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Hey guys, I'm kinda (a moron) stuck on a problem with my CAD design. This monkey can trace, but he can't figure out where to go from there. I sorta made a bunch of different CNC templates all in one design, but there's a thing where I am trying to make the fucker appear like military letters, if that makes sense. It's a little much information to process, and it's lagging out my PC with 16GB of DDR4 RAM. It's just... wow.

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For some further info, I want to make a Deluxe Fender Telecaster, but make it a thinline semi hollow.
So for that, I need a template for the body, to cut it out, then a template for the body cavities, and finally a template for the neck pocket. At least that's as far as I can see the project

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Something like this, but I can't trace it perfectly because parallax is a thing, and if it were a perfectly scanned guitar and not a photo, I would be good to go, but alas parallax is the killer of all tracer's dreams.

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well I got the templates done, thanks ya bastards

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>I’m a moron.
You’re not wrong. Your first post literally did not have a question. Or your second post. Or your third post. You may have Assburgers

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Buy a cheap one, cut a cross section, nice and flat, scan that and go from there

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