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How the fuck i can animate 3d PORN (SFM/Blender/Maya/etc) without fucking horny godfucking dammit.
Everytime i animate porn, i always get fucking horny, faps, cums, and lost motivation and will to animate. Repeat that at every fucking single day.

Someone help.

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Become paypig and hire dom to be your keyholder, you cuck. Ya can't fap if your pee pee is locked in a cage.

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>can't hold his primal urges and transform them into creative drive

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You're most likely way too deep into that addiction to function normally, not joking.
You either learn to overcome it or you have to actually look for a different hobby.

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Have sex

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Tried it, doesn't work.

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did but still have sore muscles because your mom was too fat

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Animate shit you're not into, or stop being an Australopithecus without self control.

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do what i do. animate porn, hire a hooker. use patreon money to fuck, instead of fap.

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That´s a good sign, means your work is fappable even to someone who´s making it.
Mine, i would never fap to it.

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i'd fap if the girl had a dick, was a boy, and the vampire was black.

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Jews wins again.

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I disagree
hornyness clouds vision and shrouds mistakes, even more than creating in drugged, drunk, or temporarily insane states. I have tried.
mistakes are inevitable when you are thinking with dick instead of head.
your vision is clear and you understand that your works are stuff of... shall I say, cater to the very, very specific taste.

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>not wearing the star of david while a black man pounds your white boypussy

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It's pretty simple: you don't. If you need your libido to be motivated to animate you really don't wanna animate this on a conscious level, you really just wanna masturbate.

Your time is better spent working on something you truly care about or find another hobby. If you really loved making erotic stuff you would not be having this problem and would be motivated to do it regardless of the state of your boner.

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Why the fuck is this garbage board full of horny and retarded teens? Fuck you kid, eat a dick. Mods. Mods!

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>star of david
Pick one

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I do 2D hentai and I never get horny doing my drawings. Usually I'm swearing because I'm fucking up the perspective or can't get a hand right. It's just too much work to get horny. I'd imagine it would be the same if I did 3D porn too but amplified by another dimension.

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This. I'm too absorbed into technical things to even think about getting horny

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Feeling the same with 2D art. Constantly getting frustrated but making 3D art is fun and relaxing to me and maybe therefore also easily fappable.

OP should learn to be disciplined though.

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3D is niche and difficult, which means very few people come to this board. A small population means an individual's voice is amplified, which means a small number of negative voices constitute a lot of the discussion. This brings the level of discourse down, and makes those competent not stick around because the board's shit and they don't have peers. Thus, the only people genuinely working who post are amateurs and people whose work would get them shunted from other 3D dedicated sites.

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I draw and animated 2D and 3D furry art and hentai. ( fuck you furry haters you ain't shit and are useless )

I don't care if I get overly turned on or get super focused and ignore the boner. If I wack it and cum. I still can keep going. Because I am interested in creating said content and making money from it.

Since you fail, just from getting turned on and jacking off. Shows you REALLY don't give a shit about what you do. You just creating to jerk off.

Find a new hobby.

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Everyone in this pathetic thread except >>676791
should fucking neck themselves asap

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show us your work OP

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Including you :^)

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>I fapped to my stuff, so im better than you
>You fapped to your stuff, so btfo

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There is a not so subtle difference between those two posts.

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you could try taking an anti androgen so test wont make you so horny

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animate straight porn you faggot

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now im horny again for fuck sake

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Why is she crying semen? Is this a new fetish?

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You can always try animating bouncing balls, and walk cycles, so you actually get good.

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>actually learning

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the fuck are you blabbering about
show me at least one(1) pornfaggot who actually applies at least half of mighty twelve in his ""works""

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That's just sad

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btfo, faggot

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At least I have my dignity

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Good thing you can have dignity for dinner!

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yikes, no it isn't even close

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>pledged of $130,787 goal
>17,919 backers
Someone tell me what part of this is bad
This motherfucker is making a fuckton of cash

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Would you want your kids spending their free time on such... product?

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I'd beat some standards into them. No son of mine is going to jerk off to this low effort SFM garbage.

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That's not sfm though. UE4 + original models. And i have to say they look somewhat good.

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>Muh "animation is 4 kidz only !"
Fuck off old man.

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>retarded shit-tier anime porn for virgin blendlets
pick one and stop scooping in the chromosome bucket, you've had more than enough

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This. My sons only have access to the porn I allow, and that means the porn I myself have animated. I didn't get into Pixar, but I can still make the world better by educating my kids in higher standards.

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No, but I have a job that I actually can put in a CV without sinking into the ground in shame

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Well it's fucking trash. Porn creation is the lowest of the low, bottom feeding and sure as hell no art.

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>Have wife
>Also a kids

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What does it matter what subjective criteria you assign shitty pornos to? When it comes down to it, those guys can afford to live a comfortable life for many years AND make whatever art they want after they're done with each project, while a bitter retard like you is sitting here calling them "sad" and bottom-feeding.

What's with the moronic metrics of success too? Do you consider living like a poor, destitute person a victory? I'd much rather be making a million-dollar passion porn project with my faggot friends than scraping by contract-by-contract, relentlessly hunting for jobs because the market is so saturated in some areas. Welcome to real life, people with loose purses want to buy animated pornography, and being some kind of art moralfag over it isn't gonna change that.

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this board is for /3/ not robot
you go

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Enjoy your midlife crisis and those alimony then.
Youre part of the problem by populating this overpopulated earth.

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It´s not for kids, retard.
4chan isn´t for kids either.
But here you are nonetheless.

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are you really trying to shame me for having a fulfilling life?

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>fulfilling life
>browse for chan (nel)
sure bud

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>buy chastity
>put it on
>put the key in a bowl of water
>put the bowl in the freezer
20k patreon a month is one amazon order away

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animate with all the textures and materials off (e.g. shape mode in blender) and everything becomes 500% less sexy

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>all these weaklings who can't harness the force of dick
just drop it guys

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>harness the force of dick
seems like you harness it every day anally

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sounds like a good way to get a fetish

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this does not apply if you are animating feet, trust me

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Set the day when you can masturbate as an reward, collect the materials and work until "cum day"
At least it's what i doing.
Otherwise, work will turn in to pornography search instead of productive pipeline.

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I'm the same, once what i'm making starts to get to the sexy stage the hand goes down the pants.
Not op but I'll give this a try

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Release before starting your work. Or just get older.

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Have you tried going to a homosexuality de-training institution, OP? If that's what's holding your career back, do not hesitate to ask for help.

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>not even trying to do porn
>load up cute girl so the eye candy can drive my interest
>immediately has a bigger effect than I expected
>w-well for starters let's kneel her down and-
>ffffuuuuck time to fap
Anime is a curse.

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Have enough willpower to get your shit done before/while fapping instead of waiting?

To be honest though, I do a lot of text-based ERP, and I have that same problem. "Warming up" for a long post, finish, lose interest.

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Dont get high off your own supply

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this is the (only) advantage of being a faggot, because we understand the male sexuality very well, but we don't get aroused at all.

well, at least until dicks get involved

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1. Promote homosexuality
2. Homosexuality is naturally fit for making straight porn, and so its quantity increases
3. Porn is consumed broadly among the heterosexual population, reducing the biological imperative to reproduce
4. ?????
5. The Jews win again!

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May I ask which model of a cute anime girl you used?

>> No.678062

this, but I would extend
authorities should treat porn artists as another form of drug dealers

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Make your case.

>> No.678308

make porn that you don't like?

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Why is a thread about someone complaining that they're wanking still alive. Not a single image of any work ever being done posted too. It could just be some 12 year old playing barbie dolls with free3dmodels dot com and getting horny. Jesus christ.

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OP's gif makes my dick diamonds so I'm bumping to keep it alive. Also, every time work is posted here it's either sent off to /wip/ for not being complete or its total trash.

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Well then maybe you should move on to the full gif of the catgirl fucking this girl in the coma and let this thread depart into its deserved afterlife.

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>catgirl fucking this girl in the coma
Sorry what the fuck I've lost all my interest but please explain

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>posting work
We dont want to be raided by shitposters so no.

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Use social pressure, work with a team, work in a public environment, bring your laptop into a library to work on it.

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Stop breeding with niggers then you dumb cunt

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>breeding in the first place
what a retard

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I don't know how you manage to fap to your own art. I do a lot of Rule 34 imagery, and even if I get a boner (that happens all the time), I simply can't fap to my own shit...

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not him, but i literally have unprotected anal sex with black men, but somehow you're gayer than me lmao.

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this OP, do it in an office or with your parents

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are there any tutorials for this subject specifically? and how/where to make money with it?

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If I get turned on while drawing I consider the drawing a massive success. I refrain from fapping since it's more important to do art and the little bit of lewdness makes my lewd art all the better. I can instinctively feel when something is more or less hot, which is actually different from just pursuing aesthetically perfect work. Many fans of mine will entertain a similar vision, so if my art turns me on then shit's going to do fabulously with fans.

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You live a great life Anon

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Hahahahaha, I see what you did there!

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Porn Animator here, been doing it for over 2 years. I had the same problem and had started doing no fap a month ago. If you can pull it off for one week, trust me, it gets way easier. My workflow has been way faster since then which means more patreon bucks of course.

Also if you use blender, always use solid mode it helps a lot, unless you really need to see the textures for specific stuff.

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>( fuck you furry haters you ain't shit and are useless )
>Animates 2D and 3D furry porn

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>( fuck you furry haters you ain't shit and are useless )
>Animates 2D and 3D furry porn for a living.

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you can use texture mode with very little performance impact but you have to slot the right textures or it'll show normal maps or some other shit

probably you were thinking of material mode? that one will lag a lot on complex models or models with SS modifier on

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I think he means so that you dont get hard from "too detailed models view"

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I know texture mode doesn't lag the viewport, it will show the skin textures if those are the last one clicked in the node editor.
What I'm saying is better to use solid mode because with textures on you can still get horny eventually. With material mode I would only just do a quick OpenGL render to test it out occasionally.

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An elitist furry pornographer, what a marvelous age we live in.

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