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If you could go back to the 80s or even the 70s and take only one 3d software program with you, what would it be and why.

How much would it change things

I'd take substance designer.
I thought about blender then I realized it probably would have too many bugs LOL

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wow that looks like shit. i love OoT as much as the next guy, but let#s be honest... in our memories the world is so much more detailed and beautiful than it actually was lol.

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>another software thread
Can you fucks actually do anything despite talking about software? For example actually using it for once?

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Moot point, there would be zero computers able to run it.

Maybe you should just take yourself back to the 80s or even the 70s, LOL

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3ds max easy

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-No sculpting
-No video editor
-Can't draw shit by hand

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Who the fuck cares about a video editor inside a 3d modeling software? Jesus christ Blendlet, get real. In that case, Blender sucks because there's no integrated DAW to record my band with.

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you dont need any of those to create something decent lol, and max has sculpting tools just more designed towards modelling and less memey sculpting

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>No video editor
get the fuck out of here mate

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Problem is that they can't

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ya boil

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>another "what's the best software" thread disguised under a thin veil

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>I'd take substance designer.
>and run it on an ATARI 800 with 48k RAM
only that none of today's 3d apps would work on 80s or even 70s software you retarded zoomer brainlet
really remove youself from the gene pool you fuckwit

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SD might not work straight away but surely, you could get the node editor at leastup an running in a few years
Believe it or not this wasn't meant to be an best software thread, but which would have the most impact and shape pretty much all of design if it was available earlier than it came out
Imagine if the industry started with procedural textures and grew from there, what kind of position we'd be in now

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>what kind of position we'd be in now
Everyone would be doing hand painting, and only hipsters would care about proceduralism.

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>you could get the node editor at leastup an running in a few years
you have no idea what you babbling about you nitwit
do you have any idea of the resources a modern app needs and how restricted the hardware was back then ? obviously not
SD barely works on a 8GB machine on a 64bit system
NOTIHING of it would work an 8BIT system you fucking retard

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Please for the love of god don't give them any ideas they just started going in the right direction. Why can't they get anything done within an appropriate time frame before immediately promising more shit?

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The hype needs to remain high if they want funds to keep coming in.

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i mean if you want to say that, you can, but think about their limitations in developing for the 64. textures were probably capped at like 256x256, the hero models were probably sub 300 tri with some super basic shaders, no reflections, etc.

i mean you want to see something wild, look at the texture maps and models for launch WoW, or even TBC. they use mostly 256 textures and that was like 10 years later.

games are a different world than film/stills, they have to make due with software limitations while trying to maintain a playable framerate, and at the time there werent really these plug and play engines like there are today either, most studios had to design their own engines which were often unique to the individual game they were designed for

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but >>682150 probably has no fucking clue of how difficult it was to create games back then, and to some extents how it still is... putting aside all the artistry/storytelling/etc. the tech, innovation, and tricks involved are mindblowingly complex

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