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How long can you step away from the 3d game before your skillz slip? Can you ever lose your skillz?

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Nigga if I don't go back into zbrush every couple of weeks I forget how that shit works.

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zbrush is retarded soft for retards

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Some never had it

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I dropped zturd when I realized I'm forgetting shit almost as fast as I'm learning it. 3DCoat may be less powerful but it doesn't shorten my lifespan.

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I left 3d for 2 years and went back recently if anything I got better, It gave me a fresh perspective. You have to take breaks now and again or you will keep hitting a brick wall.

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2 months, after that I forget some tricks

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It's different for every person and there's a fuckton of variables. How frequently, over what time period you learnt, the intensity, how good your long time memory is, what you do while being away, feelings and associations have large impacts on memory, daily habits, the list goes on.

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Your skills on any topic start slipping the moment you stop doing that thing anon.
But the neurological pathways that form in your brain are actual physical structures and they'll largely gonna remain there for the rest of your life
however the way they interconnect will be diffused and more dormant if you don't use them so they'll not be as readily available to you as if you where an active practitioner.

Once you've learnt something you've since forgotten and set out to rediscover it, the time it'll take you to re-familiarize and catch up to where you 'where at'
before walking away will be shorter the more you had mastered that topic to begin with.

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One of the only good things I have going for me is that once I know something, I never forget. My processing speed, language, and mathematics IQ are all below 120 unfortunately, but my memory IQ is somewhere between 150 and 160.

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Have a load of this faggot, pulling random "IQ" numbers out of his ass.

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he's probably right you know

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IQ tests don't measure long-term memory.

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People who brag about IQ are often delusional simpletons.

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In my experience the 'I have high IQ' crowd are often quite bright but otherwise awkward people suffering from various anxieties and inferiority complexes.
I've come to know quite a few Mensa members thru a friend who joined that organization (members need to have tested IQ scores above 130 or 98% of the population).

When you see what many of these upper 2% people are debating on their internal forums and the nature of the ideas they put forward it brings into focus
what the problem with attributing any claims of 'intelligence' to ones raw bandwidth for 'logic/mathematic' type abilities.

Though this abilities mean they're well predisposed to potentially be quick learners, without any education or training it's largely meaningless.
Much like having someone with good genes and a strong body, unless they exercise and practice they'll never develop any impressive athletic abilities despite potential.

What you end up with is vocal segment who have a demonstrably high IQ and pride themselves mainly on that fact because they lack any other accomplishments.
When you meet someone very eager to let you know about their high IQ score you've therefore likely come across someone who's a fuck-up.
Smart people who actually made use of their high IQ typically never had it measured in the first place because they had real things going on
and rather than tell you about this silly metric will instead impress by virtue of the things they achieve and the way they articulate and carry themselves.

(My friend who joined Mensa has a physical handicap which is often mistaken for mental disability so him putting his high IQ on display kinda helps de-rail that misconception)

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I had a four year break while I finished design school. The theory I racked up before the break really helped me getting back to new software and tools in no time at all. Once you've got your foundations down on why 3D works the way it does, it really doesn't matter much if you take a break.

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This is me with Substance Designer

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Who's the boss in Substance Designer who teaches too?

That shit is so powerful but I have no idea how to implement anything I've learned

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start with Algorithmic Academy, they have good course for free

Substance Designer Geting Started - about metal crate, pretty bad quality video and bit outdated but worth a watch

Substance Designer Creating a brick material in Substance Designer - once again quality issues but worth a watch

Substance Designer Getting Started_Creating basic function - pretty much must see after you get the basics

Substance Designer Material Series - Aged Wood Planks

Substance Designer - creating your first substance - this one is recent introduction, good quality and solid, but I wouldnt skip the ones i listed before

then you can watch - Daniel Thiger tutorials, but only after you get basics done

but mostly you'll learn by downloading substances and looking how they're made and trying to create your own

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