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Can any renderers use GPU for rendering? My CPU is getting a bit old and I'm sure if possible my 1080 could process faster if possible.
Using 3dsmax

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yes. idk about 3dsmax. does it have opengl support?

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>he doesn't have a refurbished Tesla GPU plugged into every pcie slot on his motherboard
Absolutely plebeian...

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Can OP use Google for learning about things? My patience is getting a bit thin and I'm sure if possible by googling OP could answer his own questions faster. Using my keyboard

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Nah, I've never heard of renderers using GPU or CPU.
Every renderer I've come across uses some contraption to make it on paper with a pencil.
Like some Rube Goldberg shit. My hamster keeps getting overheated on the wheel though, so I have to pause my renders so he can get some water.

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You can export your files to source filmmaker and then render from in that because that's a game engine so it uses gpu. sketchup can render from gpu too but only the paid versions.

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The joke is that almost any renderer worth their salt can render with GPU.

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>sketchup can render

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yeah, Octane and Redshift

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And Cycles too.

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also Vray RT


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OP asked for GPU renderers, and Cycles uses the GPU. So you shut the fuck up, kid.

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every image on ur screen is displayed with ur GPU nub. ALL RANDERING IS WITH GPU. some calcalations like raytracing and materials are cpu but the end jpg you display on ur screen is GPU. next time just gogle it plz

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OP, check out Vray for 3ds max. It has a GPU mode that has almost all the features their CPU renderer has and is insanely fast.

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There's a private Arnold beta
Vray RT

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>nonironically counting cycles as an actual render

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Use keyshot.

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Cycles was used in production. That's more that can be said of your half-baked assets, fagget.

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CPU will always be king

Threadripper + Arnold is madness


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Arnold is a cpu renderer?

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eeeh false
most common offline renderers use CPU

this, I'm truly amazed by the quality of that thing

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Vray Next

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Hey brainlet, I disabled the gpu on my laptop and I can still see everything on the screen just fine

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>what is integrated graphics
All laptops have iGPUs since dedicated GPUs are too power-hungry for a laptop to have any battery life unplugged.

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>CPU will always be king
No, it's not even king now.

I have a threadripper at home and we also have them in the workstations at work. I have used V-Ray and Redshift in a production setting and I'll take Redshift any day. It's still a lot faster. And is that Arnold example supposed to be impressive? Lol.

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