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That hurts my eyes just looking at it.

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You ain't seen nothing yet girl

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when he started to try to actually model in it was the best

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I mean it's probably terrible to work with, but at least the palette is more or less sound.
Nothing crazy like random neon greens or anything in there like red text on a black background. It's all cohesive and thought out, and more or less "readable".

Looks like a fucking strawberry shortcake, or the girls aisle of a toy store, but at least it's consistent.

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>Nothing crazy like random neon greens or anything in there

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That's pastel green

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Window/panel positions are OK, but that color scheme is the gayest thing since gay came to gaytown.

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Bimbo Blender is Best Blender.

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There was this green phosphor screen tube for computer in the 80s, people who had to use that shit for 9 hours a day ended up seeing their dinner beams PINK.
Funny how some retarded kids decided to force people to endure an even more excruciating torture by creating a non-obligatory gay-shock screen option.

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>decided to force people to endure
Who exactly forces you to use that theme?

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are you confused?

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There was an addon to import a theme's colorscheme as an image in the node editor and it would update the theme in real-time. Does anyone remember what it was called?

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Ehhhh more like a "Mint" green in the context of the theme.
Contrast leaves a little to be desired, but again, isn't too bad with the rest of everything else.

I'm not saying I'd use the theme, but as far as themes are designed, it's not terrible.

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Is this Blender 3.0 alpha?

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These windows hit a little too close to home.

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