, 145868787857.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The fucking forced radial menu, for example?
Can be disabled? (but why the fuck would you disable an actual improvement)
>Undo undoing ALL steps done in pose mode?
Undo is completely fucked, I give you that but they also say they're working on it
>Having to double-tap A to deselect everything?
ALT+A, wow that is hard, especially since ALT was used for a lot of undoing shit before
>There are huge amounts of small annoyances added in 2.8
May I remind you that you're fucking using a Beta version? Making shit available so early was clearly a mistake.
>And none of the old bugs have been fixed.
Congrats, now you went full retard.

>> No.686628


double tap a to deselect was def irritating only thing I simply had to modify so I changed it to toggle in keymapping. Alt+A also deselects all by default, btw.

>> No.686629

>Can be disabled?
No, it can not. Try turning it off and then hit Shift+S, for example.

>but why the fuck would you disable an actual improvement
Fuck off, slowfag.

>Undo is completely fucked, I give you that but they also say they're working on it
Alright, that's nice to hear.

>ALT+A, wow that is hard, especially since ALT was used for a lot of undoing shit before
That's objectively a slower way to do it than simply pressing A. Like I said, it's small things, but there's A LOT of these small changes, which make it a slower experience overall.

>May I remind you that you're fucking using a Beta version?
Again, I'm complaining about the general direction, not the state of the program in terms of stability. Stop trying to make the discussion about something else.

>Congrats, now you went full retard
None of the old bugs have been fixed, no. They've just made a bunch of new ones (and they fix most of those pretty swiftly, but the old ones remain).

>so I changed it to toggle in keymapping
That's a good idea. I thought it was just permamently fucked. Thanks for the tip.

>> No.686631

where to find 2hu models for blendr

>> No.686635

>The thing is, Blender has always been "too hard" for most
Oh yea? Then how do you explain the deluge of crappy work that's been coming into the net since Blender became popular? Do you think that would be the work of brilliant minds?

>> No.686636

Not him, but blender beign hard would explain that, simply because all that work would've been of higher quality if those people used a less difficult program, regardless of the talent or intelligence of the artists.

>> No.686637
File: 96 KB, 382x200, PSUd6IzF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sculpt Branch Status Report
Post about the new main features that were added to the sculpt-mode-features branch in the last 3 months, as well as my opinion on how to merge these features into master.

>> No.686638

Blender pre-2.8 wasn't hard, it just had a chaotic, disorganized UI.

>> No.686639

Is it any different o 2.8?
Serious question.

>> No.686640

after my frustration with blender 2.8, Im starting to realize a lot of the changes make more sense and will eventually end up taking less time to make stuff than 2.7. Its still too foreign for me to switch over 100% but I'll use it for the occasional render heavy project here and there.

>> No.686642

>Blender pre-2.8 wasn't hard, it just had a chaotic, disorganized UI.
"wah wah blender is too hard" is literally just what all the people kept screaming for years.
you explained it well but again, it's what all just kept memeing.

2.80 is a huge step towards muh "industry standard" workflows, so people coming from other software have it a lot easier and on top of it there's a ton of spoonfeeding going on with descriptive icons, new buttons and there have never been this much easily accessible tutorials for blender around.

>> No.686643
File: 36 KB, 1024x516, brush-falloff-1024x516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The standard settings for sculpting were always completely SHIT.
Sculptris for example was absolutely PERFECT out of the box, never understood why they never at least got up to that quality.

>> No.686659

>Im starting to realize a lot of the changes make more sense and will eventually end up taking less time to make stuff than 2.7
That's objectively not true. Every single UI change in 2.8 makes a little bit slower than 2.7 - All together that makes 2.8 a significantly slower workspace than 2.7.

>> No.686666

Where the heck can you get the Sculpt Branch now, anyway?
Can't seem to find any download links

>> No.686670

This is from 2 days ago, I think he hasn't submitted the extract mask, not sure

>> No.686672

Is there a document or hotkey list for some of those features? I cant figure out how to do that cool growing mask.

>> No.686678


>> No.686711

I want my left side tool panel back.

>> No.686714
File: 134 KB, 640x359, transpose.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any idea when Blender is getting any kind of transpose tool? Trying to move any kind of complex mesh that has been sculpted on is a fucking pain in the ass.

>> No.686719
File: 1.36 MB, 332x350, horse_opinion.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>left side panel is now on the right side

>> No.686727

The sculpt branch has a new rotate tool >>686670

>> No.686728
File: 198 KB, 1101x892, 2260bda5f9d5c371be6d0daf5eae883721955cc7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You have to map the operators

>> No.686739

Alright got it working, thanks!

>> No.686745

Modeling Cloth Clothing Tutorial


>> No.686749

That's cool. Last time I tried Modeling Cloth (in 2.7) it was completely useless for actually making clothes, because the collisions were barely functional.

>> No.686751

>suzanne pattern shirt

>> No.686768

I think she should have more vibrant colors.

>> No.686799

Is cycles GPU acceleration disabled in the new 2.8 builds? I get "No compatible GPU's found for path tracing". I'm using a radeon

>> No.686802
File: 70 KB, 1280x720, 1452702051600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any idea how to make removed tights like pic related? Wish I had the exact files for it or knew it's filepath, much less a better look.

>> No.686806

If it worked previously you should probably bug report it.

>> No.686809

It doesn't' seem to be posted yet but he posted a blogpost on all the features and theres some planned features too. One being a topology remesh mode.

The code status report was already posted but this should make more sense to anyone who wasn't following this closely.

>> No.686816
File: 84 KB, 474x694, 1559486223147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im using array and circle modifier to create treads for my tractor but the wrong side ends up on the inner side of the curve. how do i fix this?

>> No.686834

Crevices were like black holes last time i tested, i hope its better now.

>> No.686845
File: 460 KB, 531x466, gaps.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im trying to test out some PBR metalness but I keep getting reflections in the dark areas. I read that in PBR metalness workflow the reflections come from the base color/albedo (which has the gaps pure black) so why is this still happening?

>> No.686846
File: 172 KB, 471x331, laffin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That whole situation is hilarious as fuck

>community keeps whining about sculpt mode being shit for years
>at some point parts of the community finally come together to brainstorm how to improve things
>a lot of talking takes place
>maybe this, maybe that, maybe summer of code, maybe code quest 2019
>meanwhile some spanish pokemon comes along who suddenly just starts cranking out fucking stunning program improvements after another, single-handedly catapulting blender sculpt mode years forward, finally into the modern era
>only because it was insufficient for the work he wants to do for his portfolio and releases the programming efforts to the public/implementation into the blender master

They'd be quite dumb to not take that gem of a programmer in.

>> No.686847

>They'd be quite dumb to not take that gem of a programmer in.
They should but I think that not gonna happen, He says that they could merge all now but what blender needs is a new data structure from scratch designed for the sculpt/vertext paint mode, he said "This is not an easy task, and it will probably take several versions to get this ready for master before any of the tools can be ported. You can think of this process like going from the pbr-viewport branch to the draw manager and EEVEE. In the meantime, the current sculpt-mode-features branch could be supported as well, as some tools it has are crucial for some people’s workflow." and I don't know if that's a priority now.

>> No.686857

Black albedo + non-white metalness gives you that. Basically you modeled metal, and those reflections are correct behavior.

>> No.686892


So Im understanding and testing, if I had pure black albedo that was masked (is metal - white area) id get no reflections.
With that in mind so for non-metals (dielectric) what would be the proper way to get rid of reflections since I read its fixed reflectivity? Do people use AO to cover that or something else? I tried messing with roughness but the reflections are still there just more or less blurry.

>> No.686902

If you just want it to be a non-intrusive black material, I just set it to a really rough dark dielectric material.
As for getting rid of reflections, play around with the specular slider in the Principled shader. Just drop it to a lower value until you get the look you need.

>> No.686908
File: 3 KB, 250x244, missing filename.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Despite the fact that it still grabs points within a radius rather than connected faces like Zbrush's move topological brush which makes trying to edit anything in tight spaces a pain in the balls.


>> No.686911
File: 583 KB, 1280x720, Blender 2019.06.22 - [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

B but he did

>> No.686912


Thanks, that seems to work decently.

One last question, how are you supposed to properly mix an AO image to the Principled shader? I read in a few places to "Just multiply with albedo then stick that result into the color slot in the principled" however that doesn't quite seem right since the effect isn't really that noticable/doesn't do much for darkening reflections.

On sketchfab I see models that have a separate AO map and is that blended differently?

>> No.686913
File: 20 KB, 112x112, 1548680175928.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That man is a total BEAST

>> No.686920

There a good nude Tracer model out there? I don't care for the game but she's cute and I'd like to use her.

>> No.686921

>not 3d
It's still good. So 6/10.

>> No.686922

There one here? https://smutba.se/

Not bothering to check myself.

>> No.686924

Nope, just a bunch of random shit and basic rips from the game. Judging by the porn I've seen floating around, it looks like each creator has their own model and no sharing is taking place, which seems typical of the animated porn community.

>> No.686928
File: 43 KB, 1302x901, 4B9cTr2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been spending the last 3 days practicing sculpting in blender, and finally made a head just now i don't think looks horrible!

What do ya'll think? (i know ears are wrong, but i couldn't be assed to look at references, it's too late)

>> No.686930


Looks like you've gotten pretty comfortable with the tools (maybe a little crazy w/ the pinch) but your proportions are almost all wrong.

Especially the placement of the ears, the lips not wrapping around to the side, the non-existent jaw, a brow that disappears into nothing but forehead, no orbital socket to speak of, etc. etc.

I'm sure some ascerbic asshole will come along and offer brutally destructive criticism (I guess you kinda expect that) but I have a couple of facial anatomy shorthand tips I use and they're pretty easy to remember:

Tops of ears align just above the eye line (and the recess of the nasal bridge aligns with the ears) and the bottom of the ear aligns with the bottom of the septum (that skin between the nasal wings)

The width of the nose is almost always the distance between the eyes.

The center of the eye almost always aligns with the corner of the lips.

The jaw always terminates before reaching the ear.

Minor deviations add character, major deviations set off alarms in our brains. Unfortunately, your face has too much character. A little more practice and you'll have it.

>> No.686931

Thanks anon, noted

>> No.686942

Unless you're using Eevee, you don't really need an AO map.
That being said if you have to have one, the general practice is to do what you said. Take the AO and multiply it with the base color. If you need it to be more pronounced, just use a higher value. No one is making you use only a 0-1.0 value.
Reflections won't darken because they're reflections. It's light that's bouncing back, of course it won't darken just because the color is darker. Something that's black but reflective will still have bright highlights, dielectrics anyway. IF you need the AO areas to have less of a pronounced HL, maybe try mixing them in with the specular or roughness.

>> No.686983
File: 332 KB, 1474x1278, face.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't worry, you're getting there. But even if this is your first head, it still could use a lot of work.

Take a few days off, relax, work on something else, forget all about this. Then when you're ready, get back to work with a refreshed perspective. You will catch a lot of mistakes you hadn't seen before, try not to get overwhelmed by all of them because this is the hardest part, to not get discouraged, and to keep pushing forward. Just focus on one piece at a time, think about the elements as individual components: eyes, forehead, mouth, nose, cheeks, jaw, etc. Get a lot of reference, think not in the anatomy, but in the shapes that get made, where light hits the face, where it gets occluded by shadows, how they fold and combine with one another. Compare with reference, frontal faces, side faces, from up and down and every weird angle you can get your hands on, from drawing tutorials, and yes, also from anatomy pictures. No one can just come up and model an original face only from memory. Chip at it, little by little.

I know someone already listed all the defects your model has, but I don't think that's the way to learn, I wouldn't pay much attention to it. You need to realize your mistakes by yourself, you need to be your biggest critic.

>> No.686985

Thanks man. I ain't discouraged, i expected to have a lot of problems. It's all a learning process! I'm looking for references more for my next sculpts

>> No.686986
File: 87 KB, 735x671, 1510305430177.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy fucking shit why is modeling so difficult? I don't even know where to start.

>> No.686987
File: 427 KB, 1000x1000, Tex.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any ideas on how to emulate this texture procedurally using a node setup?
I know I could just use a noise texture, but I really want that brush stroke look.

>> No.686992

make low poly assets for rpg games

>> No.686993

Well how much do you already know? Do you know the difference between hardsurface and organic? Lowpoly, midpoly and highpoly?

>> No.686994

Gingerbread tutorial.
It's not complicated, just need to take it in steps. model simple things first like a coffee cups. Eventually you get a feel for it.

>> No.686997

>I don't even know where to start.
Blender Fundamentals
from there low poly arquitecture would be the way to go
if you want to do characters do this
it's for 3ds max but you can port all to blender easy

>> No.686999
File: 42 KB, 1150x832, D9suoX4XUAAtQRC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Me again.
Spend tonight sculpting a more toony character i had sketched out

>> No.687001

wait, I've seen that bun somewhere

>> No.687006

Blender keeps fucking crashing when messing with materials. If I connect nodes it can sometimes cause a CTD for no apparent reason. Only started happening after updating to the latest experimental build. Anyone else having this problem? I mean I can't assign a fucking texture without the program crashing, the fuck is this shit

>> No.687007
File: 45 KB, 417x417, MDak2Un.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made it off of this sketch i drew.
But you're probably reminded of a bunny from Spyro.

Some people have said it looked like it, i haven't played the game yet

>> No.687008

>Blender keeps fucking crashing
>Only started happening after updating to the latest experimental build.

But yeah, try another version. Bleeding edge builds are always hit and miss.

>> No.687010

Kinda: >>686353

>> No.687074

Is there a way to add an operation from the search menu into the quick/q menu ?

>> No.687084

You gotta find out where they are originally unfortunately

>> No.687103

How 'Important' is sculpting in creating organic/living models?

>> No.687105

very, very important

>> No.687106

I mean, it's meat and potatoes

>> No.687109

It's just a method for achieving a result. You need to give more context to your question: Are you asking if you should learn to sculpt as part of assembling a skillset for a job working at a studio?
Depends on the studio, depends on if you're a generalist or a specialist

Should you learn it in general because you should probably be a little familiar with some of everything, even if that doesn't become your concentration?

Is that the best way to achieve organic things? The best way is the one you're the best at.
Before sculpting, people used subdiv modeling, lofting and splines

>> No.687114

Shut the fuck up

Yes, if you wanna create organic models worth a damn, you need to learn sculpting even though it looks difficult. Start learning today

>> No.687161


>> No.687189

normally you wouldn't use the grab brush to do that operation.

>> No.687191

It's a demonstration, moron.

>> No.687198

What would you guys recommend as a starting point if I want to use
blender to optimize and animate game characters?
For example, optimize daz3d assets and animate them for use in Unity.
My idea was start with this and eventually learn how to model characters by myself, but I've
found a terrible lack of tutorials in the subject, any advice on how to get in it?
I'm a complete beginner, and I'd like to focus on learning how to animate before tackling on modelling/sculpting.

>> No.687199

also should I use 2.8 to get a solid base or 2.7?
Are there any substantial differences between them for my goals?

>> No.687200

Figure it out

>> No.687202

I'm too scared to learn Blender. I only want to animate anyways

>> No.687203

Learn Maya, then. It's the queen of animation.

>> No.687204


This >>687202 isn't me.
Like I said, I'm not scared of blender and I don't want to animate only,
I just want to start with that and get into modelling eventually, but since it's
for a game I'd rather start with just the animation part while I can use other
tools for the character creation part, for example, what I'm currently doing is simplifying the materials of the models.
And I'd rather not pirate maya (don't want to pay 1k per year for it either) so I thought blender would be the best thing for that.

>> No.687218

Sculpt Branch:
New data structure from scratch will be the way to go for the Sculpt
Trim and insert mesh will be the next things in the sculpt branch. Node brushes after the new data structure.
Native retopo is needed, he want to work on that after the sculpt branch.
Texture paint need a total rework.
He want to work also in the cloth simulator and do a mini Marvelous Designer
Video in Spanish:

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