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>everyone talking about substance
>download substance painter
>import model
>tells me the scene is invalid
>my model doesn't have a uv map
>expensive texturing program can't fucking unwrap

is this some kind of joke

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Come on dude. You really killed a thread at the bottom for this? Read a manual and watch a youtube video.

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I know how to unwrap, asshole. I was just expecting expensive adobe program to be able to do the work for me. it's 2019

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>>expensive texturing program can't fucking unwrap
Well, it's a texturing program, not a UV mapping program. Are you handicapped?

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too soon

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I just tried downloading blender

>have to hit s to scale then type in value
>have to hit r to rotate, then lock to an axis by pressing x,y or z then value

do blenderfags actually think this is a good program?

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Yu can use the gizmos or scale by moving the mouse retard

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>Hover your pointer over the viewport
>s key or r key
>keep an eye on the size/rotation table while manipulating the object, right click to confirm
>correct distance or scale in the table depending on how far you are from the desired position or scale

And regardless of software, learn the shortcuts, or you'll keep wasting time.

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Is uv master any good?

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>uv master

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> Wants to produce high quality model surfacing
> Thinks UV auto-unwrap is a viable solution

Use Maya for UV unwrapping. It leapfrogged the competition to become the best in industry

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You can use the transforms in the n panel if you are that incompetent.

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>killed a thread

Oh, you mean a thread that hasn't had a single post in over a month?

Fuck all of you that get twisted up over "killed" threads on this board, there's about fifteen of us posting and sure as hell I get tired of reading the same dumbasses bitching about killed threads every day.

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i cry evertim

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You get tired of reading that shit but I'm willing to bet your one of the other 14 faggots that shitpost about blender and all the other stupid shit that gets posted every hour of every day on here.

fuck you. You're also part of the problem

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Good try, shitstain, but guess again. Until this board actually has enough posters to care about threads "dying", you're just an autistic little asshole bitching about a worthless 'rule'.

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Thanks for proving my point sweetie :)

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Get a room, you two ass-blasted faggots.

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I am seriously considering using some other software for UV unwrapping. What makes Maya stand out? I fucking hate blender for unwrapping, and there's no plugins to add any useful features that I've found

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Just now i have like 5 days for finnishing my school project and TODAY i just downloaded Substance and i have to complete texturing in 2 days to have time for animation.
help me

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There's TexTools for Blender, but practically any professional 3D software has better UV mapping tools.

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>adobe program

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The best way to understand it is just to watch a few tutorial videos. It has great auto-unwrap algorithms, dozens of different tools and functions to manipulate and tweak UVs like alignment, straightening, mirroring, pinning and smudging, as well as the killer 3d Cut and Sew tool that makes UV mapping super quick and easy.



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>What makes Maya stand out?

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I'm sold, thanks

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Just git gud

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You can't git gud at UV mapping in Blender. This is one of the first things taught to freshmen, you uneducated plebeian.

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do people really have trouble UV mapping? Its tedious yeah, but not difficult. Just imagine unrwapping something...

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Use the gizmos if you intend to model at half the speed with less accuracy then.

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Sounds like your still a few years behind in your shitpostings. But then again, I wouldn't expect a retarded person to be able to leave this site and be logical about things.

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t. never used any software besides his beloved Blender

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