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Do you need to know how to draw/sketch in order to become competent at 3D modeling?

I want to make 3D models, but I can't draw for shit.

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No, but it helps.

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If we ever get to refresh the sticky, someone remind whoever to throw this question into the pile. We get asked this at least once a week, swear to god.
Post in >>669725 next time. Don't know why the hell you people don't lurk before posting anymore.

To answer your question: It depends on what kind of 3D you want to do. You wanna make big robots and shit? Drawing doesn't help much. You wanna sculpt waifu and all that? Knowing your 2D basics in forms, anatomy, whatnot, translates cleanly into 3D sculpting.

BUT: Drawing is in no way a prerequisite. It's not required at all. You can become perfectly competent in 3D without knowing how to draw. In fact, it can go the other way, you realise you're somewhat proficient in 2D due to all the shit you've picked up while sculpting for example.

Of course, there are still benefits such as being able to hold a concept with thumbnail sketches throughout the duration of a project, but honestly unless you can't wield a pencil at all, you should be able to do rudimentary guides for yourself to understand. Drawing can also teach you some basics in perspective, composition, color theory, etc., but you can pick those up through photography as well. 2D art skills still remain something that's very nice to have, but once again they're still not mandatory.

Now delete this thread, install Blender, fuck off, come back in 2 weeks with a donut to post in >>645909, maybe hop into the /wip/ sometime.

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No, but eventually you are going to hit a wall that know technical skill will overcome, and the only way to get around it is to know art fundamentals.

But you can definitely start learning. It's just if you ever get to the point were you have a lot of skill, but your models 'don't look quite right' you'll want to start broadening your skillbase.

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From my personal experience:

Game Studio - half of the staff can't draw for shit, even their scribbles doesn't make any sense

Animation studio - EVERYONE CAN DRAW, EVEN THAT FUCKIN ACCOUNTING GUY! So the people that got into concept dept are pretty much the best of the best since everyone is good at drawing. This is not a small studio by the way

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Understanding anatomy is critical for organic designs, but otherwise no.

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Just do architecture and design. Get good. Market yourself. Rake in the cash.

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What's Linus' story? Is he mentally retarded, gay or both.

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>Just do architecture and design.
lol I don't have degrees for those, senpai.

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As long as you could pull out good design and renders, they don't care about your degree. And these firms will consistently hire you and refers you to their affiliates, so yea, you'll be raking in cash like that other guy said.

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For design I can kinda see it, but for architecture? No matter how good or serviceable my designs look, if I don't have proper architecture knowledge, how are those going to be viable?

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>not pirating maya

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The visualizations are made for prospective buyers, not for engineers.

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Not that much. Thanks to CGI can people design even when they never held a pencil in their hands for their lives. But for me the years of manual drawing helped me a lot for my space imagination. Sometimes it's better to make some fast sketches first and then start to model.

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I really want to make an animation.. in 3d/cgi as a part time job.. but i dont know how to make money out of it.

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