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>that feel when you handpaint normal maps because you cannot figure this shit out

why is 3d so hard bros

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just make them in substance designer, lol

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how anon, how? every tutorial and demo I find starts out right away assuming I know a gigantic catalogue of tricks, techniques, lingo and features that I wouldn't even know where to go to start learning about them. This shit is like chinese.

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You should still be able to follow their steps if you're not retarded. Find a channel "Get Learnt" on YT and do everything he does.

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What excellently is the problem here?

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do this:

then this:

then these:




then the other josh lynch ones
then the other thiger one
then youtube

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It's the current year and there is no out-of-the-box way to paint normal maps in photoshit

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What about NDO.

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Why can't you just create a height map and transform it into a normal one?

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yeah but that would be clever and that's not what /3/ is renowned for...

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There's a really good one on ArtStation's Youtube channel.
It's more about using them in photoshop, but it covers painting normal maps really well.

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i really just make my color map go through a grayscale and with levels, bevel, blur HQ and normal combine i just come up with a desired result

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It's not hard, you're just another lazy artist who won't sit 5 mins in front of a tutorial.

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Because, as has been extensively argued for on this board before, a normal map carries more information than a bump map.

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>that feel when you're finally done and you fucked it up both in the stitching as well as in the normal direction. time well spent.jpg

alright anons, gonna do these tutorials know (instead of killing myself)

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where are you trying to get normal maps from exactly?

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>fucked up the normals direction
just flip the channel you fucking pizza roll

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>fucked up the normals direction
just flip the channel you fucking pizza roll

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awesome, anon thanks a bunch. working my way through the first one right now and the concepts are starting to click. i should have never even opened substance painter before familiarising myself with designer desu. this is great stuff.


uh, in unity you can auto generate normal maps based on the albedo/diffuse texture. they're always total crap though, as they obviously cannot contain real physics information. unity just accentuates edges and height differences so you get some visual noise that can at best make a texture that would otherwise have no normal map, blend in a bit more nicely with other normalmapped textures. but it's nowhere near a real normal map by any means.

yes yes. but still it looks like poo because it's a single flat color. totally useless lol.

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that first tutorial is mostly to just get you familiar with the basic workflow and layout. the end result is a bit shit imo.

the josh lynch one i've linked is a bit similar (better result, hits the target, but the target is fairly bland to begin with), but it'll ease you into patterned stuff.

the thiger series is especially invaluable, take notes while you do that one because it's a lot of information packed into relatively short videos.

the other thiger one available on cgpeers is this:

and the result is very good (thiger's stuff is generally excelent), but it's not intended as a beginner tutorial at all.

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Using the blender ui be like

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Jesus christ anon.

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That explains your results

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I'm a total shitter at 3d but way back when I played around with it I found normal maps to be the easier part. Textures are hard.

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>manually adding normal map detail
Just take your lowpoly model, duplicate it, and add a fuckton of subdivisions to the copy and sculpt it and bake that back to the original lowpoly model

You can even do this with parts of models and merge the results. Painting by hand by comparison is a huge waste of time. Plus you're still doing it wrong if you're painting directly on the normal map instead of converting a black and white image to normal.

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>Click on any tutorial making stylized assets for games
>Its fucking zbrush again
Really? Is there no other way of producing decent looking stylized textures than sculpting and baking it out like a retard?

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well what do you propose

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Read this >>679568
>like a retard
I bet you're very smart and talented person so you should not have any questions left after reading these articles.

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>Really? Is there no other way of producing decent looking stylized textures than sculpting and baking it out like a retard?

sculpting and baking is the wrong way to look at it really

you should be sculpting, painting, and then retopologizing for a proper workflow. doing it the other way is more for band-aiding things like you fucked up a single brick or your human character needs some extra skin detail on their hands or feet.

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