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gross dude, poly stitching is where its at

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>inb4 sakuramochi's autism

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A thread died for this

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A thread made by "people" whose claim to 3D modelling skill is using zbrush and flat gradient shading

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lmao, you're actually not directly and manually writing coordinates into a .obj file to create your models? just how fucking pedestrian can you be

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stop trying to be funny

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But that is what you're doing when you move vertices.

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I mean you're not wrong.

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All polylet beginners go through this phase when they are learning by joining the dots on a reference image. The fear of learning the inner workings of things like anatomy then grips them and they cannot advance as artists. They then convince themselves their "workflow" then doesn't require sculpting.

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>They then convince themselves their "workflow" then doesn't require sculpting.
Maybe they're gunning for environment art, why would they care about sculpting then.

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If zBrush cowboys keep spewing incoherent names of minute undefined muscles and telling people to stop their entire life and go learn The Fundies for 10.000 hours prior to opening the software, nobody is going to want to learn anatomy to begin with because you guys are lame as fuck and you all sound like a broken record. Then you guys are all gonna be stuck on your zBrush bubble hitting the zRemesher key because you don't know how to do anything related to 3D that doesn't involve a brush.

Compared to that whole unapproachable nightmare, dragging dots onto a reference image is a few dozen times more enjoyable and intuitive than having an anatosperg tell you that your celiac plexus is wrong and that you should kill yourself.

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>there is now an anti-sculpting faction in 3D
hipsters never cease to amaze me

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based and polypilled

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I never like techniques of making things that are not precise. Sculpting is efficient, easy, and makes high-poly work way less tedious. But it also is like making a program in uncompressed python rather than making it in hyper-compressed ruby or C

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>he uses a spoon

Haha what a pleb, forks are where it's at

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Spoons are for kids and faggots.
Use a for or your hands, if you don't drink soup straight from the bowl you mega gay.

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>Not using a sporknife
lmao, good luck working with one hand

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>modeling an airplane
>some guy tells me I'll never advance as an artist because I don't use sculpting and don't have a knowledge of anatomy

I'm surprised you didn't bring up loomis and call someone a crab

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This really should be obvious, but if you're modeling an airplane you can really benefit from an understanding of avian anatomy. Even if you're doing sci-fi, knowing the fundamentals will make your model more believable.

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>tfw no loomis but birds and shit book

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The op was refering to characters. You can use sculpting in mechanical things too like weld points.

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t. blender users

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>putty pushers acting out whatever concept artists throw at them thinking of themselves as """artists"""
downloading alpha textures for skin doesn't make you an artist

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All you cancerous Zfaggots are the Rob Liefelds of the 3D world, I swear.

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