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Can you actually make money selling assetpacks on envate, unity asset store, unreal store, etc ?

Or is it mainly a little beer money and to showcase and promote your freelance skills?

I'm about to publish a few assetpacks that I'll tie to my 'one man indie studio'. I'll go through with it no matter what, the experience has value anyway. But I wanted to ask for advice, opinions, experiences on here anyway.

I cannot do high quality 3d models (sadly), I'd imagine those may sell somewhat decently if they're high quality.

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depends. materials (highres scans) or highres car models are still a thing while complete assetpacks are nonsellers IMHO

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well you can try, but don't get your hopes to high.

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It's pocket change

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>while complete assetpacks are nonsellers IMHO

literally the top selling thing in most forms of media. i work in marketing and one of the biggest expenditures we have is on asset packs. holy fuck you're stupid.

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>Or is it mainly a little beer money
How much is beer money?

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50€ a month ?

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I think he's referring to asset packs that aren't generic clutter models that'll get thrown in the background of a 3 second long render.

Unity's store has a whole bunch of game asset packs that are literally meant to be all the assets you need for the game. I doubt anyone is buying those for anything other then prototyping, and even then why prototype with a 550$ asset pack when you can just use primitives?

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As someone who would buy something from Unreal or Unity store, it's really difficult because they all have different styles. Only exceptions is things like AA or AAA quality realism assets, which are very few in number and quite expensive. Asset generators, like something that can procedurally create humans, terrains, trees etc. Basic assets like buildings, whatever goes inside those buildings. And even then, how many buyers are there? Can you justify spending a month on an asset when there are only 10 buyers at 50 pricepoint?

Only customers seems to be asset flippers. Anyone making their own game is unlikely to use a store asset that is very obvious to anyone playing the game.

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Yes you can but have to literally throw a ton of shit at the wall and see what sticks, so to speak. I've created thousands of assets and the return so far was modest, to say the least.

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