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>Browse a bunch of PBR models
>Take a peek at the unwrap
>See this

So is this how people UV unwrap nowadays? Just use 4K textures for everything so its fine?

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It's how they've always unwrapped. It's just that people are morons who can't actually do it.

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the padding is crazy

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Yeah especially since you need to have pretty big texture with such an unwrap anyway.

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this gave me cancer

thanks a lot

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What program does the best unwrap for hard surface?

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I'd say Blender, it has Smart Unwrap.

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Do people still use Headus UVLayout?

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Everything except characters is being textured using triplanar, UVs are basically obsolete unless you need a specific orientation like in wood or blinders and such.
Like, who paints textures manually for 100 assets lmao, just push the button nigga or you're getting replaced by a smarter nigga.

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Top heh

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Looks like the auto unwrap in 3D Coat. If it's a piece I'm just going to paint a texture directly on and don't expect anyone else will ever retexture I do that too sometimes.

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Lots of small chunks. Would have been better if this was split between two shaders

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Unfold3D in Maya2018 or RizomUV they are more or less the same

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production speed is more important than optimization in every sphere where money are made

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this is why texture sets and material ids exist for multi subobjects. doing it all in one uv unwrap is dumb.

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except this isnt really that fast, you would need still give these objects color ids and then bake it for substance but color ids come out terrible if theres too much shit compacted into one area. youre better off using the texture sets since color ids require you to use a MASK while textures sets are confined within their own uv channel and then use masking to paint instead of selections.

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Can yo do this?

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Can you do this?

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Not really, I was working with very tightly packed auto uvs and substance and it worked just fine.
Maybe for le indie devs who use 64x64 textures but for the rest of the productive world that is a literal non issue

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no but youre still missing the point, if you dont use color ids/mat ids youre wasting time and quality. if you just pack everything together you are forced to use masking techniques with color ids and if u baked a color id map its more than likey going to have shitty resolution and will have a jagged looked on the uvs because the clusters of uvs you set up are so tiny that they wont fit. you need to have color ids just as mat ids so that you have have texture sets instead.

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so unless you hand paint this shit and know how to unwrap it properly thats the only time it wont cause problems with your uvs on tightly packed meshes, otherwise you have to use ids.

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I used IDs you retard, basically I had to do a ton of background assets and went by doing them at 2k then batch downressing to 1k or 512.
Do you guys seriously think you'll manage to perfectly UV AND texture 200+ meshes in like a week?

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then what are you refuting you dumb retard, stop talking lmao

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>hurr durr u cant use auto uv with id
>I did just that nigga and it worked just fine
>hurrr lmao

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you dumb retard its like you dont know how ids work. like i said stop using baked color ids which is probably what youre doing. just having an id for your mats will get you a texture set WHICH will give those ids there own channel for UVS so you can just auto uv those instead of them being small island clusters for no reason, what part of that did you not understand?

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This board is atrocious, I swear.

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Thanks, I forgot about this

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I do, freaking love that program.

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Oh jesus, thats bad
Bullshit, Optimization is most important in production most time
Tight poly and texture budgets, now draw call budgets so you gotta make sure you gotta think on how you break up the mesh

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Having everything on the same material ID and UV map channel saves on draw calls, and thus improves performance. However that kind of UV map doesn't look very performant unless they're also baking in the lighting/AO.

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