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Hi, /3/. Wondering if you can tell me what program I need in order to help me accomplish something.

I have an image - a cover of a music single, to be specific - the band name's logo has been designed to resemble the kinds of light bulbs you'd see surrounding a vanity sort of mirror in a dressing room.

I would like random "bulbs" in the logo to flash. Further, can flashes occur to a certain speed to match the beat-per-minute of the song?

Also, for the name of the album which is also written on the cover, I'd like each letter to "flash," one-after-the-other and back, repeating for the length of the song/video.

What would I need to accomplish this? After Effects or something like that? I have Final Cut Pro X, if that helps...

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I can I help you with this, it's actually not that hard! But I'm not going to, for a few reasons but namely. 1) you're in the wrong board. 2) you didn't ask on the questions for thread thus destroying an old thread.

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agh damnit. alright. my apologies & i understand my eff up. sorry bout that.

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At the very least, could you tell me what board would be most appropriate to ask this?

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>can flashes occur to a certain speed to match the beat-per-minute of the song?
Derivative TouchDesigner is specialized software for this sort of thing. It's quite technical however, so maybe not what you are looking for.

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appreciate both responses, Anons.

Kind Regards.

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