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>using blender
>using maya
>using Daz3D
>Using MMD
real chad stuff

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for what animation? because mmd is literally the worst at that.

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These are just tools. It all depends on who's using them.

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legit stealing some MMD bodies as base for porn because I'm a brainlet

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>real chad stuff
real sad stuff

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Some of those fuckin vids are downright ball BUSTIN

https://ecchi.iwara dot tv/videos/jkjzrtzogfwv8pyv

Okay, it's schlocky software and a joke in the western 3D community, but good animators? They bring something out of it that is special and unique to it that no other software can match. Maybe it's the lighting, maybe it's the weird way shaders are layered on top of one another, maybe it's something else. But it's still special and dick engorging in its own way. God bless MMD.

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>They bring something out of it that is special and unique to it that no other software can match.
You're clearly thinking with your dick, mate. Wank it off.

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that's an impressive level of brainrot

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This was my first attempt at motion capture using MMD a year ago. I think it worked out pretty well considering nothing was touched up this is just the raw animation. I just recorded the viewport instead of rendering it out also because i'm retarded and didn't know how

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>https://ecchi.iwara dot tv/videos/jkjzrtzogfwv8pyv
...and of course it includes interracial porn. Never change, 4cucks.

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>Using SFM
now thats an ultra alpha male would do.

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>tanned okinawan
Shut the fuck up and learn some shit about the subject matter before commenting on it, retard.

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Southwest Japanese are so brown they count as niggers

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But it's not interracial, they're the same fucking race. Also all japanese would be brown if they stayed outside.

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>being japanese
>staying outside
pick one and only one

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