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Sooo.. this ultra-realistic Pokemon design mixed with live-action and Reynolds' voice is shit, right? Why do they do this instead of actually creating a visually original movie that fits the series style and won't cause long-lasting nightmare? The old Pokemon/Hollywood bashing thread is RIP, so I'm reviving it I guess..

>inb4 a thread died for this, it was obviously a maya vs blender debate and nobody cared

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yeah.. and the obligatory nostalgia pop-song is cringy as fuck

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people who think this is a good idea need a proper beating

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I actually like the look of Pikachu, some are ugly though.
I imagine it will be like Alita where her eyes look fucked but you completely forget about it after the first 15 minutes.

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I'm not that much of a brain dead sheep

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I'm too old for this shit

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im not sure age has something to do with it tho.. shit design is shit design
but yea, kids won't care of course

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I think it's fine visually, I just feel like Pikachu's voice is really bland and unfitting. Make it a tiny Asian girl or if you wanna make it stand out a Jamaican dude or something. Reynolds is adding to the uncanny valley.

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if you put enough money into marketing it doesn't matter how shit the movie actually is

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good rebuttal, you sure showed them, fucktard

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I don't mind the models, I think they have some charm (some are naturally better than others).

Whoever was responsible for the music should be lynched, though.

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