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Ok so im learning blender and im using a sackboy refrence sheet any feed back?

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Looking good Reece

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I'm a beginner too, but:
First, why do you model (not sculpt) a character?
Second, did you get topology right?
Third, is it supposed to be mirrored and have a seam in a middle? I mean it looks too mirrored for a fabric.

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Good now finish the body.

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I was half following a tutorial on character modeling and the guy said to use mirror and extrude planes over an refrence sheet

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R.e.e.c.e. is a code name for REALLY EPIC EPIC CUNT EPIC i swear

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This one, I guess?
Not to discourage you, but actually it's an extremely outdated practice to model organics, except extremely low-poly.
I also began modelling characters and it took about 8x time it took to sculpt a thing (but it improved my knowledge on topology, I guess).

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