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I haven't so far but I wonder if it's possible to learn it and at the same time fix a functionality that I have always missed in Blender.
Which is pinning/locking vertices. Either by just hitting some button after selecting them OR just making a button to lock vertices of a vertex group. Don't care.
So far this has been requested since forever but never introduced and the normal way to achieve something similar is to "hide" the ones you don't want to be affected but I need to have them visible, just locked in every mode (edit mode, sculpt mode etc).

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Is it possible? You have access to the code, so certainly yes.

Is it worth the time and effort to learn Python, and possibly C, in order to do it? That's a very different matter.

I find it surprising that Blender doesn't have locking functionality, though.

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Blendlets pining for Max 2008 and prior functionality.

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Go make some more noise over at the forums/rightclickselect, maybe cobble together some concept pictures and write a clear and concise actionable implementation if there isn't one already.

If there is already, pester Pablo about it on the monday Blender Today streams by posting on rightclickselect.com before the broadcast

If you think learning Python is a waste of time or just don't have the time you could probably ask nicely in some blender discord/subreddit/forum

I dunno how long learning Python sufficiently takes, can't imagine it'd be any significant amount of time but I've been programming for a couple of years and I can't remember what starting was like.

If all above fails, learn Python or just wait a little bit.

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>If all above fails, learn Python or just wait a little bit.
Or use reasonably complete modeling software, like Max or Modo. Heck, even Maya may do the trick.

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maybe no one needs vertex locking

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Holy fucking shit you can't lock vertices in blender? Please tell me this is a troll.

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You can quickly hide them which kinda locks them but yeah, you can't just lock them while having them visible.

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This. If it's not implemented, chances are that it's not really that useful. Blender developers know what the priorities are, and the software is, if not the best, certainly one of the best modeling programs already.

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>certainly one of the best modeling programs already.
no, with a barely functional cut tool. its not even close. thats just one thing that irritates me.

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>maybe no one needs vertex locking
i literally use it all the time when i model.

this was the thing that blender just doesnt have and will never have. I use the freeform tool to sculpt/shape my mesh when i model and not only does it let me mirror the object without a mirror/symmetry modifier but it also lets me choose what verticies i want to effect with the freeform. not to mention you can make fast selections by just converting them from faces to vertices, thats not exclusive to max tho, i know blender can convert selections.

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What exactly are you doing there that can't be done in Blender?

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haha, blendlet being a blindlet too! typical

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>this was the thing that blender just doesnt have and will never have.
What exactly do you want to show off with that gif?
You can do the proportional editing in Blender too and also switch between vertex/edge/face without even moving the cursor.
But yeah it pisses me off that easy locking still isn't possible without hiding the vertices.

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I hate blender

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Blendlet would mean he's bad at Blender and/or still a noob. Blindlet would mean he still has quite good eyesight.

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>What exactly do you want to show off with that gif?
vertex locking the fucking name of the gif, you know what the thread is fucking about.
you have to manually change the size of the proportional editing to move vertices, i dont. not once did i change the size of my brush.

and proportional editing works nothing like max freeform sculpting tools, just because it has a fall off doesnt mean it works the same. the proportional editing tool is not even a brush, its literally just a normal selection with falloff . Max's brush is an actual brush meaning i dont have to select shit unless i want to fucking lock them. just look at your gif lmao, you have to go in and out of making selections switching between two fucking tools. not to mention max's brush is not just one big fall off like blenders, it has two fall offs, one to control what you actually move and the other to control the influence.

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and just another thing it also doesnt just lock vertices, but different axis allowing you even more control. so please dont compare this gimped as fuck blender garbage to max.

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>you have to manually change the size of the proportional editing to move vertices, i dont.
I see. Thank you for explaining. I agree that's a useful feature, and a pity that it's not available in Blender.

The more I learn about these things, the less I understand the decisions of Blender developers.

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this feature already exists my dude


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Neither have I seen this ever before nor do I find it now. If you google it you only find cloth pinning faggotry.

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thats literally shit, why select eveything that needs to be pinned when everything should be pinned and i make the selection that i want to move, completely ass backwards.

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I love blender but... I wanted to kill myself.

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Keep going Anon. Get stronk.

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It's in the Tool bar under "Lock Coordinates".
Seems like it's so underused that they didn't bother getting it over to 2.80. Fucking hell.

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Lmao, when I google for Blender and "Lock Coordinates" I get 22 results, some in Japanese and the rest totally unrelated.

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Alright I'm an idiot.
I forgot that I installed an addon called "Ctools" in Blender which in fact is made by some Japanese programmer and the Lock Coordinates is part of it.

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all this fucking mess on a garb program, glad im using max to avoid all these headaches. all the tools are presented, hardly any price to pay.

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>Which is pinning/locking vertices
blender has had this for a long time.

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This does not lock vertices in place.

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i guess what you mean is adding vertices you want to manipulate to a group, make a new shapekey, set it to that group, set shapekeys to be visible in edit mode and enjoy affecting only vertices you want to be affected.

this is absolute bullshit though.
there used to be a "one click" solution to locking vertices and even an addon for that because it got removed for some stupid fucking reason.

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Anyone knows if modo has anything like this?

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it's absolutely idiotic.
wherever you look and find posts where people talk about the same problem it's always "select the vertices you want to stay fixed and press H to hide them" "oh great, it works like a charm!".
does everyone fucking model blind? I need to be able to see those fixed vertices to have a context when I edit shit and can't just dick around in nothingness and then switch them back visible to see if everything is alright.
I fucking wish I knew how to script python because this can't be this much of a deal.

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Select those vertices and just hide them with H :)

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Well if you don't like it go use Maya, see how happy you are then faggot.

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isn't this just a selection set? not the same thing at all

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Found something interesting.
This is the script that actually does it but apparently never officially made its way into Blender for some reason and the dev seems to be dead or something.
It's for Blender 2.48 lol.


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"Lock Coordinates" does the same and actually works though in 2.79. Someone just has to port it over

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>This does not lock vertices in place
can't move what's not selected.

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You can

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