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How do I avoid those stupid white dots?

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uninstall Blender

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let it render longer?

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looks like someone found the damn blenderguru video but just skipped through it.
main problem is, your lighting is abysmal

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You have to play around with the clamp direct and indirect settings.

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That doesn't work in cycles. You are just as likely to get more fireflies.

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you need more samples for refraction/caustics retard

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By using the thread reserved for stupid questions like this.

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Blender now auto-detects donut models.
Turn off icing sugar option in user preferences.

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lmao you sound so cringy. yikes x1000

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i'm a moderator over at r/dadjokes

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Shut off your monitor and they should vanish

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I tried that but somehow they are still there, those bright spots? Is this normal or does it happen only with Blender?

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By not using Cycles and using the patrician's choice of Luxrender or PRman

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P.S.: also, is it normal it takes so much time to render? More than 1,5 minutes, and I even turned off the light

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Pathtracing is an expensive operation, especially when a high number of bounces is needed to capture global lighting elements like reflections and color bleeding.

Turing off the lights does not change the fact that the renderer has to shoot rays into the scene and sample the glowing bits of the donut.

Also, performance depends on how much paralization you are using and how complex the scene itself is. Are you using a gpu? 1.5 minutes seems fine for pathtracing.

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abandon blender/cycles and opt for a legit renderer that isn't inherently flawed

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>Pathtracing is an expensive operation
bullshit, you blendlet. blender doesn't cost anything

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You got me man. Your right.

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Will this link give me a virus?

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On a real note, either turn your samples up, or turn caustics off.

>Render tab
>Light paths
>Untick caustics

Next time post in the questions thread, faggot.

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No, but this one will

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ohhh the famous autodesk ransomware! Such a dangerous virus. Keep away from that!

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nice image thanks i downloade dit

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thats illegal, reported

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>not blender render

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>Not using POVray

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>sonygger donuts

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I think I have potential too guys.

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