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this is first thing I ever made in 3d, I call it an Autard

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But did you render it? Render it.

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toes are too flat

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Honestly? It’s not that bad if it really is the first thing you ever made.
It has soul, looks like the same art style as “Xavier: renegade angel”. Keep up the good work, anon.

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bend his knees backwards and let him talk about pseudo-philosophical nonsense

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>>671680 Nice job, keep it up. I hope one day i'l reach your level

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op can i use it for my game? 100% serious.

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maybe, are we able to talk more about it in private?

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ok just dmed you hopefully that sounds good

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Looks pretty poor quality, but it's scary, so thumbs up, nice job.

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>>672485 Im sorry, but in what way did you direct message me? Can I email you?

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>he can't check his DMs

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Sent a friend request

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I have a weird problem with friend requests, just email me at [email protected]

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Hey, that's my email address, where did you get it from?

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Are you sure?

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message me on runescape friend chat I don't trust the botnet

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fair reason, but I don't have a runescape account or even played it. I can make an account, but do you have any instructions how to find your account so I can friend you? Truly sorry for the inconvenience.

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I have a hidden drop location in Toledo, Ohio if that works for you

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what is your username on runescape?

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mine is bobster 1525

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wait, is it old school runescape or runescape 3?

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I can't find your account on runescape

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I think somebody is trolling you, mate.

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how do i look at notification???


-Sent from my Iphone

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It should just appear on your screen. Are you using an adblocker, by any chance?

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Honestly, it's better than anything I did when I started.

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>he doesn't have a 4Chan Pass

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