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it only took me 2 and a half hours to make this animated meme in blender. Find out how in episode 6 of my blender tutorial series below:

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/3/ shitposting is by far the most esoteric thing on the planet.

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post the meme though

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I want you to put this on picture on a 12' by 10' canvas and hang it in the Museum of Modern Art. Superlative kek.

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blender crashed during render and no save :(

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Yeah, you cant do this and not deliver, OP.

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There's no way this was worth your 2 hours but you deserve this (you) for effort

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OP's intention was to make a super funny snarky comment about Blender and not actually deliver anything beside that

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Fuck OP then.

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You suck, Jordan.

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wow just lear sony vegas srly, but your post also reeks of bait.

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This is fucking hilarious

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You fucking idiot
>Import clip and text on top of it in VSE
>Add noise modifier in graph editor to shake screen
You could've done this in fucking 5 minutes

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You fucking idiot
The point is to make it overly complicated and retarded in order to acquire internet currency

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You can't buy bread with keks

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Ironic, because VSE is actually one of those features of blender which isn't in any other competitive /3/ software.

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And which can't hold a candle to dedicated NLEs.

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That's what they used to say of Bitcoins before someone managed to buy pizza with them. I'll be hodling my sides until the time is right, I'll cash out all my keks, and then I'll be able to buy all the freaking bread I want.

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