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He was once under the name of /jamartrenders on artstation but now hes gone, does anyone have more stuff from him?

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I hope not.

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Also, that stupid ass fucking chromatic aberration fad is pissing me off. For so many decades mankind has worked to eliminate that problem in lenses and it is hardly noticeable anymore even on entry level cameras nowadays BUT """"""""~artists~""""""""" crank that shit up to 11 in hope it makes their uncanny valley shit more realistic and it absolutely does not.

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What is it a photo with some 3d elements. I remember that was a fad for a while. Someone made a charleze theron or whatever her name is and got called out for just overlaying 3d elements in photoshop.

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I remember one post where somebody, smugly, asked him to post wires. He did, and the other guy was like, "well time to give DAZ another look then."

>chromatic aberration fad
Here it's more of a tool to conceal the CGI nature of the images, together with the noise.

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Funny, I had a conversation with a former Ampex engineer about this while visiting NAB Show last year. He thought it was kinda funny that people put back in all these flaws that he and his colleagues tried to eliminate over the past 40 years.

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>in hope it makes their uncanny valley shit more realistic and it absolutely does not.

Well I thought it was a picture from the thumbnail so I guess it does. Doesn't hold up on close inspection but it's still impressive nonetheless.

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I think it's just because it's "one of those things" that's instantly recognized with cameras despite many people not actually knowing what the effect is on an intellectual level. It's one of those things that when we see it, it's easier for the mind to make it seem less artificial. Granted, it's pretty much been eliminated from cameras for a long time (even though OP pic is supposed to look like it's been taken with a cheap disposable, and those lenses are cheap as hell), but a little tiny bit can make that extra little difference depending on what you're going for. The problem arises when people over-do it and make it look like an out of focus projector. I think it's also a little bit about nostalgia and the feelings associated with it (old Polaroids and stuff like that), but that might be reaching for something that's just a lens effect.

It might not be realistic anymore since it's being phased out pretty much, but it's just one of those things that are ingrained into the public psyche without really knowing it. Kind of like 24fps for film, something higher or lower, and it'll feel off. A person might not be able to tell why, but they'll know. Chromab doesn't have that much of a negative effect if it's missing, but adding it does usually have some positive effect, at least for people that don't know what it is.
All that being said, I'm not really a fan of it when it's used. People abuse it way too hard. Shit looks like a 3d movie without the glasses.

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nope, these are all 3d assets easily accessible from the daz store or shady russian sites

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these are deeply unnerving, in a good way.
dude may be a dazlet, but some of these pob belong in an art gallery.

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Photorealism was a mistake

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that is why the greeks abandoned it

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But there's a mirror...and we should be able to see the camera in it...

...maybe spend a tiny bit more time understanding composition and less time fucking around with the render settings?

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You don't get it. The camera is hidden in the toilet cistern. And she knows it.

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how do you do the chromatic aberration ?
In PS ?

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I'm not the author, don't know what he does exactly, but it would be possible to add it with PS, yes.

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This is a pretty neat effect for retro polaroid vibes.
Though a lot of it reminds me of the full screen effects in the PT demo.

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Does the guy have a blog or smtn?

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im curious, what are you gonna do with all the time you saved by not writing "something" properly?

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prob masterbait.

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in due time thats how every1 is going 2 talk since its much fastr to just leav out some consonants, its the future for the internet

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Nah, I doubt it.
There was a phase of it back when everyone talked like they were texting, but now everyone has gone back to just talking normally. At least in the places I frequent.
The only people that ever really talk like that now are 13 year olds and people of an increased melanin concentration.

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That's not true since my melanin concentration is low and I dont live in the hood.

It's a natural evolution of the languages, now more than ever before we are writing/reading way more text, it's common to compress some shit to communicate more shit.

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Is it me, or does she have a shitload of pubic hair?

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Okay, this work is pretty impressive, i had a hard time believing it was a render when looking at the first picture(i was sure it was an actual photography).
Kudos to the artist, making an animation with this would land you a Netflix contract, not a studio job.

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He just laid some random furniture around and posed a girl for myspace-grade camera angles, in Daz, using presets everywhere, maybe even for the poses. How is that artistry?

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Post your work or get out.

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He just laid some random furniture around and posed a girl for myspace-grade camera angles, in Daz, using presets everywhere, maybe even for the poses. How is that artistry?

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>Daz, using presets everywhere

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Post your work or get out.

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He just laid some random furniture around and posed a girl for myspace-grade camera angles, in Daz, using presets everywhere, maybe even for the poses. How is that artistry?

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>Distinctive lo-fi girl-next-door aesthetic
>Convincing CG photorealism
>Pushing the boundaries of what's possible with a software
Yeah it's art

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>no cameraman standing in the mirror
who took the picture?

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That´s the only thing giving away the fact that´s NOT a picture, anon.
Fire DAZ and try to do something similar. I dare you.

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Give me the list of morphs, textures, poses and props he used, and I'll make you dozens of variations on the same theme.

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>dazlets telling others they're ngmi
The absolute state of /3/.

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