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How can I map my UV's to SHARE a TEXTURE with different models in Blender?

There is no, to me, apparent feature that allows me to view the unwrapped UV's of ANOTHER model (that I do NOT have currently selected and am editing) while unwrapping my CURRENT model.

This feature would be necessary and expected, in order to be able to place the UV's optimally and save texture space. There is also no feature that permits me to export the STACKED UV's of all selected models as a single file.

Why Blender? Why don't you have such seemingly basic features? Is it time to drop blender and upgrade to one of the pro packages?

Pic related: What I'd like to do but cannot because Blender is garbo

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Just combine the objects, unwrap your UVs and then separate them again?
If that's not an option, then you can bake out the UV outlines to a texture, then load that texture when editing the UVs of the other object.
It's stupid and clunky, but that's one way to work around it.

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Use the texture atlas plugin


start using 2.8 already,dinosaur.

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Blender 2.8 supports multi-object editing, including UV

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Max had it for 10 years...

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Welcome to 2008, blendlets

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what the fuck? Blender didn't already have that? Holy shit...

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This is embarrassing; a disgrace to the world of free software in general, and to the world of 3D CGI in particular. Stallman should disown Blender and force it to convert into a proprietary license, then sold to Autodesk to atone for its sins.

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Yeah and Max is now obsolete. Blender will keep on trucking because it's FOSS. Proprietary software will keep being obsoleted by various corporate bullshit.

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>Max is now obsolete

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Maya and Houdini is eating its lunch and Autodesk is all but abandoned it.

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Holy shit

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Enjoy using a dying software whrere it's only a matter of time before Autodesk pulls the plug.

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Turbosmoothers lel

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Shut up fucking blendlet.

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I'm sorry anon, I can't hear you over the sound of my OpenSubdiv modifier.

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hold me arrimus

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easy, just use ids on subobjects materials. one material can have hundreds of textures and all u need to do is assign them.

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but 3ds max has it now too, since 2015 lol?

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>no 2016

what's wrong with you?

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what do you mean, you mean max 2016? why would i want that? im using the student version of 2019 and it works fine?

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So, you're a beginer?
that's fine then...

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no i heard people saying its more stable, but they dont back up those claims. and i used 2016 for that awhile and its not any different than 2019.

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Blender doesn't even have a full implementation of it.

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Why does Zoe's mouth look retarded in every single image?

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Select all of your meshes and click View>Draw Other Objects, your active mesh will be active in the UV editor, and then you can have the same texture map for different meshes (they all have to use the same texture image, example untitled.001.png on 5 meshes).

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