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Why is displacement/parallax mapping so popular now?

Isn't it cpu or gpu intensive?

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GPUs nowadays are super duper specialized to do things like this, you know.

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Models need more realism, micro details using displacement/parallax mapping plus SubSurface Scattering.

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computing power got too cheap and plentiful. it MUST be wasted.
you care about efficiency? lol what are you, a nerd?

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Because realism. Even the non hyperreal stuff seems to require these maps these days.

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It depends on the renderer.some can handle displacement efficiently.

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It's easy to do rather than model terrain. Companies will always take the path of least resistance.

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Because it looks great. What is wrong with you?

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It should've caught on years ago in games, but unfortunately developers just won't set their targets to PC. Instead they insist on developing for mobile-class hardware in form of the consoles, and PC gets the afterthought arbitrary resolution support and uncompressed textures. Used to be the exact opposite on the Crysis era, now it's this weird shitshow where people buy 600-700-800 dollar GPUs and realistically use 20-50% of their processing power.

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I see what you mean but I think the trend is slowly changing. Sekiro looks stunning on PC but runs like shit on consoles.

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Souls games have always run bad on consoles but great on PC where there's extra power to be thrown around. People like to point to Bloodborne as some sort of black sheep but all the way back to Dark Souls, if you looked the wrong way or even engaged with normal enemies in combat, performance would dip below 30 with bad frame pacing, sometimes significantly. It's frustrating to a certain extent because you can see From's desire to make pretty expansive games that push good hardware to the limit (the jump from DS1-2 to DS3 was astounding), but they're stuck to their PS legacy and can't exactly ignore where their core audience is on the consoles.

Worst part is that they said they'd go back to Armored Core after Dark Souls but they keep making these Souls'ish games with Sekiro. I'd love to see what an Armored Core game looks like that isn't marred down by console hardware, but at this point I just have to believe it's gonna be a PS5 exclusive.

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dude look wat i do in substance designer lmao
also no one uses it because para is heavy as hell

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Parallax isn't expensive. Tesselation is.

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the pcgmr meme is as much responsible for the state of pc gaming as console focus is, because pcgmr has basically turned into 'why doesn't your game run a 144hz on my ultrawide gaming monitor.' performance at the cost of everything else.

crysis ran like dogshit when it came out and a release akin to that today would get slammed on steam user reviews. the reaction to rtx is partially due to this attitude as well.

devs will sacrifice polycounts and texture fidelity because they don't want to run the risk of getting a bad review from chaddius mcdonald because his parents haven't bought him in a new gpu in 5 years and he wants to play at 60fps.

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Crysis still runs like dogshit even on processors today just because developers though processors were going to go the way of extreme frequencies (8, 9, 10 ghz) instead of multicoring. Crysis 2 forward and especially the Xbox 360 version of Crysis 1 run much better because they start to take into account the evolution path processors took to this day.

Nowadays PC ports get slammed for not supporting 60fps, arbitrary resolutions and not having too many scalability options. Poor console performance isn't really expected because PC hardware is LEAGUES ahead of consoles. RTX is really only getting slammed because it looks like such a bad value proposition out of the gate - few supported titles, almost identical last-gen performance, very expensive. It's not really due to any elitist PC gaming attitude that I can think of, a bad product is a bad product, if it's lacking expected features and it's overpriced, any product would get bitched at like that.

I understand that devs found it much easier to target console hardware instead of PC like they used to since you can make a game look good on a console and then just dump whatever you got on PC with some extra bells and whistles, instead of having to make two to three bespoke versions of your game for different consoles after making a balls-to-the-wall PC version. But it does come across as a much more lazy approach that's leaving a lot of hardware power on the table.

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Nobody gives a shit about optimization these days.
They gotta justify beefy overpriced hardware.

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>para is heavy as hell
>creates a material with tesselation that requires at least 15k+ poly sphere to look good and post it on artstation

cmon man, fuck you.

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It only seems popular now because of the hype building around EEVEE and Cycles finally getting Parallax mapping. Soon.

but no it's not very taxing on hardware, especially now. Back in 2005 when it was first really used in major gaming for launch 360 and PS3 titles, it was very taxing on the weak hardware of the time with such low amounts of ram, but now it's almost as "taxing" as post processing. Just another map to add on top of things like Normal, color, spec, and metallic.

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>now it's almost as "taxing" as post processing
Do we live in the same world? Because in mine, slapping effects in post on top of every single rendered frame is actually quite taxing depending on what you're using.

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It's not popular because of EeveeĀ®. It's popular because, instead of requiring you to learn proper modeling, it lets you create complex-looking shit by drawing over nine thousand shades of grey with your cheap digital peen. It's all repetitive, but flashy, so it couldn't but become a fad among off-the-charts ADHD 3D artists who are pathologically incapable of spending a few evenings simply learning to redirect edges. Do you what else helped it become a fad? The ironic fact that it won't land you a job, so there's plenty of suckers with lots of free (read: unemployed) time to spend dicking around with height maps, and fill ArtStation with tonnes of synthrealistic gravel who nobody really needs.

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Entire game studios use it as a workflow jagoff. It's more relevant than ever to use/learn it. As it's a good way of saving time while adding the same, and in most cases more detail to a scene compared to straight modelling.

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I don't see how it can save me time to shade models in Eevee instead of directly in Unreal.

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Oh I'm talking about using a decal/parallax workflow in general.

It's a good way of getting a detailed result while still being a realistic amount of work that one person can do. With the workflow and some skill in it, a person can lay out a detailed environment in a few hours.

Personally I think that's pretty cool. Knowing where to do tricks like that and where to model and do other stuff is the mark of a good artist. Knowledge of their tools and what's best for a given job.

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