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Easily deserved! I admired the final battle! Next up... Best Picture!


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One day this political correctness shit is gonna bite their ass real bad. You just wait.

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I liked the movie, but the end I didn't like. They ended up fighting in a volcano or mine or some shit. This felt artificial. Infinity war did it much better, the finale took place in an open field and a simple forest.

It would be so stupid if the finale took place in some artificially forced dramatic landscape.

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Is this a fucking joke or what?

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vfx are the only thing of value in this movie desu

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And of course the VFX are made entirely by white people.

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not really, I noticed some asian sweatshops in credits there

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It takes a pretty high IQ to animate BBC for 2 riceballs/hour.

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But muh black peepol. This is an important movie for civil rights, killmonger will be the next batman.
We need more representation in mooovis. WE NEED MORE THATCHED ROOF SKYSCRAPERS REEEEEEEEEEE.

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>One day this political correctness shit is gonna bite their ass real bad. You just wait.

Yeah. All our superhero action movies might become heartfelt character-driven deep dives into complex topics.


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Nice cope

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Nice damage control

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Soi boi

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Conspiracy nut

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Only a dumbass would think the media does not push an agenda.
You're either dumb or a nigger.

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I'm actually Hebrew

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Not him but no one said they didn't, it's just not the sinister paranoid shit you're accusing it of being in this case.

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ironicaly when americunts dont understand the meaning of "Wakanda over all" yelling in TV in Europe it made a VERY HUGE impact. because it was big no no due it is literally neonazi yell. and yes. the Black Panta is da fucking propaganda movie with political agenda. you can see it on the impact it made between US niggers. Finally being superior chosen ones.. is it bad propaganda? i think for US niggers not at all. US racism is so fucking wrong lifestyle system.. in other countries it was pretty heavy racist bullshit.

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I don't care if they make the protagonist a rainbow colored spirit-animal who is a post-op transgender native american
wamen-mom with a child representing every human race and subspecies from every nation and uncontacted tribe there is.

I just wanna see a blockbuster that isn't yet another superhero fuckfest with 3hours worth of
spinning camera ADHD cinematography coupled with constant implausible physics.

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Absolute shite CGI wins... pity nigger award.

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Its a great thing witnissing the decay of AAA video games and movie production companies.

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that monkey has jack black s eyes

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heres a image

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I anxiously wait for it too
when this shit finally falls imagine the amount of now laid off and homeless artists flooding the markets
grandma told me I should go into stem and stop pursuing dumb ideas I will end up living under bridge and pleasing old men sexually
I should've listen
guess bridge and old men await me and us all

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>that monkey
which one?

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seconds after posting i knew this was coming

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This Poo is a creative art director at dice, his art is SHIT. How do these people even get hired. Check out the timelapse videos on his channel, most of us wouldnt even get through the front with that.

All they dod is winge and whine about whites! They're so damn rude. Go back to Pooland faggot!


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>How do these people even get hired.

they know people with huge amount of money, they deliver asked shit in time and they dont talk about how they did it.

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That woman in Dishonored wasn't reduced at all to being black nor was it a noticeable personality trait. Bad example.

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the shareholders should step in at this point.

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I don't think that is true https://twitter.com/Ekanaut?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

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idk maybe the one on the bottom right corner you dumb retard?

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Fuck you monkey motherfuckers hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

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>>black panther
>>wakanda forever
>>white men holding awards
>>but who is diversity

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Black Fanta has horrible visual effects and CGI

Pic related.

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Was it rendered by and Indian Pajeet company?

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Is that Mass Effect?

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dont fucking lie you fucking blendlet that fucking looks realistic as fuck

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Very little media "pushes an agenda".

Now don't get me wrong. All media takes place in a setting, and for a setting to be consistent enough for a story to be set in it there must be established principals for how the world in it works. It's easy for those principals to be interpenetrated as a message as to how the author thinks the world does work, or even should.

For example:

There is COUNTLESS media about stories of monarchs or other unelected leaders taking their "rightful" role and restoring peace to a world left in chaos without their leadership. Very few of these authors are of course, actual monarchists who don't support democracy. They're simply telling a story using accepted conventions or shorthand.

Likewise, there is a lot of media has completely unintended messages. Do you really think James Cameron wants to see all the white people kicked out of North America and have the land given back to Native Americans? Hell no.

So take a SERIOUS chill pill. Learn to RELAX a little.

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You seem uneducated and very ignorant.

Very little media pushes an agenda overtly. The ones that do, such as Atlas Shrugged, Black Panther, or The Last Jedi, are often badly written and lowly regarded as a piece of work. They can be popular for their political messages (especially amongst the critics sharing the political ideology), but they are often of poor craftsmanship. Overt political messaging impedes art more often than not.

Of course, overt political messages aren't always bad. Many of the classical masterpieces have overt political messages, but they often transcend the subject at hand, exploring an idea and counter-idea masterfully. Read some of the classical Russian authors, or some Victor Hugo - though Hugo sometimes forgets subtlety completely, and is worse for it. That's what make a great author: the ability to transcend their own belief through words.

The issue nowadays is that a lot of recent authors are, first, completely inept, and second, pushing a slave-morality driven agenda. In popular culture, nonetheless. Twenty years ago, sure, kings in castles were only kings in castles, tapping into humanity-old Jungian archetypes to tell a good story. Nowadays, kings in castles are gay lesbian transwomen fighting patriarchy. The good story is a tertiary objective at best.

It happened in comics, and the industry is literally dying because of it. It is happening in video games, and many people are growing discontent. It is still to happen to movies, though things like Black Panther, nu Star Wars, or the Ghost Buster remake are the vanguard.

Personally, I am not afraid. The staying power of bad art is really low. Entire industries are dying because of it, sure, but bad art makes really bad propaganda by nature.

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wait, so you're basically saying that like um, everything is like, political?


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Are you implying Black Panther is anything what you described?

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