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ITT: You recommend to me a tutorial where I (a retard and beginner) can learn how to create a simply high poly model , then create a low poly copy of it, and then bake a normal map of the high poly model. In blender.

>pic related: what I've chosen to create in this exercise.

I want the low poly model to be 6 faces only, but I want some scratches and tiny details to be normal map baked so it looks proper and nice.

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>hipoly cubez lol
pls be bait

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I'm beginner. Check your privilege. It's just about learning the workflow, not about creating an amazing asset. For a brainlet like me you need really simple stuff.

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What's your budget?

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Do I really need a budget to learn this? I was hoping to find free stuff, in the spirit of Blender.

Don't link me any Jayanam though please, literally every single time I've tried to follow one of his tutorials I ran into an issue that I couldn't figure out and that prevented me from continuing. Grown very frustrated with his videos.

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a) create lowpoly
b) apply subdiv to the lowpoly and crease some corners
c) bake from hi to low
d) enjoy new game ass

That said, what you posted could just be couple of cubes imported into Substance Painter.

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>recommend to me a tutorial
pic related ikr

>scratches and tiny details
usually bump map and textures

>It's just about learning the workflow, not about creating an amazing asset.
sculpt a plane bro

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>Do I really need a budget to learn this? I was hoping to find free stuff, in the spirit of Blender.
No, I mean, what's your budget for the service you ask for, that is, designing you a tailored curriculum?

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lol you want money in order to link me to a youtube tutorial? really anon?

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My time is worth more doing other things. Yes, that includes shitposting.

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Arrimus3D on youtube JUST uploaded a video on exactly this

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nigga learn to model a teapot first

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literally /ourguy/

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How? The teapot is a primitive, and everybody knows that primitives can't be modeled.

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Why would anyone want to spoonfeed an entitled little shit who can't even learn the simplest fucking shit provided for literally free all over the web?

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you stupid cunt. i taught myself how to paint and draw on a professional level entire by myself on the internet and i'm now teaching myself how to write code and program and i'm already making my first game and i'm also teaching myself how to model. i've probably self taught 100x more than you will ever learn in your entire life. fuck.


sweet, off we go

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If you are le self-taught master, then why do you come here asking to be spoon-fed?

Tentative diagnosis: NGMI.

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Unironically go watch the anvil tutorial
Or you can skip to the episode where he covers the high poly bake bit

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